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Frozen Ever After Review & Tips

This post reviews the new Frozen Ever After attraction in Epcot, with strategy for experiencing the ride with short a wait as possible. Page 1 of the post is spoiler-free, covering tips for minimizing your wait if you’re unable to score FastPass+ for Frozen Ever After. Page 2 features on-ride photos and my review of

Fantasmic 2.0 Review

Disneyland’s Fantasmic is still the king. Let’s just get that out of the way up front. Anaheim had the best version of Fantasmic before, and Fantasmic 2.0 (I’ll call it that even if Disneyland does not) remains the best. Arguably, it’s the best nighttime spectacular at any Disney theme park in the world. Hopefully that’s

‘A Table is Waiting’ Tribute

Yesterday was the last day for ‘A Table is Waiting’ at Tokyo DisneySea. After its contemporaries ended their runs, with the park losing the brilliant Legend of Mythica, Mystic Rhythms, and BraviSEAmo, this is like an end of an entertainment era at Tokyo DisneySea. For those unfamiliar with it, A Table is Waiting was a

Soarin’ Around the World Review

This post offers a mostly spoiler-free review of Soarin’ Around the World, which debuted recently at Epcot and Disney California Adventure, comparing it to Soarin’ Over California, and providing general thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of the attraction. If you want to get technical, it’s actually a review of Soaring Over the Horizon at