Disneyland Spring 2012 Trip Report Pt 2

Given that, we allocated 2 hours for a trip that our Maps app said would take 45 minutes. I got us there in 35 minutes. What can I say–I drive like a madman. Perhaps I’d fit in perfectly in Los Angeles?

We were both hungry and we didn’t want to show up to our meeting obnoxiously early, so after we parked (finding the right place to park also killed some time), we wandered off the lot looking for somewhere to eat. We found nothing, so we headed back. Little did we know that we could have eaten at the cafeteria on the lot.

The lot itself was awesome, and was a treasure-trove of Walt Disney Company history. It was amazing being in that spot–even though I’d never been there before, I had read so much and seen so many photos that it was all strangely familiar.

I instantly began daydreaming about how great it would to work on at The Walt Disney Studios and to live in the Burbank area. To be a part of that history–and to be making history–really would be special. Ever since reading DisneyWar, I’ve been fascinated with the inner-workings of TWDC, and have wanted to be a part of it. Standing on the lot, I was finally right there where “it all” had happened, and the desire to be a part of it was even more intense.

We didn’t have much time to wander at this point, so we headed directly to the Archives and I called our friend, who came down to greet us. He then took us on a tour. Most of the photos below are Sarah’s, as I was mesmerized by all the collectibles and ephemera. Everything from Ludwig Von Drake to shelves and shelves of Cast Member newsletters and magazine. It was amazing, and I was transfixed.

After we finished in the Archives, we said goodbye to our friend, who headed back upstairs to work. If you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend taking advantage of one of the D23 or Adventures by Disney tours of the Archives and/or Studios (as a whole). Seeing these things gave us an even deeper appreciation for the parks. As we are primarily theme parks fans, sometimes we take for granted the deeper history of The Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney, himself. It’s almost as if the theme parks exist in a vacuum, which, in reality, isn’t at all the case.

Everything is intertwined, and the theme parks have historical significance of their own, but they also have significance because of the related goings-on in Animation and a wide array of other divisions. It was nice to be reminded of this, and to some key components of this history.

We still had plenty more exploring on the Studio lot after we left the Archives, with a trip to the store and lunch next…

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