Top 10 Disney World Table Service Restaurants

Walt Disney World has tons of table service restaurants, and this list ranks the 10 best in 2023. We’ve done all of the top dining in Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, resorts, Disney Springs, plus third-party hotels in Orlando, Florida–these are our favorites. With so many great options, it’s difficult to narrow down this list! (Updated January 23, 2023.)

Solid choices that didn’t make the cut include Hollywood Brown Derby, Boma – Flavors of Africa, Be Our Guest Restaurant, Morimoto Asia, Jaleo, Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’, Raglan Road, STK, and Skipper Canteen. Several of these are excellent, and we wouldn’t fault anyone for including them in their personal top 10 lists.

Frankly, over half of this list could be dominated by Disney Springs restaurants, which tend to offer better quality and value as they compete with real world dining options. Beyond that, restaurants in resorts tend to outperform those in the parks, with the exception of a few locations in EPCOT’s World Showcase.

It’s also worth noting that these rankings revolve around cuisine rather than theme. Many Walt Disney World fan-favorite restaurants, including some that we absolutely adore, have been “snubbed” from this top 10 list as a result. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t great options, especially for families. (See our Top 10 Themed Restaurants at Walt Disney World for the most fun, family-friendly, and unique dining options.)

Another caveat to this list is that there’s a huge gap between the top 3 and everything else. This is truth in quality, style, and–especially–price. Each of these serves high end prix fixe menus that range from around $195 to over $600. It’s likely this trio is chasing Michelin stars now that the iconic guide has a Florida edition.

Nevertheless, we do not view these restaurants as realistic recommendations for most Walt Disney World visitors. Since this is a planning resource first and foremost, we are expanding our list to the top 10 entries in addition to the top tier trio. So in other words, it’s now a top 13 list.

Below is a brief synopsis why each restaurant makes this list of the best Walt Disney World table service restaurants for 2023. Click the restaurant name for our full review of each restaurant. Okay, let’s take a look at which Walt Disney World restaurants made the cut…

T10. Tiffins – A tribute to the explorations and travels that provided the genesis of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, Tiffins simultaneously feels like dining in an art gallery, and eating at a high-end, low-key restaurant where globe-trotting Imagineers would themselves dine. Fortunately, it’s not a hodgepodge or scholar’s den of eccentricities, and instead is a carefully-curated art gallery, with great attention to detail.

The menu at Tiffins is delightful, with a variety of ambitious dishes that are adventurous and reflective of the restaurant’s overarching theme. Again, it’s all about attention to detail here, with everything from presentation to the confluence of flavors making Tiffins a winner. There are several approachable options here, but Tiffins is a great place to challenge your taste buds, step outside your comfort zone, and take a veritable adventure in dining.

T10. Yachtsman Steakhouse – A carnivore’s paradise, Yachtsman Steakhouse is the place to go at Walt Disney World for glorious cuts of meat. This is apparent as soon as you walk in the entrance where you see…a butcher in a case booth making the “magic” happen. It also manages an upscale setting, with sophisticated design, rich woods, and a classy interior.

You really can’t go wrong with the cuts of meat here–no matter what you get, you’re in for a treat. Although Yachtsman Steakhouse has other menu items besides colossal cuts of meat, these are where the magic happens. The ‘classics’ makes it the most approachable Signature Restaurant at Walt Disney World, and something that even “meat and potatoes” kinds of guests will enjoy and appreciate.

T10. Sanaa — Sanaa scores a lot of points for offering a unique and excellent menu, and for better price points than the Signature restaurants on this list. Sanaa also has incredible ambiance, with views of animals grazing outside the restaurant. The out of the way location of Sanaa at Kidani Village means that Sanaa is rarely overly crowded, which adds to its intimacy and also means you will usually have an attentive server.

The menu at Sanaa is quite remarkable for a Walt Disney World restaurant, with a lot of options that might scare away the regular tourist who simply wants meat and potatoes. You can find options like that at Sanaa (don’t worry, there’s a “regular” steak), but the majority of the menu is a bit more adventurous. This excellent unique menu is what separates Sanaa from a lot of other Walt Disney World restaurants, and reasonable prices (especially at lunch) on many delicious menu items makes it one of the 10 best table service restaurants at Walt Disney World.

T10. The BoathouseThe transformation of Disney Springs has absolutely reinvigorated the dining scene. This district has gone from a place only to be visited if you wanted to get some shopping done, or maybe dinner at Raglan Road, to an integral part of any Walt Disney World vacation. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main one is unquestionably the upscale dining scene.

Our list of the best table service restaurants at Disney Springs features 5 locations that arguably could’ve made this list. The best among these is The Boathouse, which offers fine dining and a fun atmosphere. While the theme may seem at odds with the Signature status, it works for the style of restaurant on the waterfront at Disney Springs. Then there’s the food, which is almost all excellent, and it’s easy to see why the Boathouse has already attracted a legion of dedicated fans.

9. California Grill — Offering incredible ambiance, sophisticated decor, and undoubtedly the best views of any restaurant at Walt Disney World, California Grill is a winner. When dining here, a window table is almost a must. Make ADRs for about 60 to 90 minutes before the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks, and be willing to wait for a window table.

California Grill falls a few slots this year due to its prix fixe menu for the 50th Anniversary. While we enjoyed our experience (see Review: California Grill 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner), this menu is undeniably limiting and unexpected of a Signature Restaurant. Additionally, we miss the (still!) temporarily unavailable “Brunch at the Top”, which was the best meal at California Grill. With another prix fixe menu coming in April 2023, it’s unlikely California Grill will regain its spot in the top 5 anytime soon.

8. Toledo Steakhouse – Walt Disney World always has some “hidden gem” restaurants, but rarely are they both this good and still underrated. In fairness, a big reason why Toledo – Tapas, Steak & Seafood isn’t particularly popular right now is the lack of conventions at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort (those events are the reason Gran Destino Tower was built in the first place)–it’s pretty out of the way for most casual tourists.

Nevertheless, Toledo’s concept is ambitious and fun, the food is delicious, the views are exceptional, and the prices–for the quality of the cuisine–are not inflated too much by Walt Disney World standards. The fact that Toledo caters heavily to conventioneers plays a huge part in all of this, and will likely ensure that the restaurant maintains its high standards. Toledo is absolutely worth the challenging commute.

7. Jiko — The Cooking Place — This is one restaurant that is well worth the detour to an otherwise out-of-the-way resort. Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of our favorite date night destinations, and we especially love doing it at Christmas-time. The wild boar, lamb shank, and beef short rib are still all-stars, and are every bit as good as we remember. These dishes are also inventive while being approachable, which is a common theme of our favorite Signature Restaurants.

Moreover, ambiance of Jiko continues to make it an Animal Kingdom Lodge highlight. The color palette of the restaurant changes to mimic an African sunset as the night progresses. The service is also excellent, with servers who are knowledgeable about the menu and the extensive drink list. Its prices are in line with other Signature restaurants, so it’s no gem from a value perspective, but the cuisine is worth the prices.

6. Citricos – We’ve never been huge fans of Ci­tricos at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort in the past, but the reimagined restaurant that won us over. The menu is superlative, with sophisticated Floridian cuisine and an abundance of citrus infusions. These dishes are inventive, beautifully-plated, delicious, and in keeping with the spirit of Ci­tricos. The only downside is portions and pricing–this is arguably the closest Walt Disney World gets to haute cuisine.

The atmosphere is a marked improvement over the previous incarnation of the restaurant. The style is supposedly influenced by Mary Poppins, but that’s almost totally unnoticeable. It’s simply modernized with design motifs that vaguely evoke visuals from the film. Citricos is now practically perfect, and this reimagining was a supercalifragilistic upgrade to both the menu and interior.

5. Flying Fish – Located on the BoardWalk, Flying Fish is the perfect adult’s night out, as you can enjoy the ambiance of the BoardWalk after a meal at the restaurant. The ambiance of Flying Fish is also great, with nice decor and an open kitchen and nice bar that add to the energy of the restaurant.

Flying Fish is simultaneously fancy but approachable, with ambitious and inventive menu items that are also comforting, tried and true favorites. For entrees, the Flying Fish’s Signature Chef’s Duo is the Char-crusted New York Strip Steak and Potato-wrapped Red Snapper. These are superlative, arguably the best 1-2 punch in all of Walt Disney World dining. While those are the unequivocal highlights, the menu is strong from top to bottom, with unique appetizers, desserts, and other entrees. While it doesn’t push the envelope as much as Citricos, Flying Fish delivers delicious results that make it more appealing, in our view, to a wider range of guests.

4. Topolino’s Terrace – Along with Toledo, this is one of two new restaurants that offer superlative rooftop dining that surpasses perennial favorites. Since it opened, we’ve done several dinners at Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera, which has become our go-to restaurant for a high quality and filling fine dining experience that also offers great views and atmosphere.

Located at Disney’s Riviera Resort, it’s an easy Skyliner gondola ride from several resorts plus both Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and offers fireworks views of both parks. While dinner is the main reason it makes this list, families should not overlook the exceptional Breakfast Á la Art with Mickey & Friends, which is our new favorite character meal at Walt Disney World. Topolino’s Terrace is a lot like Flying Fish, in that it’s both inventive and approachable–this gets the slight edge of the two thanks to its rooftop setting and slightly deeper menu, but you truly cannot go wrong either way.

Top Tier Trio

3. Monsieur Paul – Upon reopening late last year, Monsieur Paul introduced a new prix fixe menu starting at $195 per person, plus tax and gratuity. It has been incredibly popular since returning despite this serious price increase and more limited lineup of menu items. It’ll be interesting to see how long this continues; Monsieur Paul had trouble filling tables pre-closure, and offered a summer special to attract patrons.

Nevertheless, Monsieur Paul is a sublime dining experience–one of the best at Walt Disney World. It’s opulent and well-appointed without being too intimidating or overly stuffy. The Art Nouveau design, details, and table settings make clear that Monsieur Paul is a fine dining restaurant, but wall photos of the late Chef Paul Bocuse with giant mice and a rat help to remind that this restaurant is indeed in a Walt Disney World theme park.

Cuisine at Monsieur Paul is a veritable Tour de France, with each dish offering tremendous nuance and variety. Presentation is meticulous and exquisite, flavors are bold and inventive, and service is attentive. With that said, Monsieur Paul won’t be for everyone. As noted, Monsieur Paul is fine dining, and the emphasis here is on quality over quantity. If you’re looking for one of the best meals you can have at Walt Disney World, look no further. If you’re looking for one of the biggest meals, look elsewhere.

2. Takumi Tei – Sadly, it’s a similar story with the recently-reopened Takumi-Tei. This restaurant dropped its a la carte menu in favor of only offering Omakase Tasting Menus, its twist on prix fixe. The vegetarian version is $150 and the normal variety–featuring Japanese A5 wagyu steak–costs $250. This is another very significant price increase.

Takumi Tei is a lot like Monsieur Paul, but totally different. Whereas France’s flagship eatery is Epcot’s most refined, Takumi Tei is its highest concept. Both are incredibly sophisticated, but ultimately illustrate the differences between service and cuisine in Japan and France.

While the food is absolutely spectacular (especially the Omakase Tasting Menu, which is highlighted by Wagyu and bone marrow), Takumi Tei is all about Omotenashi. This is the Japanese concept of service with great attention to detail and from the bottom of the heart. It’s incredibly warm, gracious, and welcoming. Oh, and the food cannot be overlooked–from seafood to duck to that glorious beef, Takumi Tei is an absolute winner, and its top tier meals give Victoria & Albert’s a run for its money…

1. Victoria & Albert’s — Victoria & Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is the absolute best restaurant at Walt Disney World, and by a wide margin. Everything about the restaurant is exquisite, making it far and away the best restaurant at Walt Disney World. It’s the only AAA 5-Diamond restaurant in the Orlando area and one of the top-rated restaurants in all of Florida. The restaurant is quiet and well-appointed, and the service is exquisite.

Victoria & Albert’s offers a prix fixe six-course meal consisting of gourmet and specialty fine dining options, along with other “premium” items that can be ordered for an additional charge. If you’re a real foodie, you can also book the Chef’s Table for a unique, albeit less romantic, dining option. Given all of this, why would Victoria & Albert’s not be #1 on anyone’s list?

Price. The fixed-price cost for the regular dining room starts at roughly $300 per person. With wine pairings and upgrades, the cost can easily eclipse $800 for a couple–maybe even $1,000. That alone makes us tempted to even exclude Victoria & Albert’s from eligibility, since it’s unlike any other restaurant at Walt Disney World. If a meal here costs 5 times as much as the other entries, one would hope that it’s a bit better! Beyond that, most planners probably aren’t debating between Sebastian’s Bistro and Victoria & Albert’s for their night out. The two simply are incomparable in every way, save for both serving meals of food.

There you have it, our top 10 list of table service restaurants at Walt Disney World. You may notice that a lot of popular restaurants didn’t make this list. This includes a handful of Signature Restaurants, a high number of superlative Disney Springs options, and a few under-the-radar fan favorites. As we said above, it was difficult to narrow the list down to the 10 best table service restaurants at Walt Disney World…but we managed to do it!

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Do you agree with our top 10 table service restaurants at Walt Disney World? Any restaurants that you’d add to the list? Any dining spots we list that you do not think are worthy of a spot? What are your favorite table service restaurants in Walt Disney World? Any questions? Hearing your feedback–even when you disagree with us–is both interesting to us and helpful to other readers, so please share your thoughts below in the comments!

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