Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe Review

Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe is a counter service cafe and bakery at the end of Main Street in Disneyland, near Sleeping Beauty Castle. The bakery has sweets and other baked goods (of course), but also has a number of sandwiches, salads, and soups on its menu, making it a full meal option (hence the “Cafe” in the name, although most people just refer to it as “Jolly Holiday Bakery”).

Jolly Holiday Bakery opened in 2012, replacing the Plaza Pavilion Annual Passport Center, which replaced the Plaza Pavilion restaurant. The original Plaza Pavilion restaurant dated back to the opening of Disneyland (here’s a pre-opening day photo) and closed in 1997. The Annual Passport Center opened thereafter and was around until 2011 before someone came to their senses and realized this prize real estate at the end of Main Street was much better suited for a restaurant than an AP center.

Jolly Holiday Bakery has a Victorian theme, with a strong Mary Poppins motif in terms of design and decor. From the Mary Poppins weather vane to stained glass penguins in the windows to the black paper cut silhouettes portraits of the children, there are numerous details that either directly reference or allude to Mary Poppins. My favorite of the decor is a Mary Poppins tree, which is a nod to the old Stouffer’s tree in the Plaza Pavilion restaurant. I’ve shared the sad story of that tree as told by Kevin Kidney in the past, but it’s worth reading if you already haven’t. There’s no seating inside Jolly Holiday Bakery, which is no issue as the nice, outdoor seating offers great views of Main Street and Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Disneyland Spring 2012_036

The decor of Jolly Holiday Bakery has been somewhat controversial, with some Disney fans grumbling that Poppins doesn’t fit the theme of Main Street, and others shrugging it off, pointing out that there are plenty of inconsistencies throughout Disneyland. We fall squarely into the latter camp, and don’t believe Disneyland was ever intended to have such literal analysis. Things like a Skyway through the Matterhorn wouldn’t pass muster under this literal scrutiny either, but it just worked. Likewise, we think Jolly Holiday Bakery just works.

Here’s Sarah with Disneyland’s famous Chef Oscar (he worked at Jolly Holiday Bakery when it first opened while Carnation Cafe was being remodeled):

Disneyland Spring 2012_121

Here are a few of the details found inside Jolly Holiday Bakery:

Disneyland Leap Day 062

Disneyland Leap Day 063

Disneyland Leap Day 247

As for the food at Jolly Holiday Bakery? It’s pretty good, albeit the portions can be on the small side. (No, we won’t go for “practically perfect in every way” or any other Poppins-isms to describe anything about the restaurant. We aren’t that clever.) I was a bit surprised by this when we first ate here, since none of the food at Jolly Holiday Bakery is made to order. Despite the hot foods being reheated, everything we’ve tried has been fairly good. (The only thing I won’t try is the quiche–it looks good, but the idea of reheated quiche doesn’t sit well with me.)


One of my favorite sandwiches has been the Angus Roast Beef Sandwich. Served on an onion roll with melted cheese, it tastes great. It reminded me a bit of the Cafe Steak Melt they used to serve at Carnation Cafe (but not nearly as good). Still, the roast beef was tender and tasted good, and the roll was fresh. Definitely a sandwich I’d have again, but not really “memorable” in the sense that it was anything unique.


I was slightly more impressed with the Tomato & Mozzarella Sandwich, which is my top pick at Jolly Holiday Bakery. I’m not one to normally order sandwiches that don’t have meat on them, but I love tomatoes and mozzarella, and I was very pleasantly surprised by this.

The focaccia bread was light and airy, and the tomato and mozzarella tasted really fresh, with the perfect amount of basil, lettuce, and basil vinaigrette. It all combined for a great flavor, and thanks to the generous amount of mozzarella and overall large size of the sandwich, it was more substantive than I expected. This one actually reminded me of something you might get at Sunshine Seasons in Epcot (thanks to the ingredients and that great bread!).


We’ve also had the Jolly Holiday Salad and Chicken Salad Sandwich, both of which were pretty good. I had the Jolly Holiday Salad after a long day of not eating at the D23 Expo so I pretty much devoured it without much regard for taste, but I thought it was a good mix, with the fruit adding a nice twist. (Although at that point, just about anything probably would’ve tasted great to me.) All of these entrees come with housemade chips, except the salads, which come with a breadstick. I really like the housemade chips, which are thick cut, greasy, and salty.


Since most of the baked goods rotate fairly regularly, I won’t linger on reviews of any of them. Below are some sweets we’ve purchased at Jolly Holiday Bakery, along with brief thoughts. Please keep in mind that these may not be available when you visit.

D75_5185 copy

Here’s the eclair. It’s pretty good and unlike many options, it fairly sized and appropriately priced. I recommend it.

Disneyland Spring 2012_467

This is the Pecan Bar. It’s okay. Nothing special.


This is the Chocolate Cream Cheese Bar. This is currently on the regular menu. We like it a lot. The flavor is rich, but not so rich that it’s too much for one person.


Jolly Holiday Bakery has a variety of great seasonal snacks for Christmas and Halloween. We tried 3 of their Halloween options and loved them all. More about them in our Guide to Halloween Snacks at Disneyland.

Disneyland Spring 2012_122

Sarah gets at least one Matterhorn Macaroon everyday we visit Disneyland, yet we still don’t have a decent “non-case” photo of the things. (She does have this cool shot on Instagram.) She raves about them, I think they’re pretty good. For $2, you can’t really go wrong.

Disneyland Spring 2012_125

Above on the left is the Strawberry Lemon Cupcake and on the right is the Chocolate Mousse Cupcake. Both cupcakes were great and are highly recommended. Strawberry Lemon Cupcake was a bit on the sweet side, but it was moist and flavors worked really well together. The Chocolate Mousse cupcake was moist yet rich, and is probably best split unless you really like chocolate.

Disneyland Spring 2012_203

These cupcakes were sold during “Bayou Bash.” Both were delicious, but haven’t returned since. They were delicious, for what it’s worth. There’s more about the cupcakes and Bayou Bash in this trip report installment. Recently, it seems as if Jolly Holiday Bakery has primarily switched over to “fancier” cupcakes that are smaller and more expensive.

Disneyland Leap Day 061

Overall, Jolly Holiday Bakery is an excellent option, especially if you are looking for baked goods. We have noticed that since it opened, prices have gone up and portion sizes seem to have gone down. When you add the best selections of baked goods of any restaurant in Disneyland, Jolly Holiday becomes one of the best overall dining options in Disneyland. The great view of Sleeping Beauty Castle is just icing on the cake, and we highly recommend a breakfast Matterhorn Macaroon or cupcake with a table that views the Castle. It’s the perfect way to start a day at Disneyland!

Overall Score: 8.5/10

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What do you think of Jolly Holiday Bakery? Any favorite snacks? Any questions about the items served? Hearing from you is half the fun, so please share your thoughts in the comments!

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