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A lot changes have changed about EPCOT Center over the years. Attractions have come and gone, entertainment has changed, even Walt Disney World guests look different now than they did in 1982. Another thing that has changed is the printed material available in the park. Tickets, maps, and other ephemera have all changed. In some cases, these changes have been for the better–many old maps look archaic by today’s graphic design standards. In other cases, beautiful art on napkins or shopping bags has been replaced by generic “DisneyParks” script.

Ephemera can tell a lot about the history of a place, so I think it’s useful to look at the these old maps, tickets, and times guides and see just how much has changed over the years as EPCOT Center changed to Epcot ’94 and changed to just plain Epcot.

It’s interesting to look at these old times guides and see how many bands used to appear at EPCOT Center for the “Future World March” and “World Showcase March.” I doubt Disney paid much, if anything, for these high school bands to appear, so I wonder why they stopped the practice. During lighter seasons, World Showcase still is only lightly crowded in the early morning, so it seems this type of cheap/free entertainment could still be offered.

In other cases, it seems general entertainment has been cut from the World Showcase. Where there is typically one group per World Showcase country now, back in the 1980s and 1990s, it appears that there were 2 or 3 different entertainment acts performing throughout the day in most countries. The daytime lagoon show is also no more, but that might be just as well, as I can’t recall any of these ever being that good (although perhaps my memory is colored by being young and already bored with the World Showcase when I was young).

***IMPORTANT*** As EPCOT Center fans continue to celebrate the park’s 30th Anniversary until October 1, 2013, we will continue to share these vintage reader-submitted EPCOT Center photos from time to time. If you have EPCOT Center photos you’d like to share with our readers, please click here for details on submitting them! We *NEED* more photos to complete the series! Specifically, we need The Living Seas, Universe of Energy, CommuniCore, and Wonders of Life photos to finish out those installments. Wonders of Life just closed a few years ago, so we’re hoping some of you more recent Disney fans might at least have some photos of that one!

For photographer attribution and other information, hover your cursor over each photo. Also, be sure to check out our photo credits page. If you haven’t caught the other installments in this EPCOT30 tribute series, check them out here!

Epcot Guide 93 (2)

- Chad Erickson

- Craig Lordan


epco_passport_1991_1 - Ron Duphily

epco_passport_1991_2 - Ron Duphily

Epcot - Entertainment Program - 2 - April 12-18-1987  - Chad Erickson

Epcot - Entertainment Program - 3 - April 12-18-1987 - Chad Erickson

Epcot - Entertainment Program - 4 - April 12-18-1987 - Chad Erickson

Epcot - Ticket Back Chad Erickson

Epcot - Ticket Front Chad Erickson

Epcot - World Of Motion - Visitor Handbook - Front - 1987 Chad Erickson  - Chad Erickson

Epcot - World Of Motion - Visitor Handbook - Inside - 1987 Chad Erickson

Epcot Guide 93

epcot_parkmap_1991_cover - Ron Duphily

epcot_parkmap_1991_pg5-6 - Ron Duphily

epcot_parkmap_1991_pg9-10 - Ron Duphily

epcot_parkmap_1991_pg17-18 - Ron Duphily

epcot_parkmap_1991_pg19-20 - Ron Duphily

epcot_parkmap_1991_pg21-22 - Ron Duphily

epcot_parkmap_1991_pg23-24 - Ron Duphily

epcot_program_1991_pg1 - Ron Duphily

epcot_program_1991_pg2 - Ron Duphily

epcot_program_1991_pg3 - Ron Duphily

epcot_program_1991_pg4 - Ron Duphily

epcot_wom_guide_1991 - Ron Duphily

epcot-001 Allen Pinney


epcot-002 Allen Pinney



epguide-aug83-back - Craig Lordan

epguide-aug83-front - Craig Lordan

epguide-aug83-inside2 - Craig Lordan

epguide-aug83-inside3  - Craig Lordan

epguide-aug83-inside4 - Craig Lordan

Kim Hammons -MK11

Page 1 Amber Johnson

parking-001 Allen Pinney


Scan 9

Scan 10

Scan 11

Scan 12

World Of Motion - Brochure - 1 - 1985 - Chad Erickson

World Of Motion - GM Brochure - 1 - 1985 - Chad Erickson

World Of Motion - GM Brochure - 4 - 1985 - Chad Erickson

Your Thoughts…

What do you think of this EPCOT Center ephemera? Do you prefer the new maps and tickets, or the old ones? What about the differences in entertainment over the years? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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