Disney World for Adults

If you’re visiting Walt Disney World without kids, there are a lot of romantic, fun, and unique experiences geared for adults. Disney is a popular honeymoon destination, and how to do Disney for adults should be a topic of interest for these couples looking for a romantic experience.

I thought this would be an interesting topic to offer tips on due to the large number of people visiting Walt Disney World for their honeymoons and for adults-only getaways. The popularity of Walt Disney World for adults is at odds with the popular stereotype that Walt Disney World is a place geared solely towards kids. Fortunately, this stereotype is an outright myth. Unfortunately, it’s a myth largely perpetuated by Disney, as its marketing focuses on princesses, fairies, and magical moments flying Dumbo. This marketing is geared towards the lucrative “parents with small children” demographic.

Parents planning family trips are an ideal demographic for Disney, as these families with kids hoping to do whatever possible to make the trip special are not only more profitable, but are an easier market for Disney to grab. Families know they’ll love Disney…a trip for them marks a rite of passage for their kids. By contrast, it takes a little more convincing for childless adults, many of whom view Walt Disney World as a tourist trap or an over-the-top cartoon world that presents a sanitized version of reality, and lacks the culture of other destinations. As you may know, my wife and I are visitors of the childless adult variety, and we get a lot of enjoyment out of Walt Disney World…but probably in some different ways than many families.

If you’re one of the people who can put aside the cynicism and look for the quality adult-oriented entertainment and experiences at Walt Disney World, you’re in for a lot of fun. We’ve already touched upon a lot of these things in our “Walt Disney World Honeymoon Tips” post, so think of this as a bit of a sequel to that post. Since there’s no real distinction between honeymooners and adults without kids, we’ve also given this post a more expansive title. Same concept, different terms.

Everyone’s idea of how to do Walt Disney World for adults is a bit different. Some adults enjoy things like character meet & greets, and some adults like peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. I’m not passing judgment on these folks (I like characters and PB&J!), but I’m going to aim for the experiences and adult activities that I think will have the broadest appeal to average adults. Things like renting cars, drinking PBR, burlesque shows, and balancing checkbooks. You know–typical adult things.

If those things aren’t the “adult” kind of experiences you’re looking to have at Walt Disney World, try these out instead…


The first question when planning this type of a trip is where to stay? If you’re doing an adults-only Walt Disney World trip, we don’t recommend Disney’s Art of Animation Resort or one of the other resorts featuring larger-than-life Disney characters. These resorts are primarily themed towards children. Unfortunately, these are the cheapest resorts at Walt Disney World, so you’re going to have to spend a bit more to do a romantic adults-only Disney trip and still stay on property.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be too much more expensive. The “Moderate” tier of Walt Disney World resort-hotels has several nice options. You can read more about these in our Walt Disney World Moderate Hotel Rankings, but suffice to say, Port Orleans Riverside is a great option for a charming take on the Louisiana Bayou. It benefits from having unique type of theming that you’d expect from Disney, while also having a romantic and adult flair. Its downside is that it’s not as luxurious as Deluxe Resorts, nor does it have the same caliber of dining options. It does offer romantic carriage rides, though!

If luxurious hotels are more your style, we prefer the Epcot resorts (BoardWalk, Beach Club, Yacht Club, and the Swan & Dolphin). They’re all within walking distance of Epcot’s World Showcase (the highlight of the theme parks for adults) and within walking distance of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you’re not a fan of walking, boat service is available to both parks.

Another great option is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. This is especially good for those who don’t have as much interest in the theme parks. This resort is filled with rich cultural theming, and just outside the hotel is a savanna with animals roaming it. If you have the money, a room overlooking this savanna is a great option and a balcony overlooking the savanna could provide you with the perfect romantic hangout spot. The other great benefit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is that three very nice restaurants (Jiko, Sanaa, and Boma) are located at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Alternately, if you like luxury, but don’t need to stay in a Disney hotel, there are a variety of nice hotels in Downtown Disney and just off property. Among these hotels are a Waldorf Astoria, Ritz Carlton, and JW Marriott. The overall experience off-property isn’t the same as it is when staying within the confines of Walt Disney World, but luxury travelers may find that the Disney accommodations aren’t up to snuff or don’t offer good value for money.

If you are unsure of which hotel might be best for you–or need personalized help with any aspect of your trip–we  recommend contacting a no fee “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner” (basically, Disney’s term for a travel agent) to get a quote and to help you plan. They get their commission from Disney, so none of the authorized (key word) planners will charge you for booking their trip and helping. Here’s one such recommended Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.


When Walt Disney World closed its Pleasure Island nightclub complex a few years ago, Disney’s most “adult” form of nighttime entertainment died. While the current offerings don’t compare to Pleasure Island, there’s still fun to be had at night.

The BoardWalk, which is part of a hotel that we recommend above, has good nightlife. Starting an evening at the excellent Flying Fish Cafe and concluding the night at Jellyrolls (dueling) piano bar with stops to see the boardwalk entertainers along the way is a great way to spend an evening. From there, you can also see the nightly Epcot fireworks, Illuminations, without going into the park.

Even though Pleasure Island is gone from Downtown Disney, there are still several other locations there that have good nightlife. Raglan Road, Bongos, and Paradiso 37 are all said to have solid nightlife. Going to Downtown Disney is too much of an inconvenience for us, so since Pleasure Island closed, we don’t bother with it. But, if you want to take the time to head there, you should be able to find alternate adult entertainment. Plus, there’s a Cirque de Soleil there. Don’t get too excited…it’s a family friendly one. 😉

In the resorts, besides Jellyrolls, our favorite bar is probably River Roost Lounge at Port Orleans Riverside, thanks to Yehaa Bob, who performs there regularly. Another good one for a more romantic experience is Tambu Lounge at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Other great options include Territory Lounge at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Crew’s Cup Lounge at Disney’s Yacht Club, Mizner’s Lounge at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, and Bellevue Lounge at Disney’s BoardWalk. Really, you can’t go wrong at any of the Deluxe Resort lounges.

Surprisingly, some of the best bars are actually located inside the parks! With the exception of Magic Kingdom (where you can only order alcohol for dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant), every park has at least one excellent bar. There’s La Cava del Tequila at Epcot, Tune-In Lounge (part of the 50s Prime Time Cafe) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Dawa Bar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Just don’t have one too many there and fall into an animal area!


There are a lot of nice restaurants at Walt Disney World, but the vast majority of them are in the resort-hotels, so most people never experience them. Instead, they eat at the large counter service restaurants, many of which churn out uninspired options in order to quickly service a high volume of guests. If you’ve ever heard any of your friends complaining about the dining at Walt Disney World–that’s why.

If you’re doing an adults only trip, make an effort to eat at restaurants outside of the theme parks (if you’re really ambitious, make it your goal to eat at least one non-theme park meal per day). Even if it’s only doing a counter service restaurant at the Mara, eating outside the parks will make you more likely to explore the resorts in which they’re located, taking a romantic stroll along the beach or sitting in front of a lobby fireplace while you’re there. If you really want to have an inexpensive but romantic Walt Disney World dining experience, head over to Captain Cook’s at night, grab a couple of Dole Whips, and then grab a hammock on the beach and watch the Wishes Magic Kingdom fireworks show while enjoying the snacks. A romantic experience for less than $10!

As far as nicer table service restaurants go, there truly are too many to list comprehensively. We’ve compiled our list of the Top Romantic Walt Disney World Table Service Restaurants, but there are countless options that didn’t make the list. Although we have not dined at them, we’ve also heard great things about the restaurants at the Swan & Dolphin hotels, and those options are high on our list of places to try in the near future.

It’s on that list, but the restaurant that really bears separate mention here is Victoria & Albert’s. It’s by far the best restaurant for adults at Walt Disney World (not just according to me–Zagats agrees!). There are some other restaurants that we really enjoy that didn’t make our “top” list–you can read all of our Disney restaurant reviews here. Even if you are on a trip with kids, you might consider getting a babysitter and having a date night at one of these restaurants!

One thing worth noting for those who aren’t Walt Disney World regulars: some restaurants at Walt Disney World are “character dining” meals. If you’re not interested in meeting Disney characters, you should avoid these restaurants. By and large, they are loud and filled with kids. We happen to enjoy character dining, but we’re big Disney geeks who get kicks out of that sort of thing.

In general, we seem to find fewer children at the resort-hotel restaurants late at night. Families generally eat earlier and in the parks, so going at the end of the night can be a respite from kids (if they bother you).


Are certain Disney attractions more romantic than others? Ehhh, if we really wanted to bump up the word count of this article (a noble goal, indeed), we could come up with a tortured list, but I think it would serve little purpose. By and large, the attractions are a constant. They’re the main draw of Walt Disney World, and you should experience the attractions that you most enjoy, or the ones you most expect to enjoy. They won’t really set the tone of the trip one way or the other. The only recommendation here is to avoid anything with even a moderate wait time. Whereas there are some “rite of passage” attractions that parents with kids shouldn’t miss, as adults, there’s nothing that should be all too devastating if you miss (unless you have an absolute favorite attraction you simply cannot miss). Plus, there’s nothing romantic about spending hours in line with other peoples’ children. That is, unless you need some “motivational” birth control.

To prevent this section from being totally superfluous, we do have one recommendation for doing “non-attraction” attractions. What does this mean? We have no idea, to be honest.

Actually, what it means is doing things that aren’t listed on the park maps as attractions, but can be such enjoyable experiences that they ought to be considered attractions. Our favorite non-attraction attraction is Drinking Around the World Showcase. If you’re not a drinker, try replacing alcohol with snacks. (If you love snacks and booze, combine both for the ultimate experience!) World Showcase is a great place to find great food and beverages, with some fun entertainment along the way. Your own self-driven “exploration” tours of the parks also fit the bill here. For example, if you’ve got a green thumb, you can wander around the parks looking at the numerous types of flowers used (for a low-cost alternative, check out the Behind the Seeds at Epcot tour). If you’re interested in old Hollywood, wander around Disney’s Hollywood Studios examining the different props throughout the parks. Interested in a certain type of architecture? Find a park or resort that includes examples of that architecture.

The possibilities are truly endless here, and these self-driven explorations will give you a greater appreciation for Walt Disney World. Not only will you have a lot of fun in the process, but you’ll see that Walt Disney World isn’t the simple kiddie park many people degrade it as being.

Rose in the Magic Kingdom's Rose Garden.

Special Stuff

There is no shortage of special activities at Walt Disney World for adults. The problem will be the amount of money you’re willing to shell out for such activities. Options range from things as simply as a couples trip to the spa (or solo trips to the spa and golf course/Richard Petty Driving Experience if you’re not looking to do the romantic thing!) to things as extravagant as a private dinner in the Tower of Terror. Other popular options include fireworks cruises and tours. A free alternative to a fireworks cruise is timing a free boat ride from the Ticket & Transportation Center to the Magic Kingdom right as the fireworks start. You’ll be on the boat with about one hundred of your closest friends, but it’s a big boat, and can still be pretty romantic! Try the boats from the Magic Kingdom resort hotels to the Magic Kingdom for a more intimate experience than the TTC to Magic Kingdom boat.

It’s difficult to list all of the special experiences you can have if you’re willing to pay a bit extra because there are simply so many. Disney has become very adept at exploiting its property for profit over the years, to the point where (literally) anything is possible if you’re willing to pay the price. Many of these experiences originated as part of Disney’s Fairytale Wedding packages, but are now offered to non-wedding guests. Many of these things are fairly extravagant and expensive (‘If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford them’ level of expensive!)

Less costly options include some of the above, Disney tours, private photo sessions, and carriage rides are all great options. A few of the tours that go backstage specifically prohibit kids under a certain age, and the content can be interesting for even those who aren’t hardcore Disney fans. These “tours” include diving in Epcot, swimming with Dolphins, and Segway tours. As for the photo sessions, we recommend contacting a local photographer (rather than a Disney one), and doing a shoot at one of the resort hotels.

If you’re simply looking for a special way to enhance your trip, Disney has teams that can work with you to provide your significant other flowers, gifts, and specialized experiences that can help define a trip.

All in all, there are a lot of ways adults can get more enjoyment out of a Disney trip. Our caveat with this particular list is that since we haven’t personally tested most of this “special stuff,” we can’t offer a resounding recommendation. Quite the contrary, in fact. We haven’t tried most of these offerings because we expect the price to be greater than the value. We also don’t find it necessary to spend the insane amounts of money that some things on the “special stuff” list require, but if you have the money and don’t care about value, you might as well give them a try.

For Walt Disney World trip planning tips and comprehensive advice, make sure to read our Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide and related articles.

Anything Else?

While we’ve listed a lot of things here that are great for adults that we personally do (and some we don’t), this just begins to scratch the surface of things adults could do to have a great time at Walt Disney World. If you have your own tips for adult activities at Walt Disney World, please share them in the comments!

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59 Responses to “Disney World for Adults”

  1. Joy says:

    We honeymooned in DisneyWorld in August and had an absolutely amazing time. In the last week, the Wilderness Lodge was doing renovations to our floor, so we got to stay in one of the honeymoon rooms on the concierge floor! Was a perfect ending and a great experience :-)

  2. Kris says:

    I am 31 yrs old and have been going to WDW since I was 7 months old (40+ trips). I agree wholeheartedly with this article, Disney is a great vacation for adults and one I still do once every year for 10 days. My girlfriend and I have had a great time the past three years there and have done things like the Wild Africa Trek, mouse boats, jellyrolls, dinner at Cali Grill, Narcoossee’s, and Shula’s. We stayed at the Polynesian, the Beach Club, and a surprise resort for her this year with a special dinner planned at the finest restaurant at WDW! We still do pictures with character’s and went to the Hoop De Doo with family, that’s what’s so great about WDW there is something for every age and income!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      The Wild Africa Trek is something we really want to do, it’s just difficult to stomach that price tag. Sounds like you have an exciting trip in store with your friend. I have a guess as to the special dinner…

      • Kris says:

        Tom, I was lucky enough to book the Wild Africa Trek at the time it was being introduced and pricing was much lower. It also included a photo pass cd at the time for your whole stay and not just the trek photos. I couldn’t justify the price tag now.

  3. Don Livingston says:

    My wife and I are going next Saturday for 5 days. This is our 3rd Super Bowl trip in a row and 2nd with no kids. We are doing a behind the scenes tour of all 4 parks plus lunch at Whispering Canyon Cafe. It’s pricey but we have never done any special attractions so here we go. We are staying at Beach Club which I feel is the prime area for adults. We have ADR’s at Flying Fish and Via Napoli (splitting one of their fine Pizzas is a pretty good dining deal).
    Drinking around the world is something we do every time (even with kids! LOL!) so I am sure that is on the agenda again. i really like the new wine bar. The bartenders are knowledgeable and make great suggestions and it is not very crowded. La Cava is the best bar but it can get ridiculously busy. Todd Bluezoo’s lounge is really good (albeit pretty dark) and they have a creative cocktail menu.
    One thing that is definitely on the schedule is Yeehaa Bob. We have never seen him perform and have heard it’s a great time for people of all ages.
    Is the Cirque du Soleil at DD worth it? Still looking for one thing we haven’t done before to complete the trip.

    • Angela says:

      Last summer my husband and I went to Cirqu du Soleil at DD and it was quite honestly one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! It was literally jaw-dropping. We were on an adults-only vacation with my brother (who did not attend as he thought it would be too “weird”) and when we met up with him in MK afterwards we could not stop telling him what he missed out on. It was so amazing that when we return in October we will be buying tickets and going again. Of course my brother is actually planning on going with us this time. :)

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Have you done the Behind the Seeds tour? It’s cheap and interesting, and although there’s the chance that there will be kids on your tour, it’s more “adult.”

  4. Kayla says:

    It’s too bad that most “adult” things cost extra, but we usually do one extra thing a trip, like rent a pontoon or take a tour. Otherwise, the best tips for adults are to stay at a moderate or deluxe, and eat lots of food. Thankfully the parks can be equally enjoyed by all ages, but adults get the added bonus of skipping things like Barnstormer and the Speedway!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Most of the really cool adult things cost extra (in some cases, a lot extra). I still think there are a fun number of “free” experiences, perhaps even more for adults than for kids, since adults (hopefully) can better restrain that “I need this!” mentality that kids have when they see things. A lot of these free things involve enjoying the ambiance and taking things slow, but that can be a lot of fun for adults on a relaxing trip!

  5. MichelleD says:

    As a twenty-something who frequents the parks it can be hard to find a posting that so reflects my non-mommy/non-romantic experience (even if I do character hunt and eat PB&Js). In the past few years I have traveled with my adult family, my friends, and myself. A recent trip with my young niece really accentuate how our vacationing style has shifted over the years. The tours have been a neat way to explore an otherwise familiar place, and to have that little extra attention. I particularly recommend the Segway tour at Fort Wilderness for WDW and Florida history.

    While at busy times Disney limits parking, don’t think you can’t resort hop. In fact, resort hopping is a good thing for them as you shop, eat, and become interested in staying at different properties. Years of doing this in my childhood led to me staying at all but four hotels. A slower (adult) pace through the hotels makes you realize that all of the price ranges can offer resort qualities. One of my favorite pastimes is a lovely stroll around the Beach Club.

    I recently discovered the food offerings in the resort bars when my dad was watching the playoffs. Open to all ages, they have a lovely, intimate atmosphere and food still tailored to the resort’s theme.

    You may be interest to know Yehaa Bob also plays the outdoor Boardwalk. His interactions with the passing crowd are great. This brings me to my family’s favorite adult activity. The Streetmosphere. Kids or teens may not have the patience to sit through a whole show that is not an attraction. In my last two years, 80% of our visits have been just Streetmosphere. I even spend my birthday sitting on Main Street for seven hours before I realized I hadn’t done a ride (other then a loop on the train).

  6. nbarese says:

    My wife and I have been married for 4 years and been to disney world or disneyland 5 times since we have been together. Before that we went yearly with family as kids. As an adult i really enjoy going to disney to bring back alot of memories from my childhood while making new ones as an adult.

    Mostly we are in the parks from open to close. The last trip we tried to get back to the hotel for an hour or 2 just to recharge. For hotels, if money was not an issue I would stay at the Wilderness Lodge. Its my favorite hotel because of the balance of atmosphere and cost. I like the smaller hotel and it has the deluxe classification and also has the option of the boat for the magic kingdom. For the last 2 times we stayed at the CBR and enjoyed that also. Less cost and still good transportation to all the parks.

    For dining we usually have 1 pricier meal per trip. Also we have atleast 1 character breakfast (still my favorite is the Tusker House). Other then that we do alot of counter service and cheaper options to save money. At the top of our snack list is the mickey ice cream pop and new favorite the ice cream sandwich from the main street bakery.

    I hope to get back there in the next year or so. Hopeful for 1 more childless Disney getaway but never know.

  7. Amber says:

    We went to Walt Disney World on oir honeymoon over five years ago. A few months later, we returned for our summer vacation. While waiting for DME to take ua back to the airport, we decided we must return every year. We just celebrated oir 5th anniversary at WDW in Sept whch was oir 8th trip since we got married and our first trip as DVC members.

    We always have friends ask us why we go back, especially since we do not have kids. Most people do not realize there is so much to experience! We still have not done everything. It really is not just for kids. We did take two trips with family, neices, nephew and finally taking my little 10 yr old sister this past summer. Was so much fun experiencing Disney through kids eyes.

    I totally agree that dining is part of the experience! With so many great restaurants, it takes several trips to dine at all of them. We have may favs but we always try to dine at least one new place. We always have so much fun planjing where we want to dine. We get excited about it.

    We are going with another couple this summer (their first visit) and staying at Boardwalk Villas. I cannot wait to be able to walk to Epcot! I also want to experience the night life there.

  8. Ashley says:

    My husband and I head to WDW each January for the marathon and find our visits to get better with each trip. We always do something new, whether it’s visit a different resort, eat at a new restaurant, try a new drink, take a tour, etc. A few weeks ago, my husband drove a Nascar on the Speedway, which was hands-down one of the coolest things I’ve ever watched (and he ever did). WDW is so expansive that there are always new things to try and fun things to add to the trip. At some point, I’ll welcome the change to plan our trips with our kids and experience it in that perspective… but for now, I love the WDW adults-only trips that we take!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I’ve heard the Richard Petty Driving Experience is really fun. Maybe someday we’ll give it a try!

      • Angie says:

        I am adding the Exotic Driving Experience at the raceway to our April trip. I am going to drive a Lamborghini! My husband will go with me to watch. Can’t wait! You can do this instead of driving a race car. They have 6 or 7 different sports cars you can drive. Some of them are less expensive than the race cars.

      • Tom Bricker says:

        Sounds like it will be a fun experience! Your husband doesn’t want to drive a fast car, too?!

      • Fran Miller says:

        My daughters and I bought my husband the Richard Petty driving experience for Father’s Day last year. If you book ahead of time, there are usually specials. The deal was fabulous… there was a really deep discount. This was an experience he will never forget. I say, “Do it!!!!”

  9. Betsy says:

    I don’t have kids yet, and I am trying to go to WDW as many times as possible before I do – which sounds strange to most people. Adults only things my husband/friends/sisters and I have enjoyed are: staying at French Quarter (we were on buses to Epcot and the Studios on two different mornings that had 0 children on board), staying at the Epcot resorts (Yacht Club has the most adult feel), experiencing the Candlelight Processional, cocktails around the monorail, and staying up late/getting up early.

  10. Tom B. says:

    Last summer I suprised my wife with a Wishes Cruise aboard the Grand1 on our wedding night.It was very expensive but something that I’m very glad that we got to experience. It was an excellent way to view the fireworks and really made us feel like we were the only ones watching. Considering how happy it made her the price tag was very justified.

  11. Ashley K. says:

    My fiancé and I are planning our Disney honeymoon for 2014, and I have to say your blog is my go to for planning our trip! I stumbled upon your honeymoon tips post a few weeks ago and cannot tell you how helpful it has been, thanks so much. While we cannot book anything yet I’m having too much fun researching!

  12. Valerie says:

    Me and my husband Disneymooned this past August, and it was amazing! One of the things we did on our honeymoon and also do every time we go to Disney World is the Wine Walk in Epcot! Epcot is naturally our favorite park, I was obsessed as a child with Spaceship Earth and Figment (still am! haha) and my husband loves the World Showcase (of course I love it too!) for all of the food and drinks! The Wine Walk is $20 and you get to try 2 wines at each country from Germany, Italy, and France. You get a stamp at each country once you get the wine. You can also split it between 2 people if you don’t want to pay $20 per person. Cheap, fun, and gets you trying wines you might not have before! You can pay and get your card at any of those 3 countries that participate! We love it (and wine)!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I’ve heard some great things about this–great tip! We’re not big wine drinkers, so I think that would be lost on us, unfortunately.

      • Valerie says:

        Yeah, being wine drinkers does help! It is a cool little thing that they do that I think a lot of people don’t know about. They should really do it with beer too!

        But, I will suggest, even if you don’t really like wine, get a glass of Rosa Regale in Italy…it is so delicious! It’s sparkling wine that is basically like sparkling grape juice! I usually don’t go for super sweet stuff like that but it is so good. And you can get it at a lot of liquor and grocery stores now so every now and then I’ll get some and it just makes me feel like I’m in the World Showcase! =instant happiness.

  13. Kevin C says:

    So what is your opinion of “honeymooning” each trip? Having the buttons on makes the trip that much more fun (constant congratulations from staff and other patrons, surprises at meals, freebies, etc.) but is that an abuse of the magic that is Disney?

    We are contemplating celebrating our wedding each trip :-)

    p.s. thanks for the wonderful site!

    • Hello! I know this is kinda off topic however , I’d figured I’d ask.
      Would you be interested in trading links or maybe guest authoring a blog article or
      vice-versa? My website addresses a lot of the
      same subjects as yours and I feel we could greatly benefit from each
      other. If you are interested feel free to send me an e-mail.
      I look forward to hearing from you! Wonderful blog by the way!

    • Chu says:

      I think they also have buttons for celebrating anniversaries. :-)

  14. Crystal says:

    Thus far – all of my Disney experiences have been as an adult and never with kids. My father hates vacation so would never take us; I was 22 when I went with a friend for the 1st time. In 2011 I went with my mom – it was her 1st trip. It is kind of funny the child taking the mom to Disney for the 1st time. We are going back again in December for my 5th trip and her 2nd!

    I compare my Disney experience with one of my friends who has two young daughters and her experiences are very different. I skip all the little kid rides and most the character meet and greets, which give me more time to enjoy other stuff. I also get to enjoy “Drinking around the World” and more of the evening activities. I don’t have to deal with strollers or nap time. We get to eat where we want on our schedule without working about picky eaters and we never hear “I’m Hungry” or “I’m Thirsty”. (Ok…maybe a bit once my beer is empty, and I am thirsty as I proceed to buy myself another one!) I am also an avid photographer…so I spend a lot of time taking pictures, which I am sure would bore little kids.

    I am sure one day I will go with kids and enjoy it – but for now I am enjoying Disney without kids! I would recommend someone who has only gone with kids to try it without.

  15. Lainey says:

    My husband and I just returned from taking our kids to Disney World for the first time (We have only been home for 4 days). As soon as we got home we decided we need to go back without the kids and experience Disney for adults! We never had a honeymoon (we were poor, ramen eating newlyweds! Ha!) and decided its definitely time! We are planning on returning in September for 4 days. We are doing deluxe dining plan and ADR’s for Narcoossee’s, Jiko, Le Cellier and Yachtsman! Im very excited to experience Disney without toting diapers, extra outfits and dealing with meltdowns!

  16. Wow! Finally I got a blog from where I know how to actually obtain useful information regarding
    my study and knowledge.

  17. Candice P says:

    My husband and I got married in January. He was unexpectedly shipped to Afghanistan 3 days later. So, I have prepared a 7 day trip to Disney in July for our honeymoon on his R&R. This is both of our first times visiting Disney and I feel so overwhelmed with so much information on so much to do. Which, I guess, is never a bad thing! :) I was told to make reservations for your dinners, but I’m trying to find some fun or romantic dinners on the Disney dining plan. Any suggestions for anyone would be appreciated!

  18. trent says:

    i’m 25 and single, I’m going with my dad his wife and their daughters. is there anything That I can do as like an all nighter or just something wild to do while they are having their play time?

  19. Elizabeth says:

    I was lucky enough to grow up in a family of proud Disney-fanatics. It’s always been my favorite place on Earth, and now it even has more meaning. My boyfriend and I went to Disney World for New Years this past year and he proposed to me in front of Cinderella’s Castle! We decided to go back for our Honeymoon in October and staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We will be there for Halloween, which we are so excited about. This blog has given me some great ideas of special things we can do to make our Honeymoon even more special! Thanks for all the great info!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Congratulations! Hope the honeymoon is a blast. Animal Kingdom Lodge sounds like a great place for it!

  20. Lauren Farrell says:

    I am going to Disney for my honeymoon in November. We are staying at the Dolphin and looking forward to enjoying Disney as adults. I love your blog it has been very helpful in planning things.

  21. Michael from Chicago says:

    Posts like this one highlight why this is my favorite Disney blog. My wife and I are going for the first time together (she’s been to DL and DLP when it was EuroDisney but first trip to WDW) in 10 days and its very difficult to find ideas/suggestions for our demographic. We’re similar age to you and Sarah and also no kids. We’re also both in the entertainment industry so we’re big fans of being “big kids.” Although I’ve been to WDW 4 times before, the last was over 11 years ago and much (including my tastes) has changed. This blog (and this post) has helped us to narrow down and quantify what we think we want from the vacation. The fact that your readers also seem to have the same excited-but-reasonable approach makes it all the better. Thanks again!

  22. Tami says:

    Last year was my 1st time to Disney at the age of 31! My boyfriend has been there so many times. I wanted to experience everything and since we don’t have kids we got to do a lot in 10 days! We had fun days and romantic nights! Its nice to do adult things but I also love meeting and getting pictures with the characters and going on rides! The Coronado springs was a great place to stay but our next visit we are staying at port new Orleans! Cant wait I love Disney!!!

  23. Fran Miller says:

    My husband an I honeymooned in Disneyworld 27 years ago. We are now finally going again, on our own! yay! We have done pretty much every backstage tour you can do. I recommend you take advantage of the tours. The guides are excellent, you do get to hop onto some of the rides during the tours and you also get a meal depending on the tour you choose. It is even a little fun, depending on the tour, to walk by that huge crowd of people standing on Main Street behind the rope to get into the park… there you are in your little tour group cruising the empty park on the other side of the rope as if you own the joint! And speaking of “owning” many of you sound like you visit often. If you are savvy, go on the Vacation Club “talk.” This is a no pressure presentation… REALLY, it is! and it is worth the cost of purchasing a vacation club. (for what you paid for your trip, you could have purchased a DVC!) The agents recommend exactly what you and your family need according to how you travel. No overselling. No pressure. Also, they treat you like gold while on that presentation. Do this in the beginning of your trip. You usually end up with some Fast Passes that last you throughout the day or maybe even two days!!!! They realize you took time out of your vacation to meet with them, so they want to make it up to you.

    My only request is that Disney revive their Institutes. After one has exhausted the “tours” there really isn’t much more to do. Would’t it be cool to take an “institute” on how they design their costumes or how they engineer their rides… and actually get to do that for a day or a half a day somehow? or how about working with their business model? They are a successful organization… I’d like to learn from them while having some fun!

  24. Monnika says:

    Thank you all so much! You have given me so many ideas for my future hubby and my 1st trip to Walt Disney World.

    I wanted to tell you my idea of Kissing around the world at Epcot. We are going to kiss in each country, and get a cast member to write Congratulation in their own language. We think this will be a fun cute way to experience Epcot!

    Hope you both have a great day, and again thank you so much for your great posts!

  25. Phil says:

    I have a friend in Disney now 1/2014 and they say pleasure island is up and running. She sent me a picture..
    Are you referring to CA or FL?
    She is in Disneyworld (FL)
    Confused ????

    • Cindy says:

      Pleasure Island closed years ago, but Downtown Disney is still up and running. Perhaps your friend is at Downtown Disney.

  26. Toni says:

    My first trip to DisneyWorld was in 1995 with the kids (ages 5,9 and 12. Since then I’ve been about 8 times but I must say two of them have been without the family and were totally different trips! I love having the family there, all together but it’s such a different experience without them. I went in November for the Wine and Dine 1/2 Marathon with my daughter and had a really nice time. She now lives in LA so I don’t get to see her much anymore. I also went last September for my 60th birthday with a very good friend of mine. Again a great trip but we decided to scrap the plans and just “play it by ear”. We had a blast. No rushing, no commitments, just a leisurely 4 days. We are both going down again this September for HER 50th birthday and taking our daughters along. And I’m sure it’ll be another great experience!

  27. Ashley says:

    You should write up a list for Disneyland!

  28. icart1961 says:

    I have a few “freebies” for the adults ( or relatively inexpensive)….

    1. Watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from The Contemporary or The Grand Floridian. You do not have to be staying there and they have great viewing spots. Our latest joy is from the Grand Floridian by their quick service restaurant…they pipe in the music from the Magic Kingdom!

    2. France first thing in the morning. Enter EPCOT through the International Gateway (the entrance for the Boardwalk). The World Showcase is not open, but the French bakery IS! There is rarely anyone there…it is like being in Paris by yourself. You can actually hear the music playing and the views are awesome!!

    3. Cupcake crawl!! The different resorts, bakeries and sweet shops throughout the parks will have different specialty cupcakes. They continue to change too! This is a great way to discover new resorts and special hiding places in the different parks!

    4. People watch. Find a great bench in one of your favorite places, sit and watch. It can almost be like meditating. Although, sometimes it is like watching a slapstick comedy routine.

    5. Take the boat from Downtown Disney to Port Orleans Riverside…grab a cup of coffee and a brownie…then head back. First thing in the morning and later at night, this is fabulous!

    Those are just a few….my husband retired from the Navy after 24 years and got a job at Disney. We have lived here over a year now and still have so many things we want to see and do. It is a never ending list. ENJOY!!!

    • Rosie says:

      Hello, quick question… Is the French Bakery (for purchases only) accessible from the Boardwalk without having to pay the EPCOT entrance fee?

      Great ideas, by the way… thanks!

  29. Beach Club Bum says:

    I love Pleasure Island- some dancing, comedy, the beloved Adventurers Club. And it’s New Years Eve every night complete with fireworks!!!

  30. Heather says:

    Excellent article! We disneymooned in 2012 and are taking our first trip back next month. Watching the fireworks from the Poly was one of favorite things to do (we actually did it twice), but I have heard that due to the DVC construction, they have cracked down on non-Poly guests accessing the beach. Do you know if there is any stock in these rumors?

  31. Hollie says:

    I’m planning a trip to Disney in the near future and this blog is exactly what I needed! As a 22 year old, I still absolutely love riding rides and such, but I was curious what else Disney offered for those 21 and older. The Drinking Around the World Showcase sounds like something that my dad and I would have a blast doing together. We usually stay at the Wilderness Lodge but are thinking about trying something different out this year. Thanks for all the helpful hints!

  32. Don says:

    My husband and I go to Disney parks about three times a year. Maybe once a year we bring along some nephews or nieces, but most of the time we love going by ourselves. We have enjoyed the parks in Florida, California, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo. I think the parks outside the USA cater mostly to adults (there was nary a kid in Tokyo).
    The reason we love the parks so much is as a gay couple we find the friendliness of Disney a great escape sometimes from the reality of life – actually I am sure that is why a lot of heterosexual couples go as well! But knowing that Disney is gay friendly makes me want to spend my money there with the guarantee that the vacation will be great!

  33. Megan says:

    Unusual suggestion, but my husband and I had a lot of fun going to the Hoop Dee Doo Revue our first night there when we went. We are about the same age as you and Sarah, and found it to be great – fun, funny, and a little adult humor if you listen for it. Unlimited sangria (or wine or beer I think) makes it even better! And we were seated at a communal table next to an older couple who vacations at WDW every year, and couldn’t be friendlier – they were there sans kids too.

    I truly love this blog – keep up the great work! I love the tips, trip reports, and reviews – they’re so helpful and lots of fun to read (and of course the photos are great too!).

  34. julia says:

    I’m a first time visitor hoping for a couple suggestions. My boyfriend and I have a weekend free in Orlando after a work conference. On Saturday, we’ll be drinking and eating our way around the world at Epcot. Sunday we need to be at the airport by 5 pm. Any suggestions for an adult approved half day experience? We are staying at the Caribe and don’t have a rental car.

  35. Kim says:

    Hello- My husband and I are vacationing to Disney world for the first time, I love all the suggestions on this blog. If anyone would like to suggest to me a couple of special night time activities I will look forward hearing about it. Thank you!!!

  36. parentsTurning60 says:

    This is a great website — wow.
    My parents are turning 60 and taking our whole family in April

    Me and my husband (30 y.o.)
    Sister and husband and 3 kids (6, 4, 1.5 y.o)
    Sister and husband and 1 kid (1.5 y.o)

    Few questions.
    1) any ideas for a surprise place to do a full-family birthday celebration (not food related) — a place to watch the fireworks, a way to get a private photographer, a way to make my parents feel celebrated

    2) Recommendations for getting different passes for each family (is there a way to get access to different parks each day) and what’s appropriate for each age group. So much reading and still so confused.

    Thanks SO much!!!

  37. David Nugent says:

    Third graph and you’re still talking about parents with kids in an article that is supposedly about things to do for adults. Do you actually want people to read this?

  38. JP says:

    Great article, I have one more to add on the list of “non-attraction” attractions. My wife and I have been going for years, and have been there with the kids and without. On one of our very first trips (BC: Before Children) we finished our MK visit with a walkway stroll around the lake, past the wedding pavilion, through Grand Floridian and then the monorail to Polynesion resort with exploration and sampling along the way. It was one of the best and most romantic memories that we have and when it was time to take the kids, we relived it with them as well (just not so late). Every time we visit without children we take this stroll as a reminder of earlier times. You can find the pathway to the right of the monorail and boat entrances. Just start walking!


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