Iger v. Chapek Archive

Cleaning Up Chapek’s Costly Catastrophes

Walt Disney World’s 2023 is the year of cleaning up Chapek’s costly catastrophes. We’re not even halfway through, and arguably the biggest announcements and changes have all been about “undoing” damage done by Umbrella Bob during his reign of terror. Okay, that is slight hyperbole. Not every single decision that’s now being corrected was made

5 Businesses Disney Should Buy or Sell

Since Disney’s Bob Swap–firing Chapek and rehiring Iger–new details and rumors have emerged about what led to the CEO change and the board’s goals for Bob Iger in the next two years as CEO. This post delves into one such topic, which has been mergers & acquisitions, and the business units and companies that Disney

Disney CFO Rumored to Succeed Bob Iger as CEO

In the two weeks since Disney’s Bob Swap–firing Chapek and rehiring Iger, we’ve been “treated” to enough drama to fill another DisneyWar volume or two. The latest update is equal parts Succession and Game of Thrones, as there’s a new rumor about the company’s next replacement CEO after the second Iger era ends. We aren’t going to recap everything

Bob Chapek Did Not “Get” Disney.

When the Walt Disney Company ousted former CEO Bob Chapek, few tears were shed by fans and Cast Members. His tenure had been mired in controversy, unpopular decisions, and widespread concern that he was doing irreparable damage to a brand beloved by generations. This stood in stark contrast to the outpouring of optimism at the