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Toad Hall Restaurant is a counter service restaurant located in Disneyland Paris’ Fantasyland that is themed after an English manor owned by Mr. Toad, from Disney’s The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (based upon The Wind in the Willows). It specializes in fish & chips, with not really anything else of consequence on the menu. Despite the lack of variety, it’s one of the best–and coolest–counter service restaurants at Disneyland Paris. The star of Toad Hall Restaurant is the whimsical architecture (the exterior is almost a direct lift of Toad Hall at Disneyland) and interior decor, but before we get to that, let’s at least touch on the food. After all, Toad Hall Restaurant is…well…a restaurant.

The fish & chips we had at Toad Hall Restaurant was possibly the best food of our trip. I don’t mean “best” relative to price or only in terms of counter service restaurants. I mean the best overall, including the table service restaurants at which we dined. I’ve you’ve read our Walt’s: An American Restaurant Review, you know our meal there was far from great, and our meal at Blue Lagoon was somehow even worse than that. To be fair, our table service experiences sound like the exception rather than the rule, but in any case, Toad Hall Restaurant was a winner. This is not to say that it’s amazing or itself worth a trip to France to try–it’s just solid fish and chips in a park that otherwise is notorious for poor dining.

The menu at Toad Hall Restaurant essentially consists of fish and chips or a double order of fish and chips, with a couple of additional options for kids. That’s it. It’s sort of like Yorkshire County Fish Shop at Epcot, except the fish and chips at Toad Hall Restaurant were much better, and closer to authentic (still not quite what we had in London). The pieces of fish were huge and actually mostly fish, rather than mostly breading.

They were crispy with perfectly cooked fish, and were quite dense. The chips were thick and somewhat wedge-like, rather than just ordinary fries. Disneyland Paris does meal sets (somewhat like combos in the US Disney parks), so we also received a soda (small and no refills), decent side salad, and Activia yogurt. We probably could have done without the salad and yogurt, but since we wanted a drink, we were better off ordering the menu set.


If you plan on eating at Toad Hall Restaurant, definitely order the double portion (two pieces of fish instead of one). It’s only a couple more Euro, but much more food. It makes the meal almost enough for two people to share and be satisfied. We shared our meal, but we also did a lot of snacking throughout Disneyland Paris. The restaurant is seriously lacking in seating, so if you plan to dine at Toad Hall Restaurant, either arrive right when it opens or wait until about 3 p.m. Definitely do not show up at noon. (The photos in the tour below were taken shortly after the park opened but before the restaurant opened, when we wandered inside to see if it was open.) We dined here at 3 p.m., and still had to wait for a table, and that was during off-season. Another thing is that the kitchen is incredibly slow, so expect to wait a bit for your food. (If I had to guess, there’s a pond somewhere behind Disneyland Paris where they catch the fish after you place your order…) On the other hand, at least it’s freshly cooked!

Now that we’ve dispensed with the dining aspect of the restaurant, let’s take a look at the highlight of the experience: the restaurant’s design.

Toad Hall

The entrance to Toad Hall walks guests through a small library that immediately sets what can only be described as the ‘lighthearted-pretentious’ tone of the restaurant.


The view upon entering Toad Hall Restaurant in the kitchen is unassuming enough. It has nice brickwork and is remiscent of an intimate manor, but there’s really no art to speak of.


The ordering area is also part of the kitchen, but the low, exposed ceilings remind me more of a wine cellar. I can’t say I’m especially familiar with British manors, so maybe this is a common kitchen look with which I’m unfamiliar.


China and other dishes in the hutch where guests pick up there utensils and condiments.  


The main dining room is the Games Room. This area features tributes to Mr. Toad’s supposed athletic prowess, his sporting goods and awards, and portraits of his gamesmanship. There’s also a painting (far right, above) that rotates between a Toad da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh, as well as automobile memorabilia.


This cozy booth in the corner of the room demonstrates what’s on the wall in the Gaming Room. This entire room is very detailed, and is well worth wandering. Many of the Mr. Toad paintings are cute and funny.


The smaller main room is the Drawing Room. I wouldn’t have known this, but I read a fascinating article on Designing Disney with Tom Morris that discusses Toad Hall Restaurant. It’s definitely worth reading.


The Drawing Room contains a suit of Toad armor and a nice fireplace. Also, note whose likeness is on the wallpaper…

DSC_2899 as Smart Object-1

Here’s the men’s restroom sign. One thing I haven’t sufficiently conveyed in this room is how the decor in Toad Hall shows Mr. Toad as a character who borders on being a pathological narcissist. The art in each of the rooms shows a different admirable quality or interest of Mr. Toad, and between those things and the pieces of classic art featuring Mr. Toad, what he thinks of himself is quite clear. In this case, it’s all lighthearted fun (after all..he is a toad who associates with other cute little animals). I don’t have any issue with this, I just find it fascinating that Mr. Toad essentially seems to be the amphibian version of Jay Gatsby. Next time we visit Toad Hall Restaurant, I’ll have to capture more photos of the details that set this tone.

DSC_2898 as Smart Object-1

Overall, although Toad Hall Restaurant has a very limited menu and is short on seating, it’s a restaurant that we highly recommend. The fish & chips are some of the better food you’ll find in Disneyland Paris, and the limited seating is a result of the setting being Mr. Toad’s manor. If there were more seating, the restaurant would necessarily be larger, which would kill the intimacy and beauty of the location. It may take some work or eating at an off-hour to find a table, but the incredible environment is a perfect reward. In terms of restaurants at Disneyland Paris, this one is a must-do for all Disney fans–even if you don’t care for fish & chips. It is definitely one of the best-themed counter service restaurants in any Disney theme park.

For the basics of planning a visit to Disneyland Paris, check out our Disneyland Paris Trip Planning Guide. Want to see more photos or read about Disneyland Paris in agonizing detail? Check out our Disneyland Paris Trip Report! Have you ever dined at Toad Hall Restaurant? Did you like your meal? Are you a Mr. Toad fan? Your comments are half the fun, so please share any questions or feedback about Toad Hall Restaurant at Disneyland Paris that you have in the comments!

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