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Disney Springs is now one of the best places to go for a great meal at Walt Disney World, and this post ranks some of its best table service restaurant options. As one of our friends has put it, Disney Springs is “where you’ll be saying yum and wow every 5 seconds.” (Stacy from ‘Must Do Disney‘ counts as a friend, right? I mean, I feel like we’ve watched her on loop enough that she counts.)

Seriously, though, the dining scene at Disney Springs is exceptional and varied, with something for everyone. While we still miss Pleasure Island and the Downtown Disney ‘scene’ of about a decade ago, the quality of the restaurants in Disney Springs have improved by an order of magnitude over 5 years ago. What a difference 5 years makes–and Disney Springs still isn’t done (for more advice, refer to our Disney Springs Tips & Tricks post).

In fact, we totally skipped Downtown Disney on every trip for several years after Pleasure Island closed, so we are still playing catch-up with our Disney Springs restaurant reviews, and likely will be for a while. Bongos, Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe, and Paradiso 37 are all on our list of places to try in the near-term. Of course, with more new restaurants appearing on the scene, those old-timers will likely be pushed off even further.

This list strives to rank the Disney Springs restaurants, accounting for food quality, atmosphere/theme, and value for money. The difficulty with this list of the best Disney Springs restaurants is that there are few apples to apples comparisons. The last 3 restaurants on this list–each of which have compelling offerings and by no means should be considered bad options–are so different from one another that those considering one of them are not going to find the others to be a suitable alternative.

With that said, we are still going to rank them, and you can mentally filter out the options here that are not going to appeal to your party. Consider this list a work in progress; as new restaurants open and we have the time to visit/revisit old favorites, we’ll adjust the rankings. (Each highlighted name below will open the full review–including food photos–for that Disney Springs restaurant in a new tab…)


8. Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar – I hate to put this in “last” place, especially since it’s one of the best themed bars at Walt Disney World. It’s also a tough ranking since the menu has changed since our last visit, which could nullify some of our concerns. With that said, Jock Lindsey’s is a late night spot we recommend after you’ve already filled up (on both food and drink) as our service here has been so abysmal and the items so inconsistent that actually expecting a substantive dining experience here may lead to frustrating results.


7. Frontera Cocina – The problem here is not that the cuisine is poor, but that the whole experience is totally forgettable. The decor is blandly ‘modern chic’ and the main courses are high quality but not particularly memorable. Frontera Cocina strikes me as something more at home in an upscale strip mall than a uniquely Walt Disney World offering. Frontera Cocina’s saving grace is its incredible desserts, which make it a great option for a progressive dinner, or a sweet nightcap.


6. T-REX Cafe – Who would’ve expected the sister restaurant to the infamous Rainforest Cafe to be tolerable–let alone good? Certainly not me. While I am admittedly biased towards dinosaurs, I fully expected this to be a cut rate “themed” restaurant with a few dinos with limited range of motion and some other haphazard decor. It is so much more, and actually a fun place for dinosaur-loving kids (AND ADULTS. WE CAN LOVE DINOSAURS, TOO. THERE’S NOTHING “IMMATURE” ABOUT ADULT DINO-ENTHUSIASTS.) and their families. The food is basic American comfort food through and through, but it’s actually pretty good.


5. Splitsville – Not being big bowlers, we held off on going here for a while after its opening. After hearing from a friend* (*yeah, her again) that “the menu is unexpected,” we finally decided to give it a try. We were impressed with both the retro-inspired atmosphere (including the glorious Vacation Kingdom of the World mural!) and the cuisine. Like T-Rex, this is standard American cuisine, but there are some inventive options, too. It’s not nuanced fine dining like you might find elsewhere on this list, but the food tastes great and is fairly priced. Beyond that, the convivial atmosphere makes this a great place for larger parties looking to have a fun night outside the parks.


4. Homecoming – Southern down home cooking with a flair, Homecoming is a nice middle ground between comfort food and gourmet cuisine. Many menu options are southern favorites with ambitious twists, and (more importantly) the food is out of this world. Outside of the Grand Floridian, this is probably the most authentic “Florida” cuisine you’ll find at Walt Disney World. Homecoming has some of the best fried chicken you’ll ever try, and other menu items are both high quality and delicious. The restaurant’s design is not the most ambitious, but it’s inviting and is far more compelling than Frontera Cocina.


3. Morimoto Asia – If I could only use one word to describe Morimoto Asia, it would be “haute.” Now, if you’re from Los Angeles or New York, you might question whether I know what that word means (and what’s it to you if I don’t?!), but as far as Walt Disney World goes, this is about as close to haute, in both style and cuisine, as a restaurant gets. The style is trendy & chic, the menu is ambitious, and the atmosphere is hoppin’. On top of that, there are many menu items that are really good (and some price points are reasonable–even after like 8 price increases). For couples, this is a great spot for putting on your finest pair of bell-bottoms (or whatever the current trends are in haute couture) and having a fun date night.


2. Raglan Road – The OG of Disney Springs dining from back in the day when it was still Downtown Disney (so, only like a year ago, but it sure feels longer ago than that), Raglan Road has been neglected by many fans with so many great new options opening. We recently revisited Raglan Road at the behest of friends, and it was every bit as delicious and jovial of an atmosphere as we remembered. There are some excellent menu options here, and the Bread & Butter Pudding is like an org–uhh…happy burst of excitement–in your mouth. (Seriously, top 5 Walt Disney World dessert). The atmosphere is like something straight out of World Showcase at Epcot, with a cultural authenticity that gives the restaurant added allure. All of this puts Raglan Road right up there as one of the best restaurants at Disney Springs.

the-boathouse-disney-springs-disney-world-005 copy

1. The Boathouse – While the excitement of anything new brings with it a bit of hype (and “BEST EVA” proclamations), the one restaurant in Disney Springs with a reputation that has held steady post-opening is The Boathouse. At first, I wasn’t so keen on the ambiance. The motorboats on the walls reminded me a bit of a boat-themed Cracker Barrel, which seemed at odds with the Signature status. Even that has grown on me a lot; different rooms in the restaurant offer differing ambiance (the Dockside Bar being a particular favorite of mine). Then there’s the food, which is almost all excellent (they, too, have a top 5 Walt Disney World dessert with the Baked Alaska), and it’s easy to see why The Boathouse has already attracted a legion of dedicated fans in only a year.


Not Listed – As mentioned above, there are a few popular Disney Springs table service restaurants that aren’t listed. The major new one is STK; I’m pretty apprehensive about that restaurant and probably won’t review it. I’m a surly curmudgeon who probably wouldn’t “appreciate” that scene, and that sounds like a lot of money to spend on a steak (even though I’ve heard it’s great), if the atmosphere will irritate me.

Otherwise, the restaurants not listed are mostly locations that have been around ages (or at least 3+ years), with reputations that are pretty well solidified. If you can’t wait until we get around to reviewing those (with so many new restaurants opening at Disney Springs, that could take years), you can pretty easily find reviews of those locales via Google.

Want more dining tips? Check out our 101 Delicious Walt Disney World Dining Tips. For where to eat, read our Walt Disney World Restaurant Reviews. For comprehensive advice, the best place to start is our Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide for everything you need to know!

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What is your favorite restaurant at Disney Springs? Least favorite restaurant? Do you agree or disagree with these rankings? How would you rank the Disney Springs restaurants at which you’ve dined? Share your thoughts or questions in the comments below!

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