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Looking for the best restaurants in Hong Kong Disneyland? In this post, we’ll take a look at our favorites, ranking them from based upon their value for money, cuisine quality, and theme. While Hong Kong Disneyland has the fewest restaurants of any of the worldwide resorts, the overall quality of the food here is pretty high. While nothing has really blown us away, the food in HKDL is consistently good to very good, and the prices seem fair–relative to other parks.

Up front, I want to note that this is the Top 10 with an asterisk. This is because this list encompasses every restaurant at which we’ve dined in Hong Kong Disneyland (the parks and the hotel), and obviously we can’t rank the restaurants at which we have not dined. However, given the size of HKDL, there’s not much beyond this.

The only major restaurants not represented here are the choices in Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, plus Starliner Diner (a quick service burger place in Tomorrowland) and Clopin’s Festival of Foods (a cute spot in Fantasyland–photo at the top). The latter is something we definitely want to try (preferably at night), but it’s unlikely that we’ll ever do Starliner Diner.

With that said, let’s dig into the list, going from our least favorite to our favorite dining options at Hong Kong Disneyland…


10. Walt’s Cafe (table service) – We had a late night meal in this restaurant after we first checked into Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, and we were literally the only people dining here. It was a good restaurant with very attentive service (although that could be because Cast Members probably outnumbered us around 15:2), and solid cuisine.

The space itself was underwhelming; it was not nearly as detailed as Walt’s — An American Restaurant in Disneyland Paris, but still a nice little corner-cafe with nods to Walt Disney. Ultimately, it’s too forgettable to recommend, especially with Crystal Lotus and Enchanted Garden in the same building.


9. Comet Cafe (counter service) – Even the second-to-last entry on this list is solid, which is a testament to the overall quality of HKDL’s counter service options. On the evening we dined here, we debated between Comet Cafe and Starliner Diner, walking back and forth between the two.

Based upon the look of the menus, it appeared the two were light years away from one another, with Comet Cafe being an ordinary burger place. On the other hand, Comet Cafe offered 3 food stations–Fiery Wok, Classic BBQ and Specialty Noodles–serving Chinese cuisine that was far more interesting. We found this food really approachable, and I thought the BBQ was really good by counter service standards. This is one restaurant that bucks the “never eat in Tomorrowland” adage.


8. Royal Banquet Hall (counter service) – Perhaps the largest restaurant in Hong Kong Disneyland, this sprawling eatery in Fantasyland gets chaotic at lunch. The way the dining rooms are broken down into smaller areas (it’s almost like Be Our Guest in that sense, but the theme varies from room to room) helps it avoid the mess hall vibe.

There are 4 ordering stations (it’s set-up a lot like a food court at one of the Value Resorts) where you can choose among multiple different options–Grill, Sushi, Dim Sum and Kettle–before everyone regroups and pays. We were pleasantly surprised by the bento options at the “Sushi” station, and that plus a couple of desserts made for a filling meal that we could split. (Another recommendation here–and anywhere it’s offered in HKDL–is the watermelon juice.)


7. River View Inn (table service) – One of two places in the park for High Tea, River View Cafe sort of offering its own “East Meets West” experience in terms of the High Tea itself in the jungle environment that is reminiscent of Lantau Island (Hong Kong) just outside of Hong Kong Disneyland. I’d say this is the more “savory” of the two Afternoon Tea options that we have done, and the highlight is the dim sum, which Hong Kong Disneyland does well.

There were several other delicious choices in the tea set here, but at $40, the price was a bit steep, especially considering the fact that it’s not enough food to feed 2 people. Still, a fun and unique experience, and something we are glad we did. Given the relatively light theming here, I probably wouldn’t bother with a regular meal at River View Inn.


6. Main Street Corner Cafe (table service) – This is the more traditional, Victorian setting for High Tea, with a location on Main Street that would be akin to Plaza Restaurant in Magic Kingdom. Here, there are two Afternoon Tea set options, and we tried the dessert set, which is even less doable as a full meal.

The ambiance on Main Street with Sleeping Beauty Castle in the distance made up for that. I’d definitely be interested in revisiting Corner Cafe at some point, particularly in the evening hours during Paint the Night parade (not recommended for first timers, as the view from this restaurant will be partially obstructed, at best).


5. Plaza Inn (table service) – Every castle park has a restaurant with “Plaza” in the name (Tokyo Disneyland has 2!), and almost all of them have a Victorian theme. This is the notable exception. The exterior is a clone of Jolly Holiday Bakery (the former Plaza Pavilion) at Disneyland, but the inside is something different entirely, with some Victorian stylings punctuated by vibrant Asian decor. There’s some contrived backstory to explain how the American owners took a trip to China, but none of that is really necessary.

The restaurant pretty well encapsulates how Hong Kong is a world city, with a fusion of different styles (again, an ‘East Meets West’ vibe) that can work together. The menu is incredibly expansive, and we enjoyed the opportunity here of ordering a variety of different items here to share, which allowed us to sample a variety of flavors. Some missed the mark (for us, at least), but the experience was largely enjoyable and what we did like, we really liked. I don’t recall whether there were any ‘safe’ choices on the menu, so picky eaters should be advised to review a menu before opting to dine here. This is a restaurant for which we should probably do a standalone review, as the interior and menu were fairly intriguing.


4. Enchanted Garden Restaurant (buffet) – Along with Chef Mickey at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, this character meal at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is one of the most difficult reservations to score (“difficult” is relative–it’s nowhere near as difficult as anything at Walt Disney World; you just need to book it a few days in advance). We did the character breakfast here, and really enjoyed it.

The variety is excellent, with everything from fruits to dim sum to quality meats to juices and more. The ambiance is also very nice, with a setting reminiscent of Crystal Palace. Beyond that, the costumes the characters wear are exceptional. Considering that the park often opens at 10 a.m., this is a great spot to hit prior to opening for a filling, all-you-can-eat breakfast.


3. Tahitian Terrace (counter service) – This was one of our first counter service meals at Hong Kong Disneyland, and we enjoyed it so much that we returned for another couple of meals here, making it the restaurant we’ve done the second most (after Explorer’s Club Restaurant).

The food here is exceptional, although the portion sizes do vary a bit (so pay attention to that before ordering). For a counter service restaurant, the quality was surprisingly high, too. It’s also one of 2 or 3 Halal-certified restaurants at Hong Kong Disneyland. This didn’t really matter to us, but we felt it worth mentioning as demonstrative of the effort put into counter service at HKDL.


2. Crystal Lotus (table service) – If you’re going solely on the basis of quality, Crystal Lotus is an easy pick for #1. This swanky fine dining spot is unquestionably the nicest restaurant at Hong Kong Disneyland, and the Disney Dim Sum menu makes for a fun meal (we ordered one of everything on our visit here).

The downside is that the place is incredibly expensive, and you also have to take time out of your day in the park for a meal here. Ultimately, it’s probably worth it if you have 2 days for Hong Kong Disneyland and want an authentic, fine dining experience.


1. Explorer’s Club Restaurant (counter service) – The gold standard of counter service dining at Hong Kong Disneyland, and arguably one of the best CS restaurants at any park (right up there with the best of Tokyo Disney Resort). This is one of the most ornately detailed counter service restaurants in the world, and as you can see in our full Explorer’s Club Restaurant Review (which doubles as a photo tour), no expense was spared in the lavish seating areas.

Not only is the S.E.A. theme that spills over from Mystic Manor beautifully executed, but the menu is also exceptional, with food that rivals (or exceeds) table service restaurants elsewhere. My favorite item here is the Malayasian Style Fried Noodle with Seafood, which includes fish, shrimp, squid, and scallops, and is absolutely delicious. Even if you don’t dine here, you absolutely most stop inside to explore the different dining rooms.


Overall, there’s a lot to like about the dining scene at Hong Kong Disneyland. If your time in the park is limited, I’d recommend doing Explorer’s Club Restaurant for lunch and Tahitian Terrace for dinner (better outdoor ambiance at night). If you have a couple of days, you’ll have time for table service options, including the award-winning Crystal Lotus, and possibly a character breakfast.

For the rest of your planning needs, consult our Hong Kong Disneyland Trip Planning Guide. It covers everything you need to know for a visit to HKDL, including reviews, strategy, packing, and more. If you’re visiting the city as well, please consult our Hong Kong City Guide on TravelCaffeine, our non-Disney planning site.


What do you think of the restaurants at Hong Kong Disneyland? Any favorites? Any you did not like? If you have any questions or thoughts to share, please post them in the comments. We love hearing from readers!

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