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Illuminations: Peace on Earth Photo

Illuminations: Reflections of Earth with the Peace on Earth tag is one of my favorite aspects of Christmas at Walt Disney World. One of my other favorite aspects is the Osborne Lights. Unfortunately, we only had one night last weekend to try to see both. Disney’s Hollywood Studios closed at 8 pm and Epcot closed

Disneyland Paris Christmas Bokeh

This photo is what photographers describe as a happy accident (assuming you like it…if not, then I suppose it’s just an accident!). I was way at the end of Main Street, swinging around my bulky Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens (security would have thought I were the paparazzi if it weren’t for the fact that no

Disney World Christmas Facebook Covers

These festive Walt Disney World Christmas Facebook Covers will give a little holiday cheer to your Facebook Timeline! We’ve had several requests for Christmas timeline covers, so we thought we’d start our seasonal sets with Christmas timeline cover photos from Walt Disney World. While we have some of the big things covered, please let me

PHOTOS: Disneyland’s Christmas Tree

At 60 feet tall, Disneyland’s Christmas tree towers over Main Street! Since 2008, Disney has used an artificial tree that is custom built for Disneyland in an effort to make its decorations more eco-friendly. This green Christmas movement has reduced Disneyland’s energy consumption on the Christmas tree by 50 percent. Disneyland’s Main Street, USA Christmas

Prelude to Disney Dreams

One of the reasons we were most excited to see Disneyland Paris was because of Disney Dreams. In fact, one of the big reasons we booked this trip was because of Disney Dreams. After seeing the video of the “live” premiere, I just had to experience the show in person. Normally, I wouldn’t watch a

Disneyland Paris’ Main Street at Christmas

We recently spent a few days at Disneyland Resort Paris, and were absolutely blown away by the resort–mostly due to its Disneyland park, which is currently celebrating both Christmas and its 20th anniversary. While Disneyland Paris still suffers from many of its problems that have been documented over the last several years, we were surprised

Christmas (Season) Is Here!

I suspect that when half of you groaned when you read that title, and the other half of you smiled. There seems to be a pretty even split on the “issue” of Christmas before Thanksgiving: half are in the spirit right after Halloween, and half don’t want to hear or see anything Christmas until the

Haunted Main Street Train Station

The last ghouls slowly perish from the Magic Kingdom after a long night during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in September 2012. Halloween in the Magic Kingdom is always fun, even if it would be a little more fun if there were a couple of attraction overlays for the season, like there are in