Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Review


Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama is an official hotel within walking distance of Tokyo Disneyland and near Tokyo DisneySea on the monorail loop. This resort review features room photos and our overall recommendation on whether you should stay at this hotel. (Updated January 15, 2023.)

This is typically not one of the cheaper options at Tokyo Disney Resort, so we’re going to keep this brief since this post is only going to be relevant to like .067% of you. Before we get going, there are a few things to note. First, Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama was previously known as Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort.

Before becoming part of the Grand Nikko line, this was actually two distinct hotels with strikingly similar names–one was the resort side and the other was the hotel. They’re right next to one another and are managed by the same company, but they are different. In my experience (searching for rooms), the hotel tends to be more expensive, and looks like it has been updated more recently.

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel’s site states that it opened in May 1990, whereas the Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama opened in 2010. I’m actually a bit surprised by this–if I had to guess, I would’ve put the Club Resort’s last top-to-bottom update in the early 2000s, right around when Tokyo DisneySea opened.

The point is that Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama has a dated vibe to it. While everything is in pristine condition, it doesn’t look like a hotel that opened about a decade ago. (Part of me wonders whether the entire complex opened in 1990, and half of it was converted to the “Club Resort” in 2010.)


On the plus side, the large, open air atrium really gives Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel a pleasant vibe.

The natural light coming through the skylights in the morning is refreshing, and strands of popcorn lights at night give it a nice, moody vibe.


I spent some time hanging out in the lobby, and really enjoyed it. It was a great atmosphere for weddings (I didn’t just randomly think of that out of the blue–we’ll get to the whole wedding thing later in the review).


The rooms pretty much speak for themselves. They don’t really look better in person, either. Just about everything about the room was dated in appearance, but it all has been well-maintained. If you’ve read our other Reviews of Hotels Near Tokyo Disneyland, you’ll see that this is a common trend, so I won’t belabor that point.

The upside at Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel is that the mattresses were comfortable, with nice bedding. They were still more firm than I’d prefer, but not uncomfortably so, like Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay. (Note: I’ve seen recent photos suggesting at least some of the guest rooms have been updated since our stay.)


The room was also spacious, more akin to what you’d find at a Western hotel than a traditional Japanese chain.

Even though the official Tokyo Disney Resort hotels aren’t really catering to Western tourists, most were built to offer a luxury/Westernized “resort” experience, and part of that entails spacious rooms.


At this point, I wouldn’t describe the rooms as anything remotely luxurious (they are a decade overdue for a refresh), but there’s nothing wrong with them that gives me pause in recommending Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel.

In short, the guest rooms are satisfactory.


In terms of practical amenities, there are multiple stores in Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel, including two convenience stores offering grab and go snacks/breakfast at reasonable prices. There’s also a Disney Fantasy store selling souvenirs.

Equally as important, there is free WiFi and a 7-11 ATM in the lobby that accepts U.S. debit cards! I have not seen this mentioned anywhere else (people always bring up the one in the basement of Ikspiari), but there’s one here. That’s really convenient.


In terms of less practical amenities, there’s a lot of “wedding stuff” here. Several Tokyo Disney Resort hotels are really big into weddings, and I’d assume that ~78% of couples in Tokyo get married at TDR.

Of these wedding hotels, Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel is probably tops. Whenever we were in the lobby, boom, wedding taking place. I can understand why, as the lobby looks like a gorgeous wedding venue. So, if you’ve ever wanted to get married in Japan, check it out! 😉


Overall, Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel is pretty much a what you see is what you get situation. There is nothing about the hotel/resort that gives me hesitation in recommending it. Conversely, there’s nothing about the resort that makes it an enthusiastic endorsement. The biggest selling points are the 7-11 ATM, the lobby is a pleasant place to relax, and that it’s a really convenient walk to Tokyo Disneyland.

Otherwise, whether or not you should book here pretty much comes down to price. If you can score the rare great deal at Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel, go for it. Most of the time, this resort (and its adjacent hotel counterpart) are two of the more expensive official hotels. If that’s the case for your travel dates, look elsewhere.

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