See Ya Real Soon!

+ = ???

String up the lights and light up the tree; we’re gonna make some revelry; spirits are high, so I can tell; it’s Christmas-time in…Disneyland! 😉

For the next few days on our Twitter account @DisTouristBlog, Sarah will be posting Instagram photos of Disneyland decked out for Christmas! If you followed her Instagram account (click here to see photos) during our Walt Disney World 40th anniversary trip, you probably know she had a lot of fun with this. Expect a lot of fun shots from Disneyland!

I will also be tweeting (albeit far less frequently) my typical babble on @wdwfigment. If you’re on Twitter, make sure to follow us.

If you don’t have Twitter, the photos will also be automatically posted to our Facebook page. If you’re still living in the year 1993, or have some tin-foil inspired fear of social media (us too!), you can follow the updates via the update box below.

The “” links are photos, click them to view the pictures Sarah takes along the way! Refresh this page to see new updates.

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