Guide to Genie+ & Lightning Lanes at Disneyland & California Adventure

Our guide to the Genie+ at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure answers frequently asked questions about the paid FastPass & MaxPass replacement, info & tips about the line-skipping Lightning Lanes, ride reservations, and itinerary tools. (Updated January 13, 2024.)

Genie+ and Lightning Lanes have now been in use at Disneyland and DCA for over a year, and the system has evolved during that time a little bit. Naturally, the update for the Florida parks have overshadowed the California ones, and questions about the former outnumber the latter by approximately 1,971 to 1. No surprise, since Walt Disney World planners are a lot more hardcore. There’s also the practical reality that Disneyland locals experienced a similar system with MaxPass. It also helps that, like almost everything else, Genie+ is easier to use at Disneyland Resort.

Nevertheless, there are some things worth addressing about the DLR incarnation. Even though it’s more straightforward and simpler at Disneyland, there’s still a learning curve. Going into your days at Disneyland and DCA armed with knowledge of the ins and outs of Genie+ and Lightning Lanes can make a huge difference, help you get more done, wait in lines less, and be able to re-ride your favorite attractions. With that in mind, here’s our FAQ to Genie+ at Disneyland…

Let’s start with some quick updates about Genie+ for 2024. The big upcoming development is that Pirates of the Caribbean will temporarily add a Lightning Lane and become part of Genie+ starting on January 23, 2024. This temporary addition coincides with the closure of the Haunted Mansion, as well as conversion of Splash Mountain into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in nearby Critter Country. That leaves this corner of the park down two Lightning Lanes.

While Disneyland has confirmed that this is happening, they haven’t fully explained the why of it, which is that Haunted Mansion will be closing for much longer than normal in 2024. While it’s public knowledge that Haunted Mansion is getting new grounds and a gift shop in 2024, Disney has not yet shared how long this will take. However, there are credible rumors that the ride will be down most of the year, likely not returning until it’s time for Haunted Mansion Holiday again.

Between that and Tiana’s Bayou Adventure being unlikely to open until around the same time, Disneyland has determined that more Lightning Lane capacity is “needed” in this area. For reference, Pirates of the Caribbean added FastPass in the past and it was an unmitigated disaster. One entire ‘side’ was dedicated to the line-skipping option, which resulted in lengthy lines for standby that literally blocked walkways. Here’s hoping that Disney has a solution for this–potentially moving the merge point–but we’re skeptical.

Pirates of the Caribbean isn’t the only addition to the Genie+ lineup for 2024. Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, the newest ride at Disneyland, is now available via the Genie+ service. Over at Disney California Adventure, the Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure has also added a Genie+ Lightning Lane.

Our next non-update is in response to questions we’ve received about advance booking of Lightning Lanes at Disneyland. This is coming to Walt Disney World later in 2024. Currently, there are no plans to bring pre-arrival ride reservations to Disneyland. Of course, that could always change if the system is well-received (and more profitable!) at Walt Disney World, but there’s absolutely no reason to believe it’ll happen at Disneyland.

The two coasts have very different demographics, and Disneyland resisted the change to Genie+ from MaxPass in the first place. It’s unlikely that the more local and Annual Passholder-centric park will adopt advance booking of Lightning Lanes. It’s simply not something wanted or needed by the overwhelming majority of more spontaneous Disneyland guests.

Finally, there was a price increase for Genie+ late last year. The base cost of the Genie+ add-on is now $30 per person per day at Disneyland Resort, which is up from last year’s cost of $20. Surge pricing means the service can be even more expensive on peak season days, up to $35 on some dates as of late last year and early 2024.

Despite the higher prices, Genie+ has sold out on several occasions. This is a trend that will likely continue on busier days, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Genie+ hit $40 during Spring Break season. Although we don’t expect a higher price point than that, Disneyland could probably price Genie+ at $50 per day and tourists would pay it.

Because of this, we highly recommend purchasing tickets now to lock-in current Genie+ pricing if you have an upcoming trip to Disneyland. Buying legitimate discount Disneyland tickets save you money on admission and you can also buy Genie+ at the base price, rather than paying the same-day surge prices.

Since the Genie system launched, we’ve been in the parks extensively testing it out and sharing results as well as all of the latest news and changes in our posts about Genie+ and Lightning Lanes.

One thing you might notice in perusing those posts: there’s nothing for Disneyland! This is not a conspicuous omission or us overlooking Genie+ at Disneyland and DCA. To the contrary, we’ve tested the paid FastPass service in 2024 already–and will again once Pirates of the Caribbean is added and Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens. It’s simply a matter of not many material differences at Disneyland.

Not much has changed, either via tweaks to the Genie+ service or its usefulness. We have noticed some minor things, but not enough to merit fully-fledged updates. That’s good news, as Genie+ has worked well from the start at Disneyland and DCA and that continues to be the case. The vast majority of the problems and complaints about Genie+ at Walt Disney World do not apply at Disneyland (save for UI issues).

With that out of the way, here are the basics you need to know about Genie+ and Lightning Lanes at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure…

What happened to the free FastPass system?

Paper FastPass has been retired, and now resides in Yesterland alongside Superstar Limo. In addition to replacing the paid MaxPass, the free FastPass is also permanently retired at Disneyland. Genie+ is the permanent replacement for both.

What are Lightning Lanes, the paid Genie+ service, free Genie feature, and individual or a la carte attraction selections?

Disney Genie (Free) – A feature in the Disneyland app that’s basically a personalized itinerary feature. Think of it as Disney’s answer to Google Maps–if Google Maps told you to drive your car into a lake every 5 minutes. Genie tells you where to go, but doesn’t offer you any line-skipping. It’s seriously awful–even if you know absolutely nothing about Disney, you’d be better off guessing or flipping a coin to choose what to do.

Disney Genie+ (Paid) – This provides priority access to more than 20 attractions at Disneyland and DCA. You choose the next available time to arrive, and can make one selection at a time throughout the day. Genie+ starts at $30 per day and also includes audio experiences and unlimited PhotoPass downloads from your day at Disneyland Resort.

Individual Lightning Lanes (a la carte purchases) Choose a specific time to arrive at up to 2 different highly demanded attractions and bypass the standby line. There are 2 attractions at Disneyland Resort offering this, and they are not included in Genie+. Pricing for this option varies by date and attraction.

Lightning Lanes (real world infrastructure) – The name for former FastPass entrances. These are the physical queues in the park through which Genie+ or Individual Lightning Lane purchases can bypass standby lines.

Which attractions are available for Individual Lightning Lane (ILL) purchase?

Here’s the official list of ILL attractions at Disneyland Resort:


  • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Disney California Adventure

  • Radiator Springs Racers

Again, these two attractions are not available via the Genie+ service. Guests can only buy Individual Lightning Lane selections for both per day.

Which attractions are available via the Genie+ service?

Here’s the official Genie+ list of attractions at Disneyland Resort:


  • Autopia
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
  • Haunted Mansion (Closed for 2024)
  • Haunted Mansion Holiday (Halloween & Christmas Seasons)
  • Indiana Jones Adventure
  • “it’s a small world”
  • “it’s a small world” holiday (Christmas Season)
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds
  • Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway
  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (Starting January 23, 2024)
  • Space Mountain
  • Star Tours — The Adventures Continue

Disney California Adventure

  • Goofy’s Sky School
  • Grizzly River Run
  • Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: BREAKOUT!
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark (Halloween Season)
  • Incredicoaster
  • The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure
  • Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!
  • Soarin’ Around the World
  • Soarin’ Over California (Seasonal)
  • Toy Story Midway Mania
  • WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

Which Genie+ selections are the “best” ones?

After extensively Genie+ and Lightning Lanes extensively at Disneyland Resort, we’ve ranked the best Genie+ Lightning Lane picks for both parks based upon time saved and how quickly return times fill up and run out. This is helpful for choosing the order to book your ride reservations, especially on busier days at Disneyland. Here are the lists for each:

In addition to consulting these lists prior to making your Genie+ Lightning Lane selections, we’d recommend following a savvy rope drop strategy and good itinerary. There are a lot of great attractions at Disneyland Resort that do not have Lightning Lanes, and you’ll want to beat the crowds to enjoy low wait times at those.

Is Genie+ worth the money at Disneyland and/or DCA? 

We think so, especially if you use it smartly.

We Did Every Genie+ Ride at Disneyland & DCA In A Day covers how we did 32 attractions in a single day, and how you can achieve similar “success” by leveraging Genie+ plus sound strategy. It’s really not that difficult–much easier than at Walt Disney World!

I’ve seen complaints about Genie+ online, what’s up with those? 

There have been a lot of complaints, but mostly about Genie+ at Walt Disney World. In Florida, there have been issues with guests only being able to reserve 2-3 Lightning Lanes per day, or worse in some cases. This is for a number of reasons, but mostly that more tourists are buying Genie+ at Walt Disney World and 3 of the 4 parks there have far fewer rides. This creates an imbalance of supply and demand–more competition for fewer Lightning Lanes.

By contrast, more locals visit Disneyland and that audience is less likely to purchase Genie+ because they don’t have the same sense of urgency to repeat attractions. On top of that, both parks at Disneyland have greater attraction density. In other words, there’s less competition for more attractions. All told, that makes for a more laid back and easier experience with Genie+ at Disneyland.

That could change during the busy holiday season, but we doubt it. Genie+ debuted last Christmas at Disneyland, and there were no issues during peak tourist season dates. Despite this, the Disneyland app has pushed out a warning notification (see above) for some dates.

How do we incorporate Genie+ into our day with standby lines?

For step-by-step single day itineraries using Genie+ and standby at Disneyland Resort, see our step-by-step plans:

Like all of this, those sample itineraries might be overwhelming and discouraging. Just keep in mind that a normal touring plan might also be overwhelming and discouraging for first-timers. Walt Disney World is one of the most complicated and convoluted vacation destinations on the planet, and it only becomes “easy” with knowledge and experience.

Can we purchase both Genie+ and individual Lightning Lane access?


Since there is no overlap between what’s covered by Genie+ and by the individual or a la carte line-skipping, you may purchase both.

Can a time slot be selected for Individual Lightning Lane returns?


Unlike at Walt Disney World, Individual Lightning Lane purchases at Disneyland do not allow the selection of a time slot—it’s the next available time for those, just like Genie+ Lightning Lane selections.

When can we buy Genie+ or Individual Lightning Lanes?

At Disneyland Resort, you must purchase Genie+ and make your Lightning Lane reservations after you enter one of the parks. This is true for both Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes.

You can also purchase Genie+ prior to visiting as a length-of-visit ticket add-on. This is possible via, authorized third party ticket sellers, or travel agents. See our Guide to Discount Disneyland Tickets for recommendations.

When can guests be able to make Genie+ or Individual Lightning Lane selections?

Disneyland guests are be able to make their first Genie+ selection or Individual Lightning Lane purchase upon entering the park. Unlike Walt Disney World, nothing can be booked at 7 am. It’s all once inside the park, and there’s no on-site advantage.

This works exactly how MaxPass worked, meaning that you can make reservations immediately upon scanning into the turnstiles. Even if the park is not yet officially open or you leave, you’ll be able to make reservations.

Can one person enter the park and make Lightning Lane reservations for everyone?


Unfortunately, each person needs to scan into the park for the system to view them as an “active” guest. On the plus side, there is no strong incentive to make Lightning Lane reservations ASAP upon entering Disneyland or DCA. To the contrary, it’s often strategically advantageous to do standby lines first and make your first Lightning Lane ride reservation around 10 am. (This depends on crowds, your priorities, etc.)

Does entering include Early Entry for on-site guests? 


This effectively gives on-site guests a half-hour head start to making Genie+ selections. See our Guide to Early Entry at Disneyland for more details about this perk for guests staying in the Hotels of Disneyland Resort.

When should guests actually start to make Genie+ ride reservations? 

That depends.

In addition to the above guide covering the basics, you might want to check out our Early Entry at Disneyland Photo Report and Early Entry at DCA Photo Report. That shows just how much we got done during the bonus time, and how short lines are first thing in the morning.

As a general matter, we’ve found that making Genie+ selections immediately upon entering the park at or around opening time gives us return times that are simply too soon. During the first couple hours of the day, standby times are short at Disneyland–you want return times that are later, so you actually are bypassing a high wait time and long standby line…not one that’s just as empty as the Lightning Lane!

How many Individual Lightning Lane attraction reservations can each guest book per day?

Two, and those reservations must be at different attractions. (In other words, no doing either attraction twice.)

What do Individual Lightning Lane attractions cost at Disneyland?

The starting price is $12 per attraction, with the highest price being $25–for now. Disneyland did not indicate that $25 is the ceiling for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. To the contrary, the company indicated it would use “variable” date-based pricing, which means ILL costs could go even higher during peak season dates.

However, that did not happen during last year’s holiday season and it hasn’t occurred thus far in 2024. That could change during spring break or summer season, but we’re starting to see less demand for Individual Lightning Lane access, so we suspect that $25 is probably the peak price.

Can the same attraction be booked multiple times with the Genie+ service at Disneyland and DCA?

No, re-rides are not currently possible.

As with anything, this is subject to change as the system evolves. MaxPass did allow re-rides and had no issue, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see this policy quietly change in California.

How many ride reservations can be made at a time with the Genie+ service?

Guests are able to make one reservation at a time–with the ability to make a subsequent reservation immediately upon tapping into an attraction.

Is anything else included with Genie+ at Disneyland?

In addition to Lightning Lane access, purchasing Genie+ at Disneyland entitles you to the following:

  • Enjoy Unlimited Disney PhotoPass Digital Downloads from the Day – Download and share digital photos from select dining locations, attractions, iconic settings and more.
  • Enhance Your Photos with Disney PhotoPass Lenses – Unlock a special collection of Disney-themed lenses for your mobile device, allowing you to explore augmented reality effects.
  • Listen to Audio Tales – Discover the parks in cool new ways through fascinating fun facts and behind-the-scenes insights during your visit.

The PhotoPass Lenses and Audio Tales are taste-specific; some people will these to be nice additions to their day, but most guests will never use them. We’ve used these PhotoPass Lenses extensively at Walt Disney World, and they’re generally pretty fun as a value-add, but definitely not the primary or even secondary reason to buy Genie+ at Disneyland.

Additionally, augmented reality is a HUGE battery drainer. We found our phone batteries going from nearly-full to the red zone after around 30 minutes of use. Genie+ already entails a lot of screen time, so be sure to pack a portable battery charger regardless–but consider a bigger battery if you’ll be spending any amount of time using the PhotoPass Lenses or want to charge multiple devices.

By contrast, most people will find the PhotoPass image downloads to be a huge plus. We’ve heard from some families who have one person purchase in their party purchase Genie+ just for the sake of the on-ride photo downloads. Given that Disney PhotoPass+ One Week costs $78, you come out ahead by simply buying Genie+ for trips that are 3 days or fewer!

What if the return time for that selection is not until much later in the day?

Guests are able to make another reservation 120 minutes after their first reservation even if they have not yet redeemed the first Genie+ selection.

Does this mean I can actually hold multiple Genie+ selections simultaneously?

Yes, when using the 120 minute rule. Disneyland’s official wording is confusing, but it’s possible to stack Genie+ selections. In fact, there are quirks to the system that make it possible to accumulate Lightning Lane reservations via Genie+ later in the day.

What if the return times conflict with one another or other reservations?

Genie+ will not stop you from making overlapping plans, so you need to monitor this yourself and make sure it doesn’t happen. It will simply give you a ‘warning’ message that you have overlapping plans (see screenshot above).

If a specific attraction’s return time conflicts with your schedule, either select a different attraction with a return time that isn’t problematic, or wait 5-10 minutes until the clock moves forward on return times and eliminates the overlap.

How do groups make Genie+ reservations?

Guests can link tickets and select family and friends in the Disneyland app during the ride reservation process.

Do Genie+ and/or individual Lightning Lane attractions work with Park Hopping?


You are able to reserve attractions after 11 am in a different park than the one where you started your day and have reservations. Park Hopping with Genie+ or individual Lightning Lane attraction purchases must follow all the normal rules of all three (Park Hopping, Genie+ and Lightning Lanes), meaning that you need to wait until the Lightning Lane return time window has advanced past 11 am for the park to which you’re hopping.

What if not everyone in our party wants to do a certain ride? 

You can choose to only make Genie+ reservations for some guests within your party.

Alternatively, you can make the reservation for everyone, and some people in your group can ride multiple times by scanning the redemption belonging to someone else (keeping in mind that each one is valid once). Certain thrill rides are too intense for Sarah, so I scan her Genie+ Lightning Lane entry code after using mine.

Can only certain guests within a party choose to purchase Individual Lightning Lanes?

Yes–same idea. You can choose among linked guests in the Disneyland app from whom you want to purchase the ILLs.

Can guests choose to purchase Genie+ only on specific days?


Only buying on specific days will give you the option to have “commando touring” days and more laid back ones, instead of simply buying for the duration of a Disneyland ticket or vacation package–saving money in the process.

Are any virtual queues in use at Disneyland Resort? 


At Disney California Adventure, World of Color uses a virtual queue. This is reserved viewing for the nighttime spectacular, and doesn’t work in quite the same way as prior virtual queues for attractions.

What’s up with the virtual queues for rides?

No virtual queues are in use for rides at Disneyland or Disney California Adventure. The parks have shifted to standby lines for all attractions that previously used them, including Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and Web Slingers.

What changes with standby lines?

Nothing. Regular ole walk-up standby lines are still available on all attractions.

Can Magic Key Passholders be able to purchase Genie+ or individual Lightning Lane access at Disneyland?

Magic Keyholders are able to purchase Lightning Lane or add Genie+ on a per-day basis, just like regular theme park ticket holders.

There’s now a 20% off discount on the Genie+ service on days when Magic Keyholders use their pass for park admission.

Is there an annual add-on for Magic Keymasters? 


There is not a yearly add-on option for Genie+ for Disneyland Resort Magic Key Passholders. It’s possible one will be added down the road, but we wouldn’t expect that until pent-up demand fizzles out. At this point, it won’t happen until Spring 2024, and maybe not next year at all.

Is there a Disney Vacation Club Member discount?


Will these systems force me to be glued to my phone all day?

Using the Genie systems will definitely require phone use throughout the day–there’s no way around that. However, it could be as little as a couple of minutes every 90 to 120 minutes, or shortly after entering an attraction queue. It won’t be necessary to be constantly on your phone.

With that said, just as before with MaxPass, it’s likely that those guests who refresh the app compulsively and are diligent about making reservations will be at an advantage.

Are there multiple options for time slots when booking Genie+ ride reservations?

The only option is the next available time slot.

Does Genie+ work with MagicBands at Disneyland Resort?

Yes. Genie+ work with the MagicBand+, which has now debuted at Disneyland.

With that said, MagicBands are not required. You can use your park tickets or phone instead if you don’t have MagicBands.

Is refreshing and rebooking ride reservations possible with Genie+?

That was the case with MaxPass, but it’s more challenging with Genie+ because there’s no modify button–this means you have to cancel and rebook, which is a cumbersome process.

Generally speaking, expect features and functionality to be added to Genie+ over time.

How does this impact Single Rider or Rider Switch?

It doesn’t.

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Have any questions we didn’t answer with the above FAQ? Still confused by how Genie+ or Lightning Lanes work at Disneyland and DCA? Think this is an adequate replacement to the FastPass and MaxPass systems, or do you wish Disneyland would’ve just left those alone? Do you agree or disagree with our assessments? Other thoughts or concerns? Any questions we can help you answer? Hearing your feedback–even when you disagree with us–is both interesting to us and helpful to other readers, so please share your thoughts below in the comments!

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