Halloween Desserts at Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World has really stepped up its Halloween treats game this year, offering a slew of seasonal snacks in Magic Kingdom everyday, and special desserts on Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party nights. After years of only a seasonal cupcake or two, the number of special Halloween desserts has been steadily improving the last few years.

This year is the peak of that, with over a dozen special desserts throughout Magic Kingdom specially for Halloween. In fairness, some of these are pretty basic–Chocolate Crisped Rice Treats and Vampire Mickey Brownies that are identical to normal versions, just in different colors. Other items are much more ambitious, and include nods to Haunted Mansion, Nightmare Before Christmas characters, and more.

While we didn’t have a chance to test all of the Halloween food items (check out a partial list on the official Disney Parks Blog) at Magic Kingdom, we tried as many as we could on our recent trip to Walt Disney World, and thought we’d report back on what we enjoyed…and didn’t enjoy. We’re pretty big pumpkin fanatics, so it helped that many of these desserts were pumpkin flavored.

Okay, let’s take a look at some of our favorite Halloween snacks in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

This cupcake is sold at Main Street Bakery any time, and is really good. Officially, it’s a Mickey Halloween Cupcake with chocolate cake filled with purple marshmallow fluff topped with orange vanilla buttercream, sprinkles and a white chocolate scarecrow Mickey.

I found these flavors a bit difficult to distinguish. Rather, it tasted like a mass of artificially-flavored goodness. That may sound like a knock, but I’m serious–this cupcake was shockingly delicious. The vanilla and chocolate were the dominant flavors, but the orange and purple of the marshmallow provided nice texture and a sense of a “candy” flavor to the cupcake. I’d recommend sharing this, but I would definitely recommend it!

Now, a brief story as an aside since I spent 20 minutes trying to get these photos, so darn it, I’m going to share. When I received this cupcake, the scarecrow Mickey was broken and the frosting was all smashed. I spent an inordinate amount of time angling this just right and trying to balance the broken Mickey (repeatedly), all the while guests waiting for Happily Ever After were right behind me, looking on.

When I finally got it balanced, people started cheering. I felt vindicated–other guests were starting to appreciate the struggles and art of theme park blogging! Turns out, someone proposed in one of the viewing areas. Oh well.

Now, you might think, “Tom, isn’t spending so much time taking weird photos for a blog super awkward?!” Not anymore. Back in the day, when people asked why I was taking a food photo and I responded, “for the internet” they had looks ranging from confusion to repulsion.

The purple wall was a game changer. No matter how awkward any of my photos are, they’re still not as bad as dressing up for a photoshoot in front of a colored theme park wall. These days, if another guest asks why I’m taking photos of a cupcake, I simply respond, “let me tell you about this thing called the purple wall…” 😉

Next up is something else that’s always available at the Main Street Bakery: the Mickey-shaped Cinnamon Roll, with orange icing and a chocolate spider web. (See top photo.) Basically, it’s a seasonal twist on the new-ish Mickey Cinnamon Roll there.

I was told that this tastes pretty similar to the normal cinnamon roll, except with more icing. I’m probably going to lose a lot of Disney fan cred by admitting this, but I’m not a fan of that. It’s not that I think there’s anything wrong with the cinnamon roll, per se, it just stings my teeth for some reason. (Oddly, the only other dessert at Walt Disney World that does this is the Nutella Waffle at Sleepy Hollow…but I just play through the pain on that, since it’s so delicious.)

Speaking of Sleepy Hollow, that’s where our favorite dessert of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party can be found: the Pumpkin Mickey Waffle Sundae (served with the waffles, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, and caramel sauce). Sleepy Hollow had the second-longest line in Liberty Square throughout Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, trailing the Jack Skellington meet & greet line.

This dessert has been around for a few years (below is how it used to look), with the twist this year being the Mickey waffles. Even before this dessert received the Mickey waffle treatment, it has been hyped-up big time among fans. We’ve tried it a couple of times, never quite getting the hype, as the dessert always seemed lacking in pumpkin flavor. Between past experiences and my general belief that Mickey waffles are overrated (I’m not winning any friends with this post, am I?), I was skeptical.

My concerns were entirely unfounded–the Pumpkin Mickey Waffle Sundae was incredible. The waffles were freshly-made and bursting with pumpkin flavor, and everything else tied the sundae together perfectly. Previously, I’ve lamented the fact that this sundae used vanilla ice cream instead of pumpkin ice cream, but it was no issue. I mean, it probably would be even better with pumpkin ice cream, but it was spectacular regardless.

To be frank, I’m not sure whether the dish is truly ‘better’ this year, if we’ve been unlucky in the past, or if we were lucky this time? The taste of the waffles are definitely the make-or-break component of the sundae, and maybe it’s all about getting well-prepared, freshly-made waffles? I’m not sure, but we will without a doubt be ordering these again next year. And next time, we’ll each order our own.

Also at Sleepy Hollow is this Jack Skellington Push-Pop, consisting of vanilla panna cotta, chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, white chocolate and dark chocolate crisp pearls, dark chocolate curls, and a white chocolate Jack Skellington.

There’s a 100% chance that whatever “chef” created this never tasted it. I get the sense that if anyone within Disney did taste it before releasing it, the reaction was, “they’re tourists [who only want cute photos for Instagram], what do they know?!”

While Disney’s description might sound appealing, in reality this thing is an abomination–an atrocious mix of whipped cream and ??? that is definitely not fit for human consumption. It’s also not fit for duck consumption, so don’t even think about throwing it on the ground in disgust after taking your first bite.

Next up are the Haunted Mansion Desserts, both of which were available at Aloha Isle. The main selling point of these desserts is the fact that they feature the Stretching Room portraits (minus the Tightrope Walker, since I guess anything with alligators is still ‘off limits’ from a Walt Disney World marketing perspective?).

The main drawback is that you cannot purchase them all in one place. Well, that and the price, which is $5.50 per dessert. If we could’ve purchased all four at once, we no doubt would have done so for the sake of a fun photo (and because we wouldn’t have seen how small they were relative to the price until ordering them all). After our first batch, we had little desire to chase down the other two at Aunty Gravity’s and Storybook Treats.

As for these desserts, both were pretty good. Pantless Dynamite Man (known among fans as Alexander Nitrokoff) consists of chocolate tart filled with chocolate ganache and topped with Oreo panna cotta, which tastes a lot like the Grey Stuff.

The Quicksand Men were chocolate tart filled with chocolate ganache and topped with peanut butter icing. This one was like a really intense Reese’s cup; super-rich, but given the small portion size, easy for one person to enjoy on their own. Both of these were good, but too small for the price. Without the Haunted Mansion gimmick, I doubt anyone would order these.

Next, we have the Pumpkin Cheesecake Dome. This consists of a graham cracker streusel base, orange white chocolate glaze, and a white chocolate Mickey. It’s served on Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party nights at both Main Street Bakery and Gaston’s Tavern.

We really enjoyed this. It has the standard density and richness of a cheesecake, but this is balanced by the sweet pumpkin flavor. Definitely could’ve used a thicker graham cracker crust to balance out the cake (or perhaps whipped cream?), but it was nonetheless a solid choice. We’d recommend getting this to share.

Finally, we have this Doughnut Sundae from Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. This has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween (it’s more like Independence Day: “A Salute to All Nations, But Mostly America” in dessert form), but I stood in line for 15 minutes only to discover they were out of the Pumpkin Ice Cream, so I ordered this instead.

This sundae consists of a glazed doughnut with cinnamon-apple topping, one scoop of ice cream, and topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips, peanut Butter chips, hot fudge, milk chocolate Mickey ears, and a cherry. This was excellent, but also incredibly decadent. So much so that I couldn’t finish it on my own, and I am an ice cream fiend. I’d recommend it, but as far as Orlando ice cream donut sundaes go, the Brain Freezin’ D’oh-Nut Sundae at Universal Orlando is still the greatest.

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Your Thoughts

Have you tried any of these Magic Kingdom Halloween desserts? What did you like or dislike? Anything you’d like to see added to the fall menus at Walt Disney World? Any questions we can help you answer? Hearing feedback about your experiences is both interesting to us and helpful to other readers, so please share your thoughts below in the comments!

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