Disney Packing List

A great packing list for Disney with unique items you probably wouldn't consider!

Wondering what to pack for Disney World or Disneyland? This post covers unique items that’ll improve your vacation, not a check-list of basics. For 2015, we’ve added some fun new gadgets, plus other items you never knew you needed. When packing, we do follow a simple check-list, but most of you probably have similar lists, so you don’t need a reminder to bring toothpaste and deodorant. Instead, here’s our list of less obvious items that we bring with us to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and the international parks (like Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris!), which you may want to consider adding to your own checklists.

We change our packing list regularly based upon feedback and suggestions we receive in the comments on this list (thanks!), as we like to try new and useful travel products that will improve our trips. Our 2015 ‘what to pack for Disney’ updates include a few new products that we’ve found have made our trips easier and has saved us money. Note that this list is not tailored towards any specific season, so check out our Winter Packing Tips for Disney post for more specific insight on what to take on your trip if you’re visiting from November through February.

For the food and consumables, to avoid adding weight to our luggage (we have a page devoted solely to choosing the right luggage) that might cause us to have to pay baggage fees, we often place an order with Amazon.com prior to our trip, and have the items shipped to our Disney resort. (In Address Line 2, specify your arrival date.) Shipping on orders over $35 is free with Amazon.com. One tip for this is that you need to specify when ordering that you want your order in “as few shipments as possible.” A few Disney resort-hotels charge a small “package fee” when you pick up the package. This $2 or so fee isn’t much for one package, but could really add up if Amazon ships each little toiletry separately!

With all of that said, let’s get to the Disney packing lists. Hopefully this ‘Unique Disney Packing List’ makes your trips better, too…

Gear & Stuff

Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad - a MUST PACK item for Disney trips. Read why these are so important!

Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad – By far the most popular item on this list, Chilly Pads use some sort of space-age science material (or witchcraft?) to simultaneously be “cool and dry.” After getting wet (and being wrung out), the towel becomes cooler than the outside air, providing cooling relief without the wet mess. When it stops cooling, re-wet the towel and wring it out. Viola, cold again. We were skeptical of these at first, but now they’re a must-pack for us. They are cheap and convenient, and are perfect for unbearably hot days in Walt Disney World or Disneyland!

Compact External Charger – Poor reception in the parks and the need to check wait times, planning apps, or share photos via social media can be a drain on your battery; this very small battery backup will get you through the day and doesn’t take up much space and is approximately 3 full phone charges. Another small option with double the juice is this backup.

Ponchos –  If you don’t want to spend $250 on ponchos (slight exaggeration) at Disney over the course of your vacation, we recommend taking a 4-pack of ponchos for each person in your group. Chances are, there will be afternoon showers on at least a few days of your trip. These ponchos are also great for water-based attractions. If you want something higher quality and more versatile, I recently got this $20 Frogg Toggs Rain Suit and am loving it so far. You might get some odd looks in your rain pants, but you’ll be the one laughing when you’re dry following the afternoon Florida monsoon, while everyone around you has soaked shorts. Get the yellow color for added style so you really stick out in the crowd! 😉

Mini USB Power Strip – Not only can this power strip charge standard items, but it has 2 USB charging slots and is super-compact and cordless! With all of the electronics we have charging in the room at the same time, a power strip is quite useful. If you only need USB ports, this is a great credit card-sized alternative.

DSC_9080 as Smart Object-1 copy

Gear-It All-In-One Travel Adapter – Above you can see our mini-power strip plugged in at our hotel near Hong Kong Disneyland. If you’re heading there, to Disneyland Paris, or Tokyo Disney Resort, it’s a good idea to also get this adapter that works in 150+ countries. You can purchase overpriced adapters (albeit ones limited to the country you’re in) abroad, but having your own multi-country adapter is the way to go.

Over-the-Door Organizer – If you hate a cluttered hotel room or end up having cramped quarters because of all your stuff, this is perfect for putting over the bathroom door to organize. Not just your toiletries, either. Throw in everything from Pop Tarts to park maps so everything is in one easy-to-find location and off your counters!

Photography Gear – Only mentioned here because we know a lot of people visit us looking for camera suggestions…if that describes you, you’re on the wrong page! Check out our Ultimate Disney Parks Photography Guide for photography tips and tricks, plus camera suggestions. Oh, and while it’s not technically a piece of photo gear, one thing I recommend for photographers is a head lamp. Don’t laugh…it’s really useful, albeit extremely dorky. It’s actually a good option for non-photographers, too, but in fewer circumstances. I use this Energizer 7 LED Headlamp.

Grid-It Organizer – The concept behind this is great, and it works wonders for organizing your suitcase, assuming you have a lot of little trinkets (chargers, batteries, cameras, etc.) like us. If you don’t, or if you don’t have items sized appropriately for it, it’s just one more piece of clutter.

Plug-in Yankee Candle Scent – It may sound hokey, but if we have space in our suitcase, we bring a new Yankee Candle plug-in to give a “scent” to the trip. When we return home, we forever associate that scent with our Disney trip. Room spray also would work, but we no longer recommend actual candles. Our favorite YC scents are Sun & Sand for Summer trips and Holiday Bayberry for Christmas trips…just in case you care! 

Shout Wipes – Shout Wipes, Tide pens, anything that can clean up stains. I’m an expert at making messes, and these stain treaters are lifesavers.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser – Clothes packed in suitcases can get wrinkled and no one likes ironing. A much better solution than letting wrinkled clothes “air de-wrinkle,” like I do when I forget to pack this.

Body Glide – Since making the original list, many others have recommended this product to us as the best way to combat chaffing. We have not used it.

Neck Wallet – For those who fear being pick-pocketed or just don’t like carrying a wallet in your pocket, the neck wallet is for you. We know a couple people who swear by these. We’re including it on the list because we see a lot of people wearing lanyards and fanny packs in the parks…and this is a step up from both of those things!


The finale of Holiday Wishes, the fireworks show during Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, features perimeter bursts that all around Cinderella Castle!More on Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party: www.disneytouristblog.com/mickeys-very-merry-christmas-party-review-tips/

Brita 24-Ounce Water Filter Bottle  – The taste of the water at Walt Disney World leaves something to be desired. If you want regular ‘ole water, and want it to taste palatable, make sure to pick up a couple of these before your trip! A potentially great alternative to this (that we have yet to try) is a space-saving

Collapsible water bottle – If you don’t care about the filter, this is a great way to save space and carry water with you in the parks.

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee – Joffrey’s Coffee and the new Starbucks in-park locations improved coffee in the parks, but packing your own is still much cheaper. Disney restaurants provide free cups of hot water, making Starbucks VIA a great alternative to buying coffee in-park.

Kind Granola Energy Bars – High in fiber and protein, these bars are gluten-free and offer a nice, healthy snack in between trips to Aloha Isle. Feel a little less guilty about having 3 Dole Whips per day by balancing with these.

Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks – Same idea as the Kind bars above, except in fruit snack form. Our friends with kids swear by these as a great snack option for their kids.

Gatorade Powder Packs  – Get free cups of water from a Disney counter service restaurant for Gatorade on the go. Again, cheaper than buying in-park drinks.

Clif Bar Energy Bars – An excellent source of dietary fiber and vitamins, Clif Bars are the perfect compliment to jerky if looking for another great snack!

Beef Jerky – High in protein, flavor, and awesomeness, bags of beef jerky are the perfect snack to bring to the parks. I am a self-proclaimed beef jerky expert-extraordinaire, and I prefer Jack Link’s Teriyaki Jerky out of mainstream brands.

Clothing & Footwear


Dresses – If you’ve ever viewed one of our trip reports, it’s no secret that Sarah likes dresses. Based on the emails we’ve received, she’s not the only female who does. Check out her What to Wear to Disney page dedicated to where she shops and ideas for finding cute outfits that are also practical for those humid days in the parks. She also has Tips for Accessorizing for Disney, to give your normal outfits cute ‘dashes of Disney.’

Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Padding Roll – Okay, so Moleskin isn’t footwear, per se, but after a couple days in the parks, it might as well be! This stuff works miracles, and can save your feet significant discomfort and pain. Four rolls of it may seem like overkill, but think again.

Travel Umbrellas – Sarah and I each received “Totes” mini umbrellas a couple of Christmases ago, and they’ve held up wonderfully. We often forget to take them to the parks, but when we do remember to take them, we prefer them to ponchos (which are always in our bags). I have no clue whether this is the exact model we own.

Crocs Classic Sandal – If you don’t care about style, Crocs are your best option for staying comfortable when walking around the parks. Bonus points if you accessorize with Disney charms!

OluKai Ohana Sandal – Fashionable sandals that perfectly combine comfort and cuteness. These look less ‘clunky’ than other sandals you might wear, but still provide enough comfort so your feet won’t hurt after logging miles in the parks. Merrell sandals are another favorite of Sarah’s for the same reason.

Saucony Kinvara 4 Breathable Shoes – The benefit to these shoes for Disney is that most Saucony shoes have “HydraMAX” technology that wicks away water, which is huge because you don’t want to have soggy feet all day after an afternoon rain shower or an especially wet rides on Splash Mountain. I don’t wear sandals in the parks, so these are my go-to footwear. If you want to forgo the socks completely, try these Merrell Glove Shoes. I’m a big fan, but be warned: they aren’t for everyone.

Moisture Wicking Socks – In order to get the most out of moisture-wicking shoes, you need moisture wicking socks, too. Again, these are totally worth having, and if you don’t believe us now, you will after a day of soggy feet following a ride on Splash Mountain.

Water ShoesIf you’re hitting the water parks or plan on spending significant time at the pool during your trip, water shoes are a great purchase. Not just because they’re good for the water, but because they will keep your bare feet from being burned on the hot pavement. These are great, high-quality water shoes that will last a while.


As far as less-ordinary things go, at least, the less ordinary things that would be useful to others, this is about it for us. What about you? Are there any interesting things you pack that might make the rest of us say, “why didn’t we think of that?!” If so, share them in the comments!

We hope this guide helps you better-prepare for Disney! If you are considering a purchase of any of these items (or anything else for that matter–just click the links here to get to Amazon and navigate to any items you might need for your trip), we would greatly appreciate it if you use the links in this post to make your purchase. It benefits the site, doesn’t cost you anything, and help us to keep providing you with useful content!

For Walt Disney World trip planning tips and comprehensive advice, make sure to read our Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide and related articles.

For updates on Walt Disney World, the latest news, discount information, and tips, sign up for our free monthly newsletter!

Your Thoughts…

What unique items do you recommend packing for a Disney trip? Share some of your favorites in the comments!

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245 Responses to “Disney Packing List”

  1. AM says:

    Moleskin is aammaazzziinng- I could not do Disney without it. My new favourite is Blister Stick. It’s more expensive than Moleskin but easier when you’re in a rush.

    Love the list!

    • Gary says:

      I agree 100% – Moleskin saved my vacation last year. My blisters (which I never get) were so bad that I could barely walk, then the person in Pop Century’s concession stand told me about this wonderful product. Worth every penny!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Blister stick…do you have a link to it? I just want to make sure I check out the correct brand and don’t buy something generic that resembles the product but really isn’t the same!

      • Frank Murphy says:

        As an avid hiker. I would recommend wrapping duct tape around a pencil several times throw it in a purse or backpack and use it in lieu of moleskin. The adhesive will last longer than moleskin and costs a lot less.

        Whenever I am heading out for an extended walk / hike I put duct tape on the typical hot spots on my and kids feet. Then there is no worry about blisters developing.

      • Tom Bricker says:

        I’ll have to give this a try!

      • Samantha says:

        re: blister stick – Dr. Scholls and Band-Aid both make one. On the DIS they seem to be more popular with some than Body Glide.

    • Donna says:

      I have discovered Orthaheel sandals that have an excellent arch support. I have navigated the parks from morning to late evening wearing Orthaheels with no foot pain or blisters at all. Great to relieve lower back pain and knee aches. They are available in both women and men’s styles. If you order a pair to try from Zappos.com and don’t like them, you can return them without having to pay for shipping.

      • Tom Bricker says:

        Thanks for the tip on these. I’ll tell Sarah about them!

      • Karen says:

        I have tried Orthaheel shoes a number of times as well as a number of styles and for me they are terrible. My feet already over pronate (I hope that is the proper term) (Turn outward)so the extreme arch in the Orthaheel shoes just pushes my feet out even more causing my ankles to swell from the pushing which actually cause my lower back to hurt. I love my Okabashi flip flops with built-in arch support that is not as drastic.

      • India says:

        I have literally no arch and my doctor recommends orthoheel to me and they have made my feet less flat and it corrects your arch so obviously it’s going to be uncomfortable for the first few weeks if your arches are bad

      • Peggy says:

        I’m quite a bit overweight and arch support is a MUST for me. I have worn my Orthaheel sandals all day long when touring the parks and they are fantastic!! For me, they are even better than walking shoes. In cooler weather, I wear Japanese tabi socks with them (which I get in Japan in World Showcase). Wouldn’t be without them. They ARE a bit pricey for sandals but, for me, worth every single penny!!

    • ELAG says:

      Me too! It is so much better than foot pads.

    • Aimee says:

      Awsome me and 2 friends are going and nan and grandad we now know what to take thx
      Ps you could put stuff for kids thx

  2. Jessica @ Acting Adult says:

    While I had most of those items on my list, there were some I hadn’t though of. Now I need to find a candle to bring with us when we go in September! Love that aspect of bringing the scent home with you and remembering a trip.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      for any trip that is before October, Sun & Sand is an AWESOME scent! I love that one, but hate that it rarely goes on sale at YC.

      • Raul Sanchez says:

        I love the scent tip!! I will bring a candle thing!!! Im so excited!!! We like Nest-Bamboo Scent candle!

  3. Jon Grant says:

    Holy Cow, the candle idea is genius. GENIUS. Scent brings back memories faster than any other sense… think about when you smell something that smells like your grandmother’s home. Or if you smell the perfume your wife used to wear when you were first dating. INSTANT memories.

    Seriously, that is an amazing idea. We are so doing this from now on. Thank you!!!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Ha, glad you like the idea! I’m telling you…Sun & Sand! You can thank me later!!!

      • Jennifer says:

        When I went on my ambassador trip to Europe I took a bottle of “Love Spell” body fragrence from Victoria Secret. Sometime during the trip the top came of and my entire suit case smelled of “Love Spell”. To this day whenever I smell that scent memories of Europe come flooding back. Now I always “accidently” leave the cap off a fragrence in my luggage when I travel. 😉

      • Tom Bricker says:

        Crazy how smells can become almost embedded in our memories and associated with things!

      • Michael says:

        I’m somewhat confused about the candle tip. Do you actually burn a candle in your hotel room?

      • Tom Bricker says:

        Yes, we burn a candle in our hotel room.

      • To save $$$ and space while traveling, YC also sells the Room Sprays of most scents (they recently did a sale on cans at 2 for $10!) Much easier (and lighter) to pack, and when you return home you can purchase the larger candle to burn at home. I recommend ‘Sun & Sand’ as well, and I recently tried ‘Forget Me Not’, a delightful spring-like scent. My Husband and I now use the sprays in our cars, too. :)

      • Tom Bricker says:

        This is an AWESOME tip. Thanks for sharing!

      • Gary says:

        It is absolutely true that smell is the strongest sense linked to memory. I always talk to people about this scientific nugget :)

        The first time I ever used Coppertone spray-on sunblock was the first trip I took to DLR with my now wife, the trip on which I proposed to her. Now whenever I use the sunblock during the summer, as soon as it hits my nose I am taken to that trip and that day!

        May have to bring a new scent with us for our December trip this year!

        Cool Runnings all!

      • Karen says:

        Yankee Candle does an “Almost Anywhere Jar” with a suction cup and magnet on the back for small spaces like gym lockers or in this case, hotel rooms. The scent lasst 4 weeks, according to their website and the price was $5.49. I did not see dimensions but I think I did see them in a store last week and I believe they would do the trick. I knew I should have bought one for our Disney trip in November.

    • Holly says:

      I am thinking about purchasing one of these “mouse inspired” scents: http://www.walterandrosie.com

  4. Niki says:

    How soon before your trip do you place your Amazon order if shipping directly to the resort? Is there a time frame how long the resort will hold the package for you? I’m thinking of doing this for our next trip. Always enjoy reading your blog posts!

  5. Bruce Dillahunty says:

    Your link for Sarah’s dress buying info doesn’t seem right… I THINK you’re aiming for this now, but…


  6. Tom,

    I’ll add one more to the list of must haves as far as I’m concerned: Body Glide. You’re skinny, so you never have this problem, but I’m a bigger guy and my muscular (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) thighs rub together. After a hot day in the parks it gets VERY uncomfortable. Ever since I found this stuff, I won’t travel to Disney World without it.

    BodyGlide Anti-Chafing Stick 2.5oz

    • Alicia says:

      Body glide is so great for hot, humid days. I bought it for running, but I use it on vacations like Disney as well. Highly recommended.

    • Ralph says:

      I’m concerned with the safety of a backpack when we ride some of the more intense attractions, like the roller coasters or water rides. I know lockers are made available near such places but there some great photo ops that can be had while on the lines to these attractions. What do you guys tend to do with your stuff, as I know you carry multiple large cameras around the park each day?

      • Ralph says:

        I apologize, I hit the wrong reply.

      • Diane B says:

        I plan on taking my awesome DSLR camera but will also always have my iphone with me for those moments when i can’t carry my big camera. I will take a ziplock baggie to store my cell phone in. Some of the lines are (almost) as fun as the ride!

    • Jason Horner says:

      Spandex people!!! I know this sounds funny but when I was in the Army Basic training, they made us buy Spandex for doing PT we would wear them under out shorts, and they are awesome!!! I am also a bigger guy and these will just replace your underwear. and at around 2-3 dollars a pair you can’t go wrong.

    • Sarah says:

      LOL my “muscular” thighs have the same problem. Great tip as Ive never heard of it.

  7. Ralph says:

    I’m concerned with the safety of a backpack when we ride some of the more intense attractions, like the roller coasters or water rides. I know lockers are made available near such places but there some great photo ops that can be had while on the lines to these attractions. What do you guys tend to do with your stuff, as I know you carry multiple large cameras around the park each day?

    • Samantha says:

      Personally I carry an across the body bag or a one shoulder bag. It’s small enough that it’s not a hassle to carry around and get on rides but it has enough room for all the essentials. I have a small point and shoot (hoping for a better camera for Christmas!) and I usually make sure I bring some bubble wrap or a small towel and wrap my camera in it’s own bag if I’m concerned about it on rides.

  8. Consider packing and shipping items prior to your arrival. You’ll be able to navigate through the airports quicker, especially if traveling with children.

  9. I’ll right away clutch your rss feed as I can’t in finding your email subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Please allow me understand so that I may subscribe. Thanks.

  10. Tracy B says:

    I always bring Body Glide. I apply it to the entire bottom of my feet then put on moisture wicking socks. I haven’t had a blister in 10 trips.

  11. Michelle says:

    The amazon tip is great! Thanks! I didn’t realize that the resort would hold packages. I never heard of the Brita Filter bottle i must get it. WDW water is aweful! The Starbucks VIA another great idea! And the candle idea is awesome! My sisters perfume will forever remind me of Disney since that was all I smelled the whole week. It’s be nice to have a different scent to remind me of Disney!

  12. Amy says:

    I LOVE the candle idea! And for those that are nervous about burning a candle in a hotel room (you know, like those that have kids running around) I would suggest the little room sprays from Bath and Body Works. They have some great fragrances!

    • Jennymac says:

      I have been traveling with plug in room fragrances for years, but never thought about finding a “scent” for the memory. I just take one because you never know what kind of smell a room might have from previous guests, cleaning products, etc. It’s just nice to have a fresh scent – I use Febreeze plug ins, but Glade makes them too.

  13. Mark says:

    This is a great list! I would add, for footwear, especially during the rainy season, Tevas. (Tevas are sometimes called River Shoes.) Like the Mens Hurricane XLT. When everyone scrambles for the buses, or stores, with a downpour, it’s great to bring out a slicker, and continue on the rides.
    Tevas are also great for the HOT months. (I would imagine just as cool as crocs or sandals.)
    (I will say that you may need to break them in a little before a trip.)

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I used to wear Tevas all the time, and I loved them. Great for rafting or water sports.

    • Alana says:

      I wore Teva’s for my first trip to Disney in August this year and they were PERFECT! Comfortable, dried quickly after water rides, and left my feet cool.

      • Hayley says:

        I’m going for my honeymoon this upcoming September and my fiance and I are both planning on wearing our Chaco sandals the entire week…those things are great! They go from wet to dry and back again with hardly a problem. I’d make sure to break them in first, though. We’ve had ours since we were camp counselors in college. I also wore mine all over Europe – they handle hiking through creeks and walking on cobblestones equally well!

      • Bry says:

        Chacos are amazing! I wore those and Under Armour tennis shoes the whole time we were there. I didn’t get blisters, but my feet did ache. I will definitely try some of these things when we go at Christmas!

  14. Samantha says:

    Hi Tom!
    Love these tips! Can’t wait to go shopping for the next trip. Also, the candle idea is soo great! I actually make candles and will definitely be bringing on the next trip to wdw! :)

  15. S. Davis says:

    $1 glow-in-the-dark nail polish for the black-light rides (if you’re there longer than a couple of days, you’ll need touch-up) – NOTE – may irritate your husband at bedtime when you are glowing & he’s trying to go to sleep

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Haha, nice tip!

    • Kimberly says:

      Love it I’ve been doing it wearing it for years when we go it just seems to add a lil bit of extra magick to the experience.

    • S. Tyson says:

      I love this idea! I put together a “surprise” filled bag for my tween for our yearly visit….ideas are getting hard to come by.

    • Nikki says:

      LOVE this one, made me giggle, as do a lot of things on this site. Our first trip in Sep 2014 coming up (from South Africa) and I will definitely buy some “glow in the dark” nail polish!

  16. Jen says:

    The candle idea is great! I did that with our disneymoon (Carribean Escape from Bath and body works) and I will forever associate the scent with our perfect week at CBR. Jerky idea is brilliant, and I plan on copying Sarah’s hat idea for our next trip too. She always looks so elegant! My favorite shoes for traveling are Clarks. For insanely comfortable sandels they have some really cute girly options.

  17. Dave Bode says:

    Tom, my family are leaving for a 5 day trip at WDW in 10 days! Bringing my 7D (don’t hate), Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 OS, Canon 50mm f1.8, borrowing a Vivitar 7mm f3.5 (same as yours Rokinon), 580 EXII, yada yada…

    I am curious about a few things.

    Did you ever test that Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad? This is our 4th trip as a family and being from western NY, the heat is a killer for me. I am tempted to get a handful of these for the fam, but wanted to get some feedback from a trusted source. Help?

    I am also thinking about a different camera bag. I work in video production so I have a nice Pelican case for my camera system, but I was thinking of one of those sling bags like the Slingshot 202AW. Last time I brought my Canon backpack with all my gear. My wife was 8mo pregnant and I had to push her in a wheel chair. It was dreadful. I almost wasn’t going to bring my camera at all after that… and then I found your site and it made me want to capture some memories.

    Also up in the air is a tripod (not literally). I don’t have a great “photo” tripod only expensive (and massive) video tripods. Brought one last time (Manfrotto 055XPROB) only to use it to take one family photo at Riverside. Kind of a waste. Thinking of maybe a gorilla pod…

    Funny thing is… my wife is pregnant again! We just got first ultrasound and she is 8 weeks! Talk about timing. _Rim-shot_cue applause_

    Anyway, my plan is to go as light as possible to counter my reaction to heat and my experience from 2 years ago. Now we have more kids (3 going and 1 in the oven) so memories will probably be important.

    I may drop the 50mm and just use the 7 and the 17-50. On a crop those are not too bad. But I am open to suggestions and criticisms. I hate spending money on crap I don’t really need. After finding your site I all, “Gotta get a NDx400, carbon fiber sticks, brand new fisheye, new bag…” Then I took several moments to consider how much do-re-mi I would need to lay out.

    Long comment. Great site. Any advice welcome.

    • Laura B says:

      Frogg Toggs – one of the greatest inventions every brought forth on this earth. They work just as Tom described: wet, ring out, and drape around neck/over head/etc. When they start to dry or lose their coolness, simply repeat. And the water doesn’t have to be cold to work. I can grab a bottle that’s been sitting out in the sun, wet my Chilly Pad or Danna, and you’d think the water I used was straight out of the fridge.

    • Lori Z says:

      Hi I have a Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad and I love it. I am a handicapped woman over three hundred pounds(just a little,lol) and heat is a serious issue for me. My family and I go to WDW for two weeks every September and it is hot. I bought one of these pads and it comes in a airtight reusable container so it stays moist and cool all day without having to re wet it. If it can cool a woman of my demensions in the September Florida heat when I am having an added hormonal power surge than I would say that it could almost handle to heat on the sun,lol. Invest in one they aren’t expensive and they are a good size so you could probably cut a big one in half for the younger people in your group. Have fun on your next trip everyone.

  18. Christina says:

    We take a small pump bottle of liquid hand soap so that we don’t have to deal with a wet bar of soap for the whole trip. I usually buy a store brand for about a dollar, and don’t feel guilty leaving it behind at the end of the trip.

    • Beth says:

      This was going to be my addition as well!! On our last trip I was so frustrated trying to use the dinky bar of soap to wash my hands at the hotel. I don’t know why it hasn’t bothered me so much before, but as soon as we got home “hand soap pump bottle” was added to our packing list file!

    • Samantha says:

      I have a huge supply of hotel shampoo bottles and we put some soap from the bathroom supply in a few different from the Disney type (trust me, I have plenty of those too), bottles. That way we know what it is. On this note, we also cut up some dollar store sponges, add dish soap and let them dry out. Then just add water and viola! Instant mug cleaning device and easily disposable.

  19. Regina says:

    I would add a night light to the list. Allows you to hit the loo in the middle of the night without having to turn on the big light.

  20. Sara says:

    Great list! I always bring some carabiners – they are great to attach your water bottle or reusable resort mug to your backpack or other bag. You can also throw keys, etc, on there for easy acess. The one I use most is shaped like Sorcerer Mickey’s hat :)

    • Nikki says:

      Love this tip, going in Sep 2014 and throwing a few of those in my bag (and so handy for other trips too). Thank you :)

  21. Dawn says:

    For those who have young ones, I suggest stuffing a few disposable straws in your bag. Not all vendors around the parks have straws and not all little ones can drink from a bottle of water without drenching themselves. I learned this the hard way!

  22. Joe Diebold says:

    for your charging needs – http://www.amazon.com/i-Sound-Portable-Power-iPhone-BlackBerry/dp/B00439G3WS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1347983321&sr=8-1&keywords=isound+power

    a 5 in 1 charger with 480 hours of backup battery.

    what kind of tripod do you use? i have a fold up which doesnt really do it for the fireworks at the magic kingdom with the crowds – i also have a sunpak ultra 7500m but it seems that it wont fit in the disney lockers,

  23. Patricia says:

    Thanks for so many great ideas. I’ve found two websites that have really worked well for me.

    For the toiletries and small food items, I use http://www.minimus.biz. They have a wonderful selection of travel-sized items.

    For some of the electronic adapters and chargers, I have found http://www.monoprice.com to be favorable in pricing.

    Can’t wait for my next trip!

  24. Samantha says:

    Nice suggestions. Love the grid-it, that’ll come in handy for electronics items. I’ve heard Anti-Monkey Butt products are great for chafing and “swamp arse” You can purchase them here http://www.antimonkeybutt.com/ I’ve never though to bring Jerkey but that’s pretty smart, especially if you’re on a budget.

    I love the idea of a collapsable water bottle, I just wish they made one with a filter. Even using flavorings like MiO is sometimes hard to mask the gross florida water taste.

  25. Chrissy says:

    Tom, the day you re-posted this was actually our return from Disney! We had a great trip and want to send mad thanks to you for all of the pointers.

    The moleskin and Merrell’s were a great idea (though no matter what, after a week at the parks you’re going to have some sore tootsies).

    We LOVED the water bottles. I don’t think we paid for any non-alcoholic beverages throughout our trip (we’re both water drinkers) I swear by my sweet Brita bottle now, which I cart to work daily.

    I didn’t acquire the Body Glide, but my best friend found a Monistat anti-chafing cream that worked really well with skirts and legs that rub together.

    The hats were also a great idea! I don’t think the sun even came close to me. Not a hint of color on my pale Irish skin.

    Some things that we brought not on your list–

    Clorox Wipes (the maid didn’t always clean our table off, and there were days that we told her not to come.)

    I had a tiny credit card sized wristlet with a clip hook that I hung from my lanyard, which was perfect for easily accessible tickets, cards, and money.

    Gas X strips: Great for people with digestive issues, these puppies relieve that overwhelming feeling after eating quickly, and they’re TINY. They slide in anywhere.

    A Small Dispenser of Foaming Soft Soap: As much as I love the Disney soaps; we’re big fans of liquid/foam soap. It helped us keep the sink free from a slippy slidy bar of soap.

    Thanks again Tom!

  26. Mouseketeer Sherry says:

    instead of candles we use that orange room spray -the real concentrated orange scent, not the usual brands like Glade. Love that Florida orange smell !

  27. MichelleD says:

    Sarah – Please let us know how you bring your hats? I’ve been struggling with this for the last three years, as my vacation uniform is like yours. Do you wear it on the plane or carefully pack around it? Thanks.

  28. Mark Kwast says:

    I love me some camelback. Camelbacks are gfreat for hiking and carrying stuff through the parks. I have upgraded to a larger one with a 3 liter bladder, but it is nice to stand in line and just take a sip from the hose that is inches away from your mouth. It is also great to store your camera in or a rain jacket or a hat after the sun has gone down. I hate fanny packs and will forever more take some sort of camleback into the parks with me.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      In addition to the hydration, the size of the Camelbak is just about perfect for carrying a few things at Walt Disney World!

  29. Becky P says:

    I always bring a big plastic bag such as hefty or ziplock that closes tightly so that when I go on water rides I can put all electronics or things I don’t want to get to wet in it. It works great on Grizzly River. I even had people I didn’t know putting their stuff in my bag. Then when you get off take every thing and you can wrap it up and its small enough to put in my back pack. I also always bring a pair of flip flops so I can switch out my shoes for the water rides as well. Its nice to change foot wear throughout the day. I know my feet like it! ha ha

  30. LBJ says:

    I am not a seasoned traveller, so I feel a little dumb not understanding some of the tips. Could someone please clarify how to go about ordering sundries from Amazon and having them shipped directly to Disney to wait for us? I’m not clear how this works, unless you are paying for overnight shipping/next day air how do you know when your items will arrive? If they arrive before you do, then what? I’m sorry if these questions seem dumb, this seems like a good idea and I really just want to understand.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Amazon gives you a delivery estimate prior to ordering, so make sure you order when that estimate is on or around your arrival date. If the package arrives before you, they will hold it. A lot of people do this and I’ve never heard of Disney losing anyone’s package. Just don’t order months or weeks in advance!

      You can also ship to yourself; just write “Hold for Guest [NAME] – Arrival [DATE]” on the top of the package.

      • LBJ says:

        Thank you :)
        I was worried what would happen to it if it arrived before we did. Thanks for the clarification.

    • Wendy says:

      We used Garden Grocer on our last trip and were very happy with the service. You order groceries and other items and they will bring them to your resort. There’s a small delivery fee, but it was well worth it. I don’t know how GG compares price-wise to Amazon, but it might be worth a look. :)

  31. Lauri says:

    I always bring ziplock bags. work great for snacks, left overs from a meal, wet clothes – I put a handful of ziplock bags inside one ziplock bag when I pack the suitcase.

    I also found laundry detergent that comes in sheets (it looks like a bounce sheet) I bring a few of those (in a ziplock baggie) in the suitcase – we usually do a load or two of laundry at our resort – this detergent takes up virtually no space and no worry of spills in the suitcase.

    Anyone traveling with a family member in diapers – I learned the hard way that during hurricane season there is terrential rain – and the backpack holding the diapers was drenched all the way through – including every diaper and the back up clothes – now I throw a few plastic grocery bags in the luggage and everything in the diaper bag is in a grocery bag. Also sometimes you need something of your own to lay your child on when changing, in the absence of a changing pd – a grocery bag works and you can toss it when done. I also get extra cheapie ponchos to cover the gear and one for going over the wheel chair (or if you have a stroller) so that your child doesn’t have to sit in a wet seat when you remove thier poncho.

    We take stainless steel bottles and fill them up in our resort with plain old water (filtered?) and use our Disney mugs (hooked to backpack with a big Caribbeaner) to make the little packets of lemonade if we need a change from water, since my son doesn’t drink soda. It seems that the only lemonade availble at Disney restaurants is “lite” and it contains aspertame (nutra sweet) – my son has seizures from aspertame!!! so I bring these packets from home, they take up very little space.

    I agree a power strip is a good idea. I had to charge our cell phones in the bathroom last visit :(

  32. Candice says:

    One thing that we have found useful to take is from the dollar store. It’s a blow up bath pillow. We use them to sit on the hard ground while waiting for parades or shows to start, and since they deflate they take up almost no room in a bookbag/purse/stroller. Because they are only $1 or so, we usually bring extra incase one pops. Also, if you do go in the summer it’s a great idea to pre-buy one of those fan water bottles. They are next to nothing at Wal-mart while $15+ inside the parks. We also bring our own glow sticks from the dollar store also, then the kids don’t feel so left out but we’re not spending extra $$ on the ones in the park since they only last for a few hours anyway.

    • Michelle says:

      We always buy our glow sticks at the $ store. I hate to say no to my little guy but the prices for these at disney are crazy. Love the water bottle fan idea. Thanks!

      • Karen says:

        Just said to my husband about taking the water bottle fan although we are going in Mid-November.

        Tom: what can we expect for weather at that time of year? Thank you.

      • Tom Bricker says:

        Walt Disney World or Disneyland? Walt Disney World is totally unpredictable. You’ll want to pack summer clothes plus jeans and light jackets. We’ve experienced 90 degree weather in November, and 50 degree weather.

        Disneyland is more predictable–it’ll be fairly temperate during the day and chillier at night.

  33. Kyle Schleiff says:

    There is nothing like a beautiful day at the beach, the sand, surf and the rays of the sun beating down on your body. Beach visits have been popular with people of all ages, and are as much of a family activity as they are an individual excursion. No beach visit is complete without spending some timer relaxing on the beach with some suntan lotion on and getting that perfect tan. ..

    Remember to find out more about our new web portal

  34. Marissa says:

    We have a timeshare, so instead of a hotel room we stay in a full condo, sometimes two joined ones. We have a kitchen, laundry, everything. I am a couponer so I always have samples of anything we’d need and you better believe I bring them! Laundry detergent, dryer sheets, bleach wipes/pens, dishwasher detergent, liquid dish/hand soap, etc. I also bring whatever food won’t spoil because I can get better deals at home than grocery shopping somewhere foreign. Nuts, peanut butter packets, popcorn, dried fruit, candy bars, gummies, crackers, coffee packets, mio/crystal light, etc. I also bring ziploc baggies (a MUST) for everything from snacks in the park to saving electronics on wet rides. Whatever food we don’t bring, we buy at the grocery store there. We always pack snacks for inside the park to save a LOT of money. Apples, carrots, snap peas, pretzels and hummus, candy, etc. And of course, a water bottle. It’s easier if you have a stroller to tote everything around in, but the younger person in our family is 19 so that is kind of out of the question. A cross-body purse is very useful, and a centralized locker can be a reasonable option. Sorry, got a little off topic there at the end! I’ve been doing this for a while, ha.

  35. Sabrina says:

    Another to add are Wet Wipes. You can buy them as a travel pack or invidual packs. I like the indivdual packs. Small single use. They tend not to dry out as fast. Great to use to wipe down messy hands and faces or to clean hands before eating.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Wet Wipes are a great tip! We tend to bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer, but Wet Wipes would work, too!

  36. Kate says:

    Hamster bags are a great alternative to a bulky backpack/ diaper bag. They are designed for use with an umbrella stroller but we use them with our double stroller as well. They come as a pair and allow for weight distribution so the stroller won’t tip over if unoccupied. They velcro on the sides of any stroller and also have clips that allow for easy removal and easy reattachment of the bags. They are a sling bag and surprisingly hold a lot of “stuff”.

  37. Marcy says:

    Great tips – thanks so much!

    Here is a tip for anyone travelling with children who are uncomfortable with automatic flush toilets (everywhere in the parks). Pack a pad of “post-it” notes. Peel a couple of pages off the pad and stick over the red “electronic eye”. The toilet will not flush as long as the eye is covered. Your child can use it without concern and you can removed the paper to flush and toss in the trash. These were life savers with my daughter!

    • TraceyMichelle says:

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! We just started PTing my daughter, so when we go this will be a MUST!!! I always kicked myself for not having it with my boys, but for a GIRL this is critical!!! I think I am going to get a snack ziplock baggie to put them in & tape it to the Clorox wipes bottle!

    • Travel Gal Jenn says:

      We take “magic stickers” everywhere we go to take care of the auto-flushers! I’m saving the Disney ones that come in the movie club things we get in the mail for our trip this fall :)

  38. L Vest says:

    good tip for people traveling with kids…when we travel i put each days clothes in its own big ziploc bag. like shirt shorts socks and underwear(/diaper for little ones) in a gallon size bag then in the suitcase. takes a little longer packing but when its time to get dressed or get little ones dressed its super easy. this way i know how many outifts i have and i can throw a spare set in the backpack if we get soaked on a water ride.

  39. Jazmin Fenel says:

    I always have taken hand sanitizer and wet wipes but I found in the 5 years I have been going to Disney World that most parks do have hand washing / sanitizing stations all throughout the parks. So this year I do not plan on taking hand sanitizer, however I will take wet wipes just in case. They always are needed when you are taking smaller kids with you [this year my whole family is going together total of 25 people]

  40. Cheryl says:

    Great ideas! I always wear my red Mickey Mouse Crocs.

  41. Stephanie says:

    We always bring one of those small cans of room spray from Bath and Body Works in a coordinating scent for wherever we are staying. We are so in love with the scent of the lobby at the Beach Club that we did some research and ordered the same scent machine for our home! So now when we go back to the Beach Club Villas that “welcome home” means even more!

  42. Stephanie says:

    I noticed that a lot of your pictures are taken in line for rides, and even some ON the rides… does Disney allow you to bring your camera on? You have a large camera, I can’t imagine being able to hide it. Also, how do you secure it so that you don’t lose/drop it while riding?

  43. Bruce Dillahunty says:

    As for collapsible water bottles… we carried them on our last trip. Worked well for us, although they don’t stay cold quite as well. I would fill them and refrigerate overnight, then clip them to a beltloop (they had a carabiner).

    If you have a freezer and can freeze them beforehand, even better. They did sweat a bit, but given the temps, who cares :-)

    When they were empty, or if you just got sick of carrying them, empty and roll them up. If you find a good source of cool water again, fill back up.

    I may try a “bottle” next time, not sure, but they do work well, and weigh nothing.

  44. Lori says:

    Our last trip instead of taking candles ( we have 2 boys that rough house a lot, and I would be afraid of them knocking the candle over) we took the Glade scented plug in’s. Left them plugged in for the entire week and the room always smelled soooo good when we arrived back at the end of the day. We also left a note for housekeeping and a little extra tip.

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  46. Aimee says:

    How far in advance do you order food from amazon to have it shipped to your Disney resort? Great idea!! :)

  47. NC says:

    what type of back pack do you use or recommend to carry while trekking throu the park, especial with young kids

    • Ben says:

      I take a camelbak medium size. this has a few pockets to store all the little items you bring. It has loops on the outside so you can attach your fan and water bottles. It has the outside pockets to hold extra water bottles or snacks for easy access. The bladder is removable so if you don’t want to use it you have more space. We take our bladder out for that reason and just use the brita filter bottles. Take 2…remove 1 filter and use that with gatorade packets for a tasty drink and you can have 1 for plain water.

    • Edmond says:

      I second this question verily! I don’t have young kids at the moment though, but I’m curious as to what the Brickers’ take on this question. I’ve seen a few suggestions on here like Camelbak, crossbody bags, and I’ve read in other places backpacks, totes, etc .. but I hope that DTB can one day perhaps dedicate a whole post for suggestions on bags to be brought into the park, for those w/kids, for those w/o kids, etc. I read that Sarah brings her Small World bag, but what about guys? I know Tom brings his photography bags but what about those who aren’t photographers? Just a suggestion. man I can’t stop reading this blog ..

    • LeeBee says:

      I use a cross body bag from Thirty One. It’s small, light, and best of all, fits a bunch! Even has a mesh pouch on each side for water bottles!

  48. Cesar says:

    Here is a thought. I currently have a pair of saucony’s which I will be taking on my trip to Disney the week of July 4th. I had an idea for a cheap method to make your shoes waterproof. There is this product called Neverwet, that repels water. It’s about $20 at home depot and can be used on anything. I am considering buying this product and testing it out to see how it keeps me dry with the combination of these shoes. Here is the link for more information on this. http://www.neverwet.com/

    Eager to try this out and see how it withstands the kali river rapids.

    Thanks for the great article and types.

  49. Matt Carrera says:

    We always bring a luggage scale because we pack to the limit and never know when to say when in the parks!

  50. Jenny says:

    Regarding the candle idea: It’s great! However, check out my website. We sell Scentsy wickless candles so they’d be safer in a motel room. I got Rio Beach scent circle for my car for my upcoming trip in Sept!!!

  51. Judith Mardula says:

    We’re going to the Art of Animation Resort in December, and staying in a Nemo suite. I picked up some bottled hand soap with Nemo on them for each of the bathrooms. I also got bath scrubbies with fish on them at the dollar store.Just a way to keep the magic flowing.

  52. Mick says:

    We pack a couple other things on our trips that you didn’t mention: First, bandaids (with neosporin already on them) for those little accidents. The second is hand sanitizing wipes (or travel bottle of the gel). Besides being great for cleaning your hands, the hand sanitizing wipes or gel (applied to a napkin) is also good for wiping things off tables and hand rails, toilet seats, rented strollers, etc

  53. lakki says:

    can i get an neat information about dis castle which includes prices,spots,exciting places,scenesetc etc;

    Thank you.

  54. Dawn says:

    Hey Tom and Sarah,
    I have been debating between getting Frogg Togg towels and those mini-misting fans for our August trip to stay cool. The towels are more expensive, and I’m worried they will be a hassle with having to re-wet them, take them on and off for rides, etc. What do you think?

    • LeeBee says:

      I got some for my daughter’s Lacrosse games, because I saw how much they were loved on this blog. They are amazing!!!! SO I bought more so everyone has one for our trip next month to Disneyland!

  55. Erica Johnson says:

    Instead of candles / plug-ins you can buy “Travel Tins” from Scentsy!! They are in small travel sized tins and smell fabulous!!!! And come in soooo many smells!!!

  56. Rich says:

    Great tips! Here’s a couple from my experience:

    Similar to the candle tip, Yankee Candle makes little Car Jar air fresheners. I hang it on or near the A/C unit or vent in the room. Then I pack it in my dirty laundry bag for the trip home.

    Gold Bond has a great No Mess Powder Spray that works wonders for keeping humidity/sweat problems at bay.

  57. D says:

    Thanks for the list!

    One new thing we’re packing for our upcoming trip is a cheap no-contract cell phone for my 9 year old daughter in case we ever get separated (it’s never happened with us but I’m overprotective that way). We previously had bracelets with ID tags (made from machines at Wal-Mart) with our contact info on them.

    A little off topic here but which carrier has the best service in the World?

    • Karly says:

      Not quite answering the question you asked, but a suggestion from personal experience. With free wi-fi in the parks and hotels an iPhone or iPod touch is great for free communication. I’m Australian and I was in the US for 6 weeks last year. I never needed a phone, just my iPod to face time my family and friends. Also you can take pictures and video with an ipod and if your daughter is lost she can show you a landmark.

      • D says:

        Thanks for the tip! She actually has an iPod touch so that may work. We’ll definitely have her connect it to the Wi-Fi in the parks and resort. Is the Wi-Fi in the parks pretty reliable? The last time we were there a few years ago the parks didn’t offer Wi-Fi.

      • Tom Bricker says:

        WiFi reliability depends upon load. If you’re going when the parks aren’t too busy, it’s great. Go for Spring Break (or another hectic time of year) and all bets are off.

      • Karen says:

        iPod or iPad?

    • Ben says:

      I was worried about this myself. I bought a set of 4 walkie talkies. They have a 4 mile range and were relatively inexpensive. They were also water proof so no worries about the water rides.

  58. It’s an amazing post in support of all the web visitors; they will take advantage from it I am sure.

  59. Christina says:

    My fiancé and I have made Disney a yearly vacation priority! My number one tip for the ladies is invest in some nice sports bras! Victoria’s Secret carries the Incredible line, which has sizing and fit according to regular bras. They are extremely comfortable, dry much faster when you get wet, and there’s no need for multiple layers to hide your bra. They are all I wear to the parks! Trust me you will be much happier!

    • LeeSandra says:

      That is a great idea. Unfortunately, VS does not carry sizes for those of us in the extended sizes–I will check Lane Bryant or another store that carries sizes for larger chested women.

  60. Samantha says:

    Just bought a Vapur collapsible water bottle for our trip in 8 days! Can’t wait to use it!!

  61. Staci says:

    We are leaving in 10 days for my 3 year olds first Disney Trip! My husband hasn’t been since he was 5 and I haven’t been in quite awhile! Any tips to make this the most memorable trip ever! I have read alot off these tips and writing it all down, making my list!

    • Brandi says:

      My best response is to just have fun and let loose. Also remember to take a lot of pictures, and the candle idea is great. And something to play a little soft music at night to drown out the sound of any teenagers or pitter patter in the hallways, and earplugs for sensitive ears in the parks for sound or water.

  62. Stephanie Taylor says:

    These are awesome tips. Thanks for putting all this together. There is much discussion surrounding adult shoes and comfort for walking the parks, but does anyone have a favorite brand of shoes for kids on the trip? I have 2 boys; a 7 yr old and a 3 yr old who are going for the first time and I want the trip to be as enjoyable as possible for them. Thanks so much!!

  63. Wendy says:

    Monistat Anti Chafing Gel works wonders! And ladies, it’s also great for under your make up and is so much cheaper than what you’d buy at the store.

    Check out Garden Grocer for delivers to your resort. We used them last time and it worked out great.

    Zip loc bags for everything! Pack extra clothes for the park, store your valuables so they don’t get wet, put wet clothes in… invaluable!

    Get a cheap outdoor tablecloth from a dollar store for those days it rains and you want to sit down and wait for a parade.

    Most importantly, bring a happy attitude! :)

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Love your second to last tip about the tablecloth, but really love that last tip! SO IMPORTANT! :)

    • amy says:

      We always bring shower curtain liners from the Dollar store in case we have to sit on wet ground…just toss them when you’re done!

  64. Krisi says:

    So many great tips! I love my New Trent 12000 mHz charger — 4-5 full iPhone charges and you can charge two items at once (any USB items).

    For our room we bring a collapsible laundry basket as well as a over the door hanging pocket organizer (to put small items in so the counters are not so cluttered.

  65. Jordon says:

    A new book called “Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters” is being released on June 3, 2014. It will be updated with characters from movies like Frozen and Wreak it Ralph. We have pre ordered 2 for our Christmas 2014 trip. This has been the best way to cherish autographs. Each page is dedicated to a character and along with a multi pack of retractable sharpie markers this book has been a great way to bring home the magic. I notebook autograph book loses its charm over time but a real life Disney book can be placed on the bookshelf and be read as a book. Each character signs their own page with a different coloured sharpie marker chosen by our kids. The book is quite large which may not suit the needs of many travellers. Our children are very young and seeing characters and obtaining autographs is a high priority.

  66. Mary says:

    I like to pack 2 clothes pins for the hotel curtains that seem to have a gap. Good for rooms that face bright parking lights or for sleeping in without the morning sun coming through the hotel curtains.

  67. SkyandRuthiesMama says:

    We haven’t been to disney in three years since our littles came along and we’ve only ever done one day but there are few things we love to take.
    1) glow sticks. There great for parades, fireworks, and any other after dark activity. I can get a 12 pack at the dollar store. There 3-4 a piece at disney!

    2) fat sharpie click it markers. If your going to do character meet and greets these are must haves. The charters can grip them easily and you don’t have the hassle of cap gets lost or com no off in a bag or purse.

    3)zip lock baggies. I use these for everything! We take extra socks in and when are feet and socks get sweaty or soaked from a water ride we strip them off put them in a bag and put on nice dry ones. We use them to keep wallets, phones, and camers from getting wet as well. There great and a must have for us.

    I love your scent suggestion will be adding this to our next trip packing list :)

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Glow-stuff is a great recommendation! It always amazes me to see people buying those things at those prices, but I understand it can be tough to say no to the kids on vacation!

  68. vivian says:

    I’m here at Magic Kingdom as we speak. I’m wishing I had thought to pack ear plugs. It’s New Year’s Eve and they have passed out party horns to thousands of people this afternoon. The noise is deafening!

    Also, if you stay at the Disney Dolphin hotel, the handling charge is $6 if you have packages sent to the hotel.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Haha, ear plugs SHOULD be on the list for NYE. I remember having that same problem as you, too. Here’s hoping you still had a great time! :)

  69. Danielle says:

    I love this blog, and all it has to offer. I’ve been to Disneyland only once, and that was 4 years ago with an 18month old baby giant, and a 6year old girl, and my husband. It was all of our first time. We pretty much just puttered around and enjoyed all we could. Now, I have a 6 year old boy, and a 10 year old girl, and my husband can’t get the time off to join us on our trip – so I’m going it as a single parent with 2 kids. Your packing list is fantastic.

    A couple of questions, as before we took a stroller in, and it was a life saver for all the ‘stuff’ we packed in there. Now, with older kids, we don’t have that benefit/burden! Can you come up with a list or fill me in on what you take INTO the park? I have no problem with backpacks for all three of us, but want to know what to actually take in the park. And what you do with the large camera’s and bags when you are on a wet or fun ride that might loose items.

    • Danielle says:

      My fear is hauling in and hauling around too much stuff, but also being on a tight budget – not wanting to have to purchase everything in the park. We are not staying near the park, and will have to drive in and back each day/night.

    • Samuel Lee says:

      We will be going in March with two kids and a stroller in tow. But we’ll just take the essentials which might help. 1 one shoulder strap bag that goes around diagonally to carry the camera, accessories like extra battery and back up lens. I’ll be carrying them on rides except for the wet one with my older boy. There’s a two hour free locker, but my wife will hang on to the bag on that one ride. 2 Lots of large zip lock bags and extra socks and kid’s shoes. 3 Sunscreen, chapstick and bodyglide. 4 Light wind blockers for the evenings. 5 Brita water bottles but they’ll give out free water if you are willing to wait for water in yet another line. 6 Little kids so mini first aid kit, although there is a first aid station. And diapers etc. in the strollers. 7 Autograph books with retractable sharpie. 8 Neck wallet with one credit card one debit and some cash and hotel stuff. 9 Finally beef jerkys, plenty of it with a madeline bread that comes in individual bags from Costco. Perhaps Tom can fill in anything else missing.

    • Jill says:

      I like to toss in a towel from the hotel room everyday – in case it rains, you can wipe off seats, people, etc., plus gives a little cushion on the curb for parade waits. But I have read about the swimmer’s towels for this same purpose that take up MUCH less space and am seriously considering the investment for our next trip.

  70. Robyn H says:

    Another cool idea for kids (or adults!) who are avid pin traders, as buying pins in the park can be super $$$: Before the last trip I took with my nieces and nephews, I hit up eBay for ‘pin fodder’ (the term many refer to for pins you want to trade, not keep). You can usually get a pin lot in denominations of 25, 50, or even more, for a fraction of the cost (example: I ended up winning an auction for 25 pins for around $35, which included free shipping). That’s only a little over $1/pin! I then divided them up into goodie bags for each kid so they had pins to trade immediately when we got there (handed them out the night before our first day in the parks as a surprise). My sisters/brothers-in-law thanked me profusely! Yes, vacation is a time for treats, but no parent (or Auntie, for that matter!) wants to bleed money buying pins, esp. for the sole for the purpose of trading. Plus, it allowed the kids to save their spending $ for that ‘special pin’ that they want, but will never trade, and still enjoy the fun of trading :) WIN WIN!

    • Samuel Lee says:

      Thanks, I looked up Amazon and Ebay the past few days, and upon reading the reviews and comparing pins to the official ones, I have to say I have not found a legit set. A lot of the reviews say they were cheap knock-offs, and it wouldn’t be right to trade them for official ones from the Characters and other kids, so I’ll probably just end up buying a few pins that my kid picks out. Real shame about the Ebay sets. They did look good.

      • Beth says:

        I’ve bought traders from eBay sellers several times, and they’ve always turned out to be real, authentic Disney pins. No problems whatsoever in trading them.

  71. Abbey says:

    Do you have any footwear suggestions for someone with a painful scar? I have a scar running from the ball of my foot to my heel on the inside of my right foot that hurts if ANYTHING rubs against it. I’m going to Disney for more than a week this summer and would really love some help. I need something with good arch support as well, since the injury the scar is from (I had surgery) is in the arch.

    • Laura says:

      Chaco sandals!! They come in several varieties. I have a pair of flip flops and sandals. They have great arch support, and dry quickly (originally designed for hiking). My sandals have straps over the top and around the toes, but none around heel.

  72. Maddie Bazzy says:

    I Really Enjoy Going Through This and It Is Going To Help Me A Ton For Packing When I Go! Thanks So Much

  73. Catherine says:

    When we went I wore my Tevas (I had worn them all summer). But my feet were not ready for the humidity and heat along with long distance walking. Within the first 2hrs of being in the Magic Kingdom (Day 1 of our 5 day vacay) I already had hot spots on the bottoms of my feet.
    By the next day I had a total of 6 blisters that pretty much covered the balls of my feet and the tops of my toes. Moleskin would not stick and either would any kind of bandage tape. Luckily, I know that hikers in our area use duct tape when they go out on long treks. So, I ended up asking the Maintenance guys at our resort for some duct tape. They thought I was nuts and I almost didn’t get it from them. But, I was able to score it and I wore it the rest of the trip. It worked like a charm!!!!
    So – I will NEVER go to DisneyWorld again without a roll of duct tape. I already have our roll for our Oct trip (it is Mickey Mouse Duct Tape). It may not look cool with sandals, but at least I can walk!!!!

    • Patty says:

      I hear people talking about applying moleskin or duct tape, but how do you apply it? Someone mentioned wrapping it around a pencil. Do you put it between your shoe and foot? Or on your foot? (sounds strange) LOL

      I’m also going in Oct (just before Halloween) Any suggestions for Oct or Halloween in Disney World?

  74. Erica says:

    Glow sticks!!! I have a daughter who the first visit was terrified of the dark rides, so when we went back a year later we covered her in glow sticks. She did much better and no one was offended.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      That’s an interesting idea. Do they not cast light onto the scene in rides like Haunted Mansion? Especially in places like the Seance Room where you’re facing other rides, I think that would agitate other guests.

  75. Noreen says:

    We have brought candles to Disney for over 15 years and I agree with the Beach Scents. I also have moleskin and have packed that for over 20 years. In 2008, we got the purple boxes so all that stuff no longer has to be packed. It is waiting for us when we get there.

  76. Scott Jones says:

    Great guide! writing down these items and adding them to the list of things we need for our trip in May. THANKS!

  77. Jackie says:

    I love your blog!
    Quick question what shoes would you suggest are the best for kids and myself?
    Also where can I purchase a frogs chilly pad? Maybe you said but I didn’t catch it?
    Disney trip in 2 months!

  78. Melanie says:

    Great suggestions! I was so concerned about my iPhone possibly losing its charge in the afternoon since I would be checking it for waiting times/FP+ times/dinner reservations/etc., but I just ordered the “lipstick sized” external battery charger and I am no longer worried. Also added the USB strip to my packing list AND beef jerky for treats, love it! Great site and thanks for all your tips.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      No problem–glad we could help. If you think of anything else that would be useful to pack, let us know so we can try it out!

  79. Dominique says:

    Stumbled on your site earlier today and have been reading ever since! Going to WDW for the first time in Sept and this packing list is GREAT!!! I never would have thought of half of the stuff on here. Thanks!!!!

  80. Natasha says:

    Great article and I’m posting way after the fact but….WHERE DID SHE GET THAT DISNEYLAND TSHIRT?!?!?!?

  81. LW says:

    So glad I found this site thru Pinterest, tons of excellent advice! I had 2 comment on this list tho bcos as an asmatic the candle tip is once that can be quite dangerous 2 ppl such as myself. If I were 2 be the next guest in the room after u, w.my extreme sensitivity, runs in the family, I’d be thrown into asthma attacks & not know why! Is it really necessary 2 spray rooms w.scents 2 create memories of ur trips? I run across this problem a lot these days as society seems obssesed w.scenting everything. So PLEASE reconsider this for all the asthmatics out there! And thanks for such a great & informative website!

    • Carrie says:

      Just wanted to comment on this for anyone that may see it in the future, but anyone with concerns such as this should inform Disney and they will specially clean the room for you before you get there at no extra charge. Not that they don’t clean the rooms beforehand anyway, but if you have sensitivities like this they will do a more thorough cleaning and sanitizing to ensure your safety.

  82. Jordan says:

    Love the recommendations! Going to WDW for the first time as an adult with my husband in September, and I’ve already bookmarked this page for future reference.

    For the ladies out there who enjoy wearing skirts, but have strong, sturdy thighs like I do, invest in a few pairs of Jockey Skimmies slipshorts to avoid the dreaded rub. They are like spanx, but do not have the super control top. I lead tours for a living, and these shorts have saved my thighs from a lot of pain. Also, if you’re like me and can’t buy something unless you can get it on sale or with a coupon, Jockey regularly runs promotions, so you shouldn’t have to pay full price for them.

  83. Tammy says:

    Those frogg togg a are amazing! After reading this list we ordered them for our October trip & they may have saved my sanity. At the very least they made the horrible heat/humidity more bearable. Taking them again the end of April but really hoping they won’t be necessary!

  84. Julia says:

    Great list – thank you! I wanted to share a footwear tip. I got these Vivobarefoot running “shoes” – made of the same material Crocs are – and have been wearing them around to make sure they would work for Disney. They are AWESOME. Super comfortable, no blisters, and perfect for the waterparks – but also any parks. I am SO glad I made this purchase!

  85. Mia says:

    I didn’t read all the comments above, but a sunscreen is very useful to have, especially if you are not from the south 😉
    Btw, thanks for the blog – we are 2 families planing a trip to Disney and this blog is very useful to us:)

  86. Beth says:

    I took a hanging closet organizer on our last trip and it was fantastic! With four of us in the room it meant we could unpack everything and each person have their own spaces. 3 drawer dresser: 1 for food, snacks, supplies and 1 for each son. My husband and I shared the hanging organizer. Mine folded up quite flat- I was actually able to stuff it in the outside pocket of our largest suitcase (the useless pocket that you can’t use for anything else!)

    This is not my exact one but gives you the idea :)

    My other favorite things have been mentioned: liquid hand soap, detergent sheets and a pop-up hamper for dirty clothes. Next time I’m adding a tiny bottle of dish soap to my list.

    Stroller tip- mark your stroller with something big and flashy! I used two of my bright red scarves to mark our strollers and they were so helpful in the sea of parked strollers. (plus they also could double as a sunshade over baby if needed)

  87. Jenny says:

    For those who want to take a tripod with them, I recommend a Gorillapod. They make them for the DSLR cameras as well as the point-and-shoot cameras. They are flexible & wrap around anything, such as a rail, a chair, a sign post. The ones for the DSLRs are about 10-12 inches long. I LOVE mine!

  88. Whitney Teegardin says:

    Love all the tips!
    A few things I would suggest are a change of clothes for everyone in your carry on bag(we got rained on one year and had to sit in our room naked till our clothes came!), a small flashlight for dark rides, for the little ones in your group, and your own dress for Bippity Boppity Boutique, you will save $$!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Great tips with the exception of the flashlight on dark rides. They’re dark for a reason, and using a flashlight (or even the light from your phone) on the attraction harms the experience for other guests.

  89. Jerry Josephson says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog while planning a WDW trip for June, 2014. My wife and I are celebrating our 40th anniversary this July and started making our plans in late January. We are staying at BWI and park hopping for 7 days. I purchased the items listed below to handle our electronic device charging needs each day of our trip.

    These devices are all compact, easy to pack, and only take a small amount of room on a table top. There are no tangles from multiple chargers and lengthy cables. I can charge my iPad, 2 cell phones, and the external power pack all at the same time each night using just 1 charging unit and 1 hotel room outlet. I have been using this set up at home for the past month and it works great! I thought others may benefit from a similar set up either at home or when traveling. All the items are available on Amazon.

    1. Anker Astro 3E 10,000 mAh external power pack $35.99 – will provide backup power for our iPad and cell phones while in the parks. The 10,000 mAh is enough power to completely recharge an iPad Air 1 time, or each of our 2 cell phones twice. I don’t expect to use the cell phones much, so probably won’t have to recharge them in the parks. I will use this power pack mainly to run the iPad when the main charge runs low at the end of a long day. I will recharge the power pack each night in the hotel as needed. Higher capacity power packs are also available from Anker if you need more juice for your toys.

    2. Anker 40W 5 port USB Charger $25.99 – Plugs into 1 outlet and provides 5 USB ports to recharge all your devices concurrently at their full charging rate (total of 8 amps max). Each smart port automatically configures to the charging level that is needed, so any device can plug into any port. No need to haul around separate chargers for each of your devices.

    3. Gadco USB 2.0 to Micro USB cables 1 foot long $7.99. Bought two and use them to charge our 2 cell phones. Short cables are easy to pack and do not get tangled.

    4. Griffen Technology USB to Lightening 4 foot coiled cable $19.49. Only 1 foot long when coiled, but expands to 4 feet when stretched. Will be used to charge my iPad overnight, and also used to run the iPad from the external power pack when in the parks. The power pack can stay in my chest pack and the coiled cable allows me to pull out and use the iPad when needed without disconnecting the power supply.

    I have these devices set up on a small end table at home and use them as a central charging station for all of our electronic toys. The set up stays neat and tidy. When traveling, all the components slip into a zippered pocket on the side of a carry bag I use for the iPad. The original charging units and their cables have all been packed away since I no longer need them on a regular basis.

  90. hihihihihihihi says:

    Uh im gonna go on a field trip so does anyone have any ideas what to pack when I am going to me there for about 10 hou4rs

  91. Wendy says:

    Everyone’s feet are different- I would suggest going to a specialty running store (we have Fleet Feet where I live) and get fitted for shoes. Don’t try the big super sport stores- stick to the local ones. They will fit your feet with the best shoes! Even if you are not a runner, they will help you with a great fitting shoes!

  92. Kevin says:

    I’ve used the chilly pads and they help some, but evaporative cooling is limited in Florida summer. I found a good suggestion to be a mini umbrella (6-8″ long and <1" diameter when folded). It's light, a pair fit easily into a camera bag, and they are useful for the sudden rainstorm and as a sunshade if you are waiting for a time in the hot sun (this was very useful during SWW). Plus, you can trade tips on it's use with Mary Poppins!

    Good tip on the moisture wicking socks. After bloodying my feet hiking in regular cotton socks, I swallowed hard and bought some smartwool socks. They are wonderful if you are going to be on your feet for a while. The cheaper REI socks are nice as well.

  93. Natalie says:

    Our family has been passholders for 20 years. We are locals (Tampa) and now that we are empty nesters, my husband and I go for a long weekend at least once a month. We freeze and bring our own water (Zephyrhills) into the parks. After a long day, we find that soaking in a bath with Epsom salts relieves aching backs and toes and ensures a great nights sleep! I highly recommend Epsom salts!!!

    Epsom salts: http://amzn.to/1lsiwxX

  94. Kim says:

    I’m guilty of not looking for the answer among the comments but what are some foods that are not allowed. I went to Disneyland once <3 and I only brought water, but I saw people with baggies of grapes, carrots and snacks and I didn't ask if there is a limit? I'm planning to go this summer<3

  95. Tammy says:

    You are a life saver!
    I had never even heard of “body glide” before reading this list. We ordered it not sure if we would have a use for it, but it sounded like a good thing to have on hand.
    Day 2 and the 13 year old is wearing a new shorts style swimming suit and just walking around the pool area with those wet swim shorts on rubbed a sore spot on her leg. Body glide to the rescue and we were able to maintain our pace in the parks without compromising her comfort for the duration of our trip.

  96. Fonda Peters says:


  97. Fonda Peters says:

    I totes dig that product

  98. Gail says:

    My husband and I are taking our granddaughter to Disney in a couple of weeks. One thing that I decided to bring with us is a short note from my daughter-in-law stating that we could get medically attention for her should the need arise. I’m sure it won’t be needed, but better safe than sorry.

  99. melios says:

    Whenever I plan a trip anywhere I take a peek at this list. Whenever I see the ponchos, I feel icky on the inside, and would like to suggest as an alternative, if you are outdoorsy anyway, investing in quick dry clothing. I got soaked rafting in may and my quick dry clothes were dry in minutes and were totally comfortable even when pretty wet. Also, I love the downy wrinkle release, but if you drive through the rockies, it will explode a little, so put it in a ziploc of its very own!

  100. Wow, this paragraph is good, my younger sister is analyzing these things, so I am
    going to convey her.

  101. Melanie says:

    One thing that I do upon boarding any airplane is use an antibacterial wipe on all the hard surfaces of my seat. I wipe down the armrests, the tray table, even the hard components of the seat belt! The airlines don’t clean these surfaces between flights, and the color of the wipes when I’m done proves it! Purell sells individually wrapped wipes that I keep in my carry-on, and I prefer them to the travel packs of Wet Ones because those can dry out if they’re not used soon enough after opening.

  102. Courtney says:

    Glow sticks! We wear them at night for fun and we can always tell where our group starts and stops in line. Cool touch to the trip and way cheaper than the glow necklaces that are sold in the parks. Plus you can get disney ones at party city for cheap.

  103. Kelly says:

    I wanted to share another great shoe – Chacos. Our first Disney World trip was 3 years ago, pushing a 3 and 5-year-old in strollers (to save wear on them) all over Disney property for 10 days! My husband and I both bought Chacos on the advice of a friend. Neither of us had any blisters – a first. Neither of us had any foot fatigue – unreal! The temps were in the 90s with high humidity every day. No one had a break down of spirit or temper! I used both Chaco flip flops and strap sandals and my husband just he straps. I now know many people who use these on trips. They are not stylish really – but i do wear the flip flops with dresses, and to dinners on a recent disney cruise.

  104. Pam says:

    Do you or anyone else have a recommendation for the best type or brand of backpack to carry things around in Disney World?

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  106. Mark says:

    Homemade beef jerky is even cheaper!! You can control the amount of salt, as I just want the protein. Teriyaki or soy sauce marindae is great. Bass Pro has many jerky blends too.

    Great blog here!!!

    WDW in Jan 2015

  107. Yvonne Paradise says:

    Decided to try out your suggestion on Frogg Toggs last week on my Disneyland trip before I took it to Disney World in November. All I can say is thank heavens I did, it saved me!!!!! 100 degrees and humidity up the wall, I also paid big bucks to do the Cultivating the Magic tour and the new tour in California Adventure so I had to stay in the park. I was going around sharing the find with everybody in line. Thank you!!!!

  108. cbarnes says:

    You should update your information on Amazon.com shipping, which is free for some items on orders over $35.

  109. Zenobia G. Mahon says:

    Thanks for the marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading it, you can be a great author.
    I will remember to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back at some
    point. I want to encourage you to continue your great posts, have a nice afternoon!

  110. ruth says:

    Hi, just had to add something that is not on any lists unless I missed it. I always take one of those microfiber rags and use it to wipe the steam from the mirror after a hot shower! I hate trying to see to put on makeup with a foggy mirror. I keep one in my suitcase. Also, I take a mini-light from the dollar store, battery operated, for a nite lite. they usually come in packages of 2. Love the great packing ideas. One month out from going to WDW to POR:)

  111. Ty Miller says:

    I always carry VELCRO Straps
    and nearly every time I end up giving a whole bunch away to some poor parent that is trying to keep that Disney Fan blowing on a very cranky hot baby but the Fan will not stay in place but with Velcro straps it stays PERFECTLY in position!!
    (There are a whole lot of adult uses too!)


  112. shari says:

    Will the characters sign a disney t-shirt instead of a notebook/autograph book?

  113. Alexis says:

    I think taking jerky is an amazing idea, and a great source of protein!! Personally, I recommend a brand called ‘Krave.’ It comes in many varieties (for those of us that don’t care so much for the fattiness of beef jerky) and is gluten-free. It is more expensive than Jack Links (which used to be my personal favorite), but it’s filling and isn’t greasy or hard on the tummy for those us with sensitive stomachs. That’s my suggestion 😀

  114. Kelly41423 says:

    Just got back from WDW! Had a great time, and all of your tips were extremely helpful!

    Download fun, family friendly games for your phone. A 60 minute line goes a lot faster while playing Heads Up (our favorite), Catch Phrase, or always classic Hidden Mickeys! Of course you may miss some awesome queues- but not all rides have them.

    Also on the topic of phones- we tried to keep ours in Airplane mode as much as possible. Lets you still take pictures without draining your battery.

    • Kelly41423 says:

      Oh! And also colored chip clips for towels if you are staying in a DVC unit! That way everyone knows what towel is theirs. We also coordinated toothbrushes, razors and loofas to not get confused.

  115. Diane says:

    I like to take a bag full of quarters in my purse to use at toll booths if driving in and for laundry. Also I only pack half the amount of clothes I need for the trip, then wash midweek. Then I get to wear my favorite outfits twice and save packing space. I also carry a Vera Bradley soft backpack with a small trashbag folded inside with twisty tie. For roller coasters, just wear it across your chest and for water rides, take out the bag and bag it, then either hold it on your chest to help keep somewhat dry or between your feet. It is soft and comfortable to wear all day. I love the new Disney print Vera available in the big Disney store at Downtown Disney.

  116. TraceyMichelle *o* says:

    I already have Britta bottles for the kids, but I’m thinking now we may just pack 1/day and use it to filter water into collapsible cups so we can have drinks with flavor AND with tasty water! =)

  117. mari says:

    Thank you for creating this wonderful site!! Without reading this site I would have been miserable and unprepared. Went to Disney World last year late April for a friends wedding with a big group of friends.
    Brought a Brita water bottle from your recommendation and also a hydroflask bottle since my boyfriend and I were going together. Although the water in Florida had a interesting taste in their water we used the Brita bottle and dispensed the water into the Hydroflask and placed ice in the bottle from the hotel to last us several hours of ice cold water. Ended up purchasing a disney lanyard to wrap it onto the Hydroflask so I can carry it on my shoulder. Also purchased at least 6 ponchos from Walmart which were not over $1.50 and was the best thing I brought since half our trip at Disney World rained terribly hard and thunderstorms that lasted for hours. The ponchos at the resort costed over $16 each. With the rain we ended up carrying our slippers in our backpack in case it rains in order to prevent our shoes from getting wet and blisters. Packed extra food with us and the jerky was a great idea. With all this walking we were always hungry and providing food for others too.
    Overall, everyone that is planning on going to Disneyland or Disney World should read everyones feedback to prepare themselves.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Glad to hear the list helped! It’s crazy how much you can save on unnecessary costs at Walt Disney World by doing just a bit of planning and pre-purchasing!

  118. Pollyanna652 says:

    I discovered Sketcher’s Go Walk shoes recently and they saved my feet at DLR! I have a gray pair and a bright pink pair (for fun). They go with everything and did not require ‘breaking in’. They dried quickly after wet rides and they kept my feet cool and comfy all day (I didn’t need to wear socks with them).

    I also wore them on a week-long trip to New Orleans and didn’t have any trouble navigating the uneven sidewalks.

    Fashion with comfort is very important to me (yes, you CAN be cute and comfortable at the same time!). I also like to dress fun, but age-appropriate at the parks (I’m 49 and relatively fit). These shoes were perfect for me. My DH even has two pairs (purchase on Amazon).

  119. Nancy Jo says:

    Clothing: Lee makes an awesome breathable, fast drying capri and skort. They are available from Kohl’s now! I lived in a pair of capris from Athleta that were a similar fabric during my WDW hot April trip last year. Washed them out at night and they were dry in the AM.

  120. Jeff says:

    Just found these cool belts called SPIBELT which are tiny little belts that hold a lot of stuff….not a geeky fanny pack but rather a small belt that holds my iPhone wallet and keys. Also does it snugly without jostling it around.

  121. MeMaw2015 says:

    Tom I just got the wondergul news yesterday that my niece and nephew in law are taking me with them on their trip to Disney in Fla in June! (I care for their 2 kids 3 or 4 days a week at no charge) they are bringing me along at no cost to me! 😀 My question is I am 50 yrs old and actually visually impaired (no central vision at all) are there any “sights that we just should NOT MISS??? We will be going the week of 6/22/15 I have lost 188 lbs over the past 2 yrs btw so this trip is a REAL TREAT to me it is really checking some things off my bucket list lol!!!

  122. Lorien says:

    For people with kiddos, they have sites that will make temporary tattoos for you and your kid where you can put your kids name and all your contact info in case you get separated. VERY helpful.

  123. Chuck says:

    You mentioned something about using Amazon.com to deliver your items. Can you elaborate on this please. So do you pack your belongings up in a box then ship it off to Amazon and have them deliver it to the WDW resort or are you ordering new items through Amazon and then having them deliver it to the resort? I was a little confused.


  124. Courtney says:

    I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for posting these packing tips! I bought Brita filter bottles for everyone in my group (found some on clearance for $3 each) and they were a total life saver! AND we saved a ton of money on water, so thank you, thank you, thank you! I wouldn’t have thought to bring them otherwise. Also, the moleskin saved my feet. You guys are the best!

  125. Ern says:

    Amazon should pay you for this – thank you very much!!

  126. Dan Mizner says:


    I just wanted to say thanks for this post. I, as many others, love your work and blog. My wife, daughter and I just returned from a HOT week in WDW. We took advantage of this particular blog post and purchased some of the suggested items. The Frogtog was absolutely awesome! I definitely was skeptical until we used it. Also my vacation would have been over day 1 without the chafing stick you suggested. Regretfully I forgot my tripod but my wife suggested that I go on Amazon, buy one ( I was due for an upgrade anyway) and have it shipped to the resort, per your blog. It worked out GREAT!

    My one down moment of the trip was that I saw someone who looked familiar working hard to get a shot in the lobby of the Polynesian. When I realized it was you, it was too late and you had already taken off. It would have been cool to meet you, but maybe next time.

    Keep up the awesome work!


  127. Scott says:

    Great tips, especially the candle!
    We actually brought a full-size Brita pitcher, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Wasn’t too tough to pack (just stuck it in the suitcase, and stuffed some t-shirts in it, with a new filter to be opened once we got there), and we just left it in the hotel fridge and filled our water bottles each time we came back to the room.
    I recommend Tilley hats. They’re great for keeping the sun off, and have a chin strap that kept my hat securely on my head through all the roller coaster rides! A little expensive, but well worth it for the quality.
    I keep thinking it might be worthwhile to ship ourselves a package of good toilet paper next time to use instead of the sandpaper that Disney provides!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Haha, I wonder what the Cast Members at package pickup would say if you opened your package in front of them and it was just rolls and rolls of toilet paper. Maybe they’d “get it”, but maybe you’d get some weird looks! 😉

  128. sw says:

    Travel with kid hacks:
    1. Suction cup hooks. Great for hanging wet stuff (suits, ponchos, umbrellas) in the shower stall, or making extra hanging space for kids on a mirrored closet door or smooth hotel door. Those tile floors get so slick when wet!
    2. $5 collapsible foot stool. Holding kids over the bathroom sink gets old reallllllllll fast.
    3. Small Pop Up mesh hamper.

  129. Kako Mochi says:

    i read this article before my family and I went to WDW last October and bought 2 chilly pads for my BF and I…even though we’re from Hawaii, the humidity was something that would have killed us without the chilly pads!! great post, and I always refer back to it before a trip!

  130. Drew says:

    A neck wallet is a great idea! I also always keep some kind of bag for my wallet to keep water away. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  131. Maria says:

    I purchased 2 of the frogg toggs chilly pads. Do you store them in the tube that it comes in? Im taking a small back pack and I feel like they are too bulky is it ok to store them in just a zip lock bag when we are not using them? BTW thanks for this awesome packing list!!

  132. Nice respond in return of this matter with firm arguments and describing the whole thing on the topic of that.

  133. Maria says:

    This packing list was perfect, it made my visit to Disney World very easy. First, I got Merrel sandals which were really comfortable and though I walked from 8am to 2am at Magic Kingdom, my feet felt perfectly the next day. I got the Moleskin padding. It was great. I got a mosquito bite a day before going to the parks and I had to avoid it from swelling, so Moleskin saved my feet.
    I had planned to buy all the things I needed from Amazon but at the end the time flew by and couldn’t order them. Anyway, I got everything I needed, including the Bobble bottle with filter. I read some reviews of it saying that it was better than Brita, I never tried the Brita bottle but I was more than pleased with the Bobble one. Orlando is very hot so do not underestimate the need of water.
    I recommend going to Publix super market. The prices are good, you can find everything you need there and is close to the parks.

  134. ACRoy says:

    Heheh. Did you just use some of these items on a recent trip? Asking bc we are leaving this Tuesday for WDW and curious how some of the weather related items were useful this time of year.

    I got lots of great tips added to my list! Hopefully can find them in the store tomorrow, hoping not all these are aren’t “special order” items.

    I did buy the Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters and it will be at our resort when we arrive. My 8yr old will be thrilled. Pretty cool…


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