Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Recap & Review


At this point, the smart thing to do would have been getting spots for the second Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, since I have an absolute favorite location for it, and try not to watch it from anywhere else. If you read this blog, though, you know I’m anything but smart. Seeing the mass exodus of people, I figured we had plenty of time to claim a great spot.

So, we headed back to Diamond Horseshoe for the dance party there. Normally, I hate dance parties in the parks. They are lazy and go for the low hanging fruit of contemporary music with some characters tossed in, with almost no effort made for thematic cohesion. Again, another rant for another post.

The dance party during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is no exception to this. However, I’m willing to overlook all of this and boogie-woogie to some Justin Bieber or whatever the kids are listening to these days if that means a chance to get jiggy wit’ it (see, I’m cool…?) with my homeboy Big Al.

The Country Bears have long been one of our favorite staples of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. From Christmas 2008 when they met in Adventureland Veranda and we had them to ourselves for long stretches to seeing them wandering around Frontierland as other guests asked “who are you?” to their current location in Diamond Horseshoe, no Christmas Party is complete until we see them.


I have to admit, character integrity be damned, their current role in the dance party is my favorite of the bunch. The incongruity of contemporary dance music in the Diamond Horseshoe alone is too much, but the Country Bears busting sick moves to that music transcends the bounds of human comprehension and moves it into this surreal, theater of the absurd kinda realm.

I’d like to think that the Country Bears are offering their own brand of vaudevillian satire of these awful dance parties, even though I know that’s not really the case.


Whatever the real case may be, watching the Country Bears do their thing and dancing with them, if you’ve got the mind to, is a fun respite from the crowds of Main Street. I keep fearing that the Country Bears will be cut from Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and they keep returning. Here’s hoping they’re back in 2016.

We didn’t get to spend as much time with the bears as we would’ve liked, but we needed to get back to Main Street to grab a parade spot. We also had to grab more snickerdoodle cookies along the way, obviously.

I hate to complain about additions, or nitpick over things that are unquestionably personal preference, but one thing I used to really love about waiting for the parade was the MVMCP Main Street USA Background Music (it has several songs from this album by Ray Conniff, which I love). The background loop had some real gems on it, and hearing it was one of my favorite parts of the Christmas Party. In fact, even as I listen to it today, I’m transported back to those nights on Main Street.

Parts of that loop still play throughout the night, but a lot of modern stuff has been injected into it (Miley Cyrus belongs on the MSUSA loop about as much as she belongs in the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln post-show). Worse yet, the Kringle Crew that provides pre-parade entertainment makes a lot of noise over the loop as it tries to entertain children with balls, hula hoops, and that sort of thing. (Get off my lawn.)


It’s good to see additional entertainment and something for the kids to do during the long wait for the parade, but much like tinsel, I find this group distracting. It’s just too loud and takes away from the inherently beautiful ambiance of Main Street during the Christmas Party. I realize kids may not appreciate this quiet, subtle beauty, but there has to be a way to allow for both kids to be entertained and adults to enjoy the ambiance.

In recent years, I’ve found this to be a tension within a lot of Disney’s entertainment and ambiance, and almost universally, adults come out on the losing end. Kringle Crew is cute and not obnoxious like a lot of time-passing entertainment in the parks, so it’s not nearly as problematic for me as dance parties, for example, but it does seem like another example of “kids will love it!” being the ultimate trump card. That should not be the case, but I’m getting off on too much of (GET OFF MY LAWN!) tangent.


As for this particular parade, We arrived well before the parade was to start (in time to enjoy Kringle Crew’s full show!), but there were no front row spots available. When we first started attending the seasonal parties, this spot was fairly easy to snag at the last minute. Over the years, word seems to have gotten out (stupid bloggers! 😉 ) and it now fills much more quickly.


Fortunately, luck was on my side this evening, as a reader who had a front row spot saw me, and offered to make room on the curb next to him. This time, the parade was firing on all cylinders, and I did slightly better in terms of photography. I have no excuses this time, so I guess any shots I failed to get are *gasp* my own fault!

After the parade was over, we rushed to Tomorrowland, hoping to catch the tail end of the last VoicePlay performance…

On Page 3, we’ll wrap up by contemplating Christmas in Tomorrowland, along with my overall thoughts about Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Click here to continue reading.

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