Disneyland Spring 2012 Trip Report Pt 2

The store had some cool Studios items and a selection of other things. Sarah got a shirt and then we left for lunch, since we were starving.

The commissary/cafeteria on the lot is called the Buena Vista Café, and it was really amazing. Not only is the food all sustainable, healthy, and authentic, but it’s also incredibly reasonably priced. These are most definitely not Disney prices! I had a sandwich and Sarah had a flatbread, and both were absolutely amazing. We ate out on the patio, which didn’t necessarily offer great views, but allowed us views of the lot, which were cool to us. If you ever have the opportunity to visit The Walt Disney Studios, make sure to stop here for a meal. In fact, you might want to stop twice, as the food is great and I doubt you’ll get this much bang for your buck anywhere else in Burbank. Yet another reason to want to work there…

After we finished eating, it was time to make a quick stop at Legends Plaza to spend a bit of time there before leaving to beat rush hour traffic. This was another area I had read about (or the controversy surrounding this area) in DisneyWar, so I was pleased to see it, the Michael Eisner Building, and the Frank G. Wells Building.

As you can see, I went wild with the camera. I found out that we’d actually have to make another stop right around rush hour shortly after we arrived in Legends Plaza, so it turned out that I had plenty of time. This was fine by me, as the place was rife with photo ops!

Exploring Legends Plaza and reading all of the plaques was really great. I could have spent hours doing that. The real treat as a photographer was being able to get so close to Partners. As you probably know, I’m a big fan of the Partners statue at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and in Disneyland, and I take a lot of photos of it. In the parks, the statue is raised and separated from guests by large flower beds. Most of the time, I like this as the flower beds make a great compositional elements.

That said, being able to get really close to it in Legends Plaza opened a lot of creative doors and allowed me to achieve photos I simply couldn’t in the parks, so I spent a lot of time going under over and around the statue. I’m sure some executives looking out their office windows wondered why some lunatic was lying on the ground taking a photo of the statue. But it was fun for me!

We ended up spending a couple hours just in Legends Plaza, and I could have spent even more time there! At some point, I definitely want to head back to the Studios to do some more exploring. After we were done, we got in the car, headed down the road a bit for another stop, and then got back on the road. Of course, we didn’t get back on the road for good until the height of rush hour, and we saw exactly how bad SoCal traffic can be. I think it took us nearly 3 hours to get back to Downtown Disney.

And the fun wasn’t over, we still had a beautiful night to enjoy in Disneyland!

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