Kids’ Ticket Discount at Disneyland in 2024

Disney has dropped a deep discount on tickets for children at Disneyland and California Adventure–as low as $50 per kid with the purchase of special tickets in 2024. This covers valid dates, details, how much money you’ll save, and our advice about taking advantage of this discount.

This deal at Disneyland Resort is available for a limited time in Winter and Spring 2024, with visit dates from January 8 through March 10, 2024—subject to theme park reservation availability. While you can buy directly from Disneyland, this deal is also available via Get Away Today with even greater savings.

This is a shockingly good deal, amounting to a discount of around $150 to $200 on multi-day tickets (depending upon duration and the extras you purchase, or don’t). To the best of my recollection, it’s the best pricing on tickets in several years. Of course, it only applies to children’s tickets and is for a three-month stretch, but still. It’s an exceptional deal if it works for your family. We’d also add that this same stretch of dates ranks highly on our Cheapest Times to Do Disneyland, which also accounts for hotels and more. So you could do an inexpensive (by Disneyland standards) trip during these travel dates in 2024!

Here are important need to know details for buying the 2024 Kids’ Special Ticket Offer:

  • Children ages 3-9 can visit Disneyland or Disney California Adventure for $50 per day with 2-Day and 3-Day tickets!
  • Upgrade to Park Hoppers to experience both parks in the same day for $65 more per 2-Day ticket or $70 per 3-Day ticket.
  • Genie+ service may be added for $30 per day
  • Tickets are valid for use beginning January 8, 2024 and expire 13 days after the first day of use OR on March 10, 2024, whichever occurs first.
  • Tickets are nonrefundable, may not be sold or transferred for commercial use and excludes activities and events that are separately priced.
  • Offer may not be combined with other ticket discounts or promotions.

More details about park reservation availability for the 2024 Kids’ Special Ticket Offer:

  • Theme park reservations for Kids’ Special Ticket Offer holders are limited in number and subject to the availability of park reservations allocated to this offer only.
  • Reservation availability for Kids’ Special Ticket Offer holders is not guaranteed for any date, and reservations may be difficult to get for any particular date, especially as the ticket expiration date approaches. To ensure best availability, make reservations early. On any given date, park reservations may be available for general theme park tickets even though park reservations allocated to the Kids’ Special Ticket Offers are fully reserved.
  • Kids’ Special Ticket Offers holders are not entitled to any reservations Disney makes available to others.

The moral of the story with park reservations is that you should buy these tickets and make reservations ASAP. Don’t consult the regular reservations calendar and assume that, because there’s plenty of availability there for months to come, there will be availability for these tickets. They’re a different “bucket” of park reservations, so to speak, and (like Magic Keys) that’s a much smaller bucket!

Here are answers to questions you might have about the 2024 Kids’ Special Ticket Offer at Disneyland…

Will ticket prices be cheaper during Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales? 

Probably not for kids.

Get Away Today has advised us that they will have a Black Friday sale, but it’s difficult to imagine those savings surpassing what’s being offered here for kids. Presumably, this 2024 Kids’ Special Ticket Offer will still be available to purchase around Thanksgiving, so you could wait and see. (That’s an assumption on our part, though. Disneyland calls this a “limited-time offer,” but interestingly does not provide a date by which tickets need to be purchased.)

I’m not sure I’d want to wait to find out. Those warnings above about reservations are from Disneyland, and they go beyond the boilerplate that we’ve seen from past special offers on tickets. It could be erring on the side of caution if there were complaints towards the end of the last ticket deal, but I probably wouldn’t want to risk waiting to make reservations.

With regular adult tickets and park reservations, it’s a different story. Prices on those just went up, so there’s no way they’ll be more expensive on Black Friday. The sales will almost certainly be better than current prices on adult tickets. Accordingly, if you already know your travel dates, you could always purchase now via the 2024 Kids’ Special Ticket Offer, make park reservations for your children, and wait for yourself until Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

What if you just bought tickets at the “old” prices and these kids rates are cheaper? 

We can’t speak to other authorized ticket sellers, but guests aren’t penalized for booking early with Get Away Today. This means that if you bought under the old pricing and the kids’ special is a better deal, they will be able to make a price adjustment to it and refund the difference.

Get Away Today can do this without adjusting prices on your entire purchase. Meaning that if adult ticket prices are more expensive now (they are!) than what you paid, they can adjust the kids tickets without messing with the adult admission. Contact them for assistance.

Will there be California resident deals during this same date range?

Almost certainly.

For the last few years, the cadence of California resident ticket deals has been SoCal savings for early January through late May travel dates. Here’s what was offered this year:

2023 SoCal Resident Winter & Spring Ticket Deal Prices: 

  • 3-day, 1 park per day weekday ticket – $219
  • 3-day Park Hopper weekday ticket – $279
  • 3-day, 1 park per day weekday ticket with Disney Genie+ service – $294
  • 3-day, Park Hopper weekday ticket with Disney Genie+ service – $354

We don’t anticipate lower prices for the 2024 Californian ticket deals, but it is possible on the backside of pent-up demand.

Again, it might make sense to purchase via this 2024 Kids’ Special Ticket Offer now, and hold off on buying the adults in your party tickets until the SoCal resident offer is released in late December or early January.

Are discounted Disneyland tickets available anywhere else? 


We recommend Get Away Today in this post due to their customer service, price adjustment policy, and by virtue of offering the lowest prices to DTB readers. However, the other authorized ticket brokers mentioned in our Money-Saving Guide to Disneyland Tickets are all reliable, including Undercover Tourist and other options.

Is it worth buying the Genie+ ticket add-on?


It comes down to how long you’re visiting and how important rides are to your visit. The shorter the trip, the more likely we are to recommend the Genie+ add-on. If you’re doing a longer trip and you don’t care as much about repeating rides, we’re less inclined to recommend it. Given that these are 3 day tickets or less, we’re inclined to recommend the Genie+ add-on.

Genie+ works incredibly well at Disneyland Resort, which is both an argument for and against buying it length of stay. Most days, you will be able to secure Lightning Lane selections for most popular attractions, saving several hours as compared to waiting in the standby lines. The last time we tested Genie+ at Disneyland and DCA, we were easily able to make ride reservations for over one-dozen attractions, saving roughly over 6 hours in line.

This is not an anomaly or uncommon outcome. Genie+ is really easy to use at Disneyland Resort, and gives you a huge advantage. Accordingly, it offers great value and strategic advantage. Conversely, Genie+ makes it easy to have 1-2 days when you “go hard” on rides, followed by more relaxed days where Genie+ is no longer necessary.

Moreover, you can still accomplish a lot without it and with savvy strategy, such as using our Disney Theme Park Touring Plans & Itineraries or Early Entry at Disneyland. Genie+ just enables you to ride many more attractions and get a lot more bang for your buck. In the end, we recommend using a variety of strategies to experience headliners via the Lightning Lanes and standby lines when wait times are lower! We also cover everything you need to know in our Guide to Genie+ at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure & Lightning Lane FAQ.

What about the Park Hopper option?

If your budget allows, we are huge fans of Park Hopper tickets and think it’s worth the added cost. The reason for this is simple: Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are literally less than a football field apart. It’s easy to jump from one to the other, and we do on every single visit.

This allows you to hit Radiator Springs Racers first thing every morning of our trip, and then either continue the day at Disney California Adventure, or head over to Disneyland. It also enables you to use Genie+ at both parks in a single day, instead of just at one.

If you do continue the day at Disney California Adventure, having the hopper allows you to go to Disneyland late at night for the fireworks, or to head over to Disneyland to end the day, because it’s usually open later. You can also bounce back and forth between the parks, making for more efficient touring without wasting time given the proximity of the parks to one another.

With that said, if you have small children who won’t stay up late or aren’t concerned about having the most efficient day possible, opting for Park Hopper might be a waste of your money. As always, there’s really no one size fits all answer. We love the Park Hopper option and can’t imagine not doing both parks in the same day, but others might take a more laid back approach. Moreover, each park has more than enough to fill an entire day.

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Are you taking advantage of the 2024 Kids’ Special Ticket Offer at Disneyland? Thoughts on buying the Park Hopper add-on or Genie+ at Disneyland Resort? Will you still be visiting the parks this year, or are you priced out? Do you agree or disagree with our assessment? Any questions we can help you answer? Hearing your feedback–even when you disagree with us–is both interesting to us and helpful to other readers, so please share your thoughts below in the comments!

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