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We receive a lot of Disney World and Disneyland questions via email and some through Twitter and Facebook. It’s tough to respond to each of these individually (especially with as busy as I get sitting around watching reruns of Cheers on late-night TV), so I thought I’d start a weekly Q&A where I respond to these questions for the benefit of all.

Let’s get started! All of these are real questions we received this week via email, Facebook, or Twitter:

Allison asks:

I don’t recall in your blog (which I love to read) any mention of having eaten at the Blue Bayou. Have you tried it out? The setting alone seems like it would be worth it.

We ate at Blue Bayou in 2010 and enjoyed it. I had the “legendary” Monte Cristo sandwich, which I found to be disgusting. I would hazard a guess that each bite of the sandwich contained approximately 345% of my daily recommended caloric intake. I couldn’t finish it all because it was so rich and “too deep-fried.” However, I generally eat more healthy foods, so perhaps I should’ve ordered something different. Sarah had the Buccaneer’s Beef Short Ribs, and these were delicious. Next time, I’d probably get something like this. The ambiance in the restaurant is also exceptional and might alone be able to justify eating there. You do pay a premium for the ambiance, though, as it’s the most expensive in-park restaurant at Disneyland. A good comparison might be to San Angel Inn at Walt Disney World, except Blue Bayou does not have mediocre food. At some point I’ll post a full review, probably after we eat there once more.

Warp Speed to the Future!

Ashely asks:

Which would you suggest as a honeymoon destination, Disneyland or Disney World? My fiance and I have both been to WDW several times and got engaged there, so we feel comfortable there. However we both eventually want to go to DLR. What is your advice?

Probably Walt Disney World. I view a honeymoon as more of a luxury vacation, and you have a greater variety of fine dining options at Walt Disney World, like Victoria & Albert’s, Jiko, California Grill, Flying Fish Cafe, etc., than you do at Disneyland (although Napa Rose and Steakhouse 55 are great options). If you’re not planning on eating at more than a couple nice restaurants, Disneyland might actually be the way to go. If you can swing staying at Disney’s Grand Californian Resort & Spa, that puts you 5 minutes from the front entrance of Disneyland (and 0 minutes from the entrance of Disney California Adventure). Being so close really makes for a relaxing experience. Plus, Disneyland does have better nightlife, especially with Trader Sam’s. It also depends upon when you’re going–expect Disneyland to be a madhouse this summer with Disney California Adventure drawing in a lot of new guests. If it were me, I’d pick the more numerous and varied food options of Walt Disney World.

New Year's Eve Fireworks: Show 1 of 3

Mike asks:

You mentioned that you don’t read other sites like yours. What Disney sites do you regularly read?

Responding to questions like this is like playing with fire for a Disney blogger, as it’s difficult to list every site I read (that list would be well over 100 sites), and I don’t want anyone to get upset or feel left out. Mike’s question was in response to a comment I made about reading a lot more sites focusing on the history of Disney rather than forums (which I find myself reading less and less). Some of the sites I read that are oriented on the history of Disneyland and Walt Disney World are the following: Disneyland Nomenclature, Kevin Kidney, ImagineeringDisney, Passport 2 Dreams,Progress City, U.S.A., Samland’s Disney Adventures, Gorillas Don’t Blog, Vintage Disneyland Tickets, Stuff From the Park, Samland’s Disney Adventures, and The Angry Disneyland AP, among many others (see the sidebar on ImagineeringDisney for a good list). These sites aren’t for everyone, and many of the authors have pointed opinions about the contemporary parks. I’ve received some “constructive criticism” that my tone is overly negative–if you find me overly negative, you probably don’t want to read those sites…

Disneyland's Futuristic Transportation

Laura asks:

With so many of your recent trips revolving around group meets, special events,etc, do you find that you and Sarah miss your old trips where it was just the two of you wandering around to your hearts delight? Or do you find that having a trip where you spend the time with people who share your love for Disney more rewarding?

The trips really aren’t that different. At most of these group events, we only stick with the group for a little while and then head off and do our own thing. I have a type A personality, and I do not function well in large groups that (I think) move like slow herds of cattle as they try to make decisions by committee. That said, being around like-minded individuals can be a lot of fun in moderation, and attending these group events has afforded us the opportunity to do things we otherwise never would have been able to do (Illuminations Dessert Parties, D23 events, etc.). We still have A LOT of alone time on every trip, and when we do hang out with others for extended periods of time, it’s usually only a few other people who are friends and enjoy touring the parks the same way as us. Drinking around the world at Epcot is fun when it’s just the two of us, but it’s something that’s even more fun with others! It really all depends upon what we’re doing.

The rest of the questions go back in the question bag to be answered at a later date. If you have questions you’d like us to answer, post them on the Disney Tourist Blog Facebook wall or email them to us at [email protected]. Please refrain from asking photography-related questions. Save those for my forthcoming photography podcast, ISO 5571, with the guys from

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