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Least Crowded Late 2023 Days at Magic Kingdom

Our Walt Disney World crowd reports have emphasized the best and worst days to do Magic Kingdom for the remainder of 2023, and the dramatic difference in wait times and attendance numbers in choosing the “right” vs. “wrong” days to do MK. This essentially reiterates that, with lists of what should be the least and

Christmas 2023 at Disneyland Dates & Details: What’s New & Returning

Disney has announced Christmas dates & details, with info about returning & new entertainment, decorations, food, etc. at Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney, and the resort hotels. This post shares everything revealed and offers commentary about what’s coming, what’s (likely) ending early, some surprises (to us), and what’s still unknown. Disneyland will celebrate Christmas beginning

Why Are Weekends So Slow at Disney World?!

Much has been made of the slowdown at Walt Disney World, with media reports dubbing the parks dead or ghost towns. If you’re skeptical about the claims that crowds are nonexistent or attendance is anemic, you’re smart. Calling the parks any degree of “empty” is an exaggeration, to put it charitably. Let’s start with what

Why You Should Do Jollywood Nights

Disney Jollywood Nights Christmas party is a new event at Hollywood Studios starting in mid-November 2023. Walt Disney World has released new details since the initial announcement, so we figured it’d be worth sharing those–while incorporating them into pros & cons about the DHS upcharge offering. If you read our initial commentary about Disney Jollywood

Disney World Christmas 2023 Ultimate Guide

Our guide to Christmas 2023 at Walt Disney World offers tips for Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and hotels. It covers entertainment, crowds, food, free things to do, decorations, tips & tricks. Plus, what’s returning for the holiday season, dates & details. (Updated June 21, 2023.) Walt Disney World officially kicks off Christmas