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S.S. Columbia Dining Room Review

The S.S. Columbia Dining Room is located onboard the eponymous ocean-liner in the American Waterfront port of call at Tokyo DisneySea. It’s considered one of the flagship (that’s awful pun #2,573 on this blog, for those keeping score at home!) restaurants at Tokyo DisneySea, along with Magellan’s. Certainly, they’re the two most expensive restaurants in

My Top 10 Disney Experiences (So Far)

Someone recently asked me what my all-time favorite Disney moments had been. Having been going to the Disney theme parks all of my life and having numerous major life milestones occur there, that’s a difficult question to answer. Not only that, but favorite is somewhat of a moving target. Moments that seem significant today may

Blue Bayou Restaurant Review

Blue Bayou is a restaurant inside Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris (Blue Lagoon there). This Blue Bayou review covers the Tokyo Disneyland version of the restaurant. Design-wise, this version of the restaurant is very similar to Disneyland’s Blue Bayou, although cuisine-wise, they’re substantially different. Due to its location adjacent

Pan Galactic Pizza Port Review

Pan Galactic Pizza Port is a counter service restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. It’s a pizza restaurant that is unique to Tokyo Disneyland, with its big draw being a multi-media dinner show featuring an Audio-Animatronics alien. In terms of the entertainment, the best comparison to anything in the US parks is Sonny Eclipse in Cosmic

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall Review

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall is a counter service, buffeteria-style restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland’s Fantasyland themed to the Queen of Hearts’ Castle from Alice in Wonderland. It is likely the most popular restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland, with waits to get inside very common for prime dining hours. Thanks to fun theming and excellent food, Queen of

Merry Country Bear Christmas!

The Country Bear Christmas Special was an annual holiday overlay to Country Bear Jamboree at Walt Disney World and Disneyland that has been retired, with a great deal of speculation as to the reason why it ended in the Magic Kingdom. I’ve long been a fan of this Christmas overlay, having first seen it in

Casbah Food Court Review

Casbah Food Court is a counter service restaurant located in the Arabian Coast port of call in Tokyo DisneySea. It is one of the largest restaurants at Tokyo DisneySea, with numerous large seating areas. When we visited, relatively late at night, it was not at all busy, but earlier in the day, it was busier,

Vulcania Review

Vulcania is a buffeteria-style restaurant in the Jules Verne-inspired Mysterious Island at Tokyo DisneySea serving Chinese food. This review and overview covers both the ambiance and cuisine of Vulcania. In terms of backstory and theme, Vulcania is the converted mess hall that serves Captain Nemo’s hardworking crew. Vulcania was “originally” a geothermal station carved out of