BoardWalk Inn at Christmas

Our holiday walk around Walt Disney World’s Epcot-area resorts continues with BoardWalk Inn. This picks up after a short walk around Crescent Lake following our evening visits to Yacht Club and Beach Club for Christmas. We’re going to start picking up the pace of these individual hotel posts since Christmas isn’t getting any further away and we’re still not even close to having our Free Self-Guided Walt Disney World Yuletide Resort Tour update completed.

As previously noted, we recommend doing the Yuletide Resort Tour in the morning before attending Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party starting at 4 p.m. in Magic Kingdom. That way, you don’t waste a full day of your regular park tickets. Hitting up all of the Epcot and Magic Kingdom resorts, plus perhaps Animal Kingdom and a couple of Moderates makes for an exceptional half-day at Walt Disney World.

We’ll be honest: Disney’s BoardWalk Inn has been a hit or miss option for Christmas over the last several years. A while ago, the hotel’s Bakery and Engineering Team did a life-size gazebo that featured Donald and Daisy for a few years, followed by Lilo & Stitch.

Along with that, Stitch’s Bakery Store was added, which was a miniature replica of the BoardWalk Bakery, featuring Cast Members inside the creation decorating gingerbread houses and (more to the point) selling mini gingerbread houses, stollen bread, and gingerbread shingles.

This replica was pretty much just a 10′ by 14′ wood hut covered with gingerbread shingles–nothing even remotely as elaborate as the Grand Floridian gingerbread house–but it was a nice supplement to the gazebo.

At some point, the gingerbread gazebo was cut (this was at least 5 years ago, but I’m not entirely sure when). This left only Stitch’s Bakery Store, which itself changed names over the years but always retained the same basic form of a storefront. By itself, this hut was nothing special.

It was basically just plywood covered in gingerbread shingles. It wasn’t something you’d seek out on a Christmas tour; it was the bare minimum so it’d be appropriately “themed” to sell treats in a Deluxe Resort lobby.

Fortunately, last year a miniature model of the BoardWalk’s waterfront promenade was created.

This year, an expanded version of that same “Showplace of the Shore” edible creation is the centerpiece of BoardWalk Inn’s Christmas decorations.

The gingerbread display takes creative liberties in bringing this scene to life and condenses the actual Showplace of the Shore (National Treasure Ample Hills is omitted!), but is nevertheless pretty cool.

There are a lot of little details and cool references that help bring this to life, and it’s a neat scene.

BoardWalk Bakery is the star of the show in this display, and you can peak inside to see Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Fab Five at work on various goodies and treats.

This includes a few familiar favorites that are actually served at the real BoardWalk Bakery, among other details inside.

All in all, it’s a cute display that fans of Disney’s BoardWalk Inn will appreciate, and we appreciate the self-referential nature of the display.

It’s certainly better than what BoardWalk did for a few years, but it still doesn’t compare with the glorious gazebo of yesteryear.

If this re-creation is going to be the approach going forward (and we’re fine with that), it’d be nice to see even more detail, and a fully-realized version of Showplace of the Shore, featuring all of the facades.

Nevertheless, this is a good start in returning BoardWalk Inn to its former glory as one of Walt Disney World’s elite holiday-time resorts.

Outside of this gingerbread display, Disney’s BoardWalk Inn mostly just features garland and a few oversized Christmas trees in the lobby that are adorned with vintage ornaments.

Many of these evoke amusement parks, circuses, and carnivals of a bygone era.

The Christmas decor is very much on-theme, and we’d recommend spending some time exploring the details of these trees.

Some of the ornaments are clever, and like puns come to life. (Given Walt Disney World’s penchant for puns in signs, restaurant names, etc., these details are incredibly fitting.)

In the courtyard outside between the promenade and the Inn itself, BoardWalk has a Christmas tree adorned with ornaments and lights.

This Christmas tree is significantly smaller than an icon tree and the details aren’t nearly as impressive as the Christmas trees inside the hotel lobby, but it’s fine.

Overall, even with the edible gingerbread creation, Disney’s BoardWalk Inn is still one of the weaker Deluxe Resorts in terms of Christmas decor at Walt Disney World. Its ornaments are neat and on-theme, but there’s no giant icon tree (the height of the lobby precludes that) nor is there any wow-factor. The good news is that this year’s gingerbread display is a step in the right direction, and if it expands further, BoardWalk might just have that wow-factor it needs in 2019. Nevertheless, given that Disney’s BoardWalk Inn is just a short walk from Yacht and Beach Club–two must-visit resorts at Christmas–you might as well also pay this hotel a visit during your Yuletide Tour of Walt Disney World resorts!

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What do you think of Disney’s BoardWalk Inn at Christmas? Are you a fan of the latest incarnation of the Showplace of the Shore edible gingerbread display? Do you agree or disagree with our assessment that BoardWalk is one of the weaker Deluxe Resorts at Christmas? Any questions we can help you answer? Hearing your feedback is both interesting to us and helpful to other readers, so please share your thoughts below in the comments!

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