Disneymoon Trip Report Pt III

On occasion, I am critical of Team Disney Orlando, and whether they are actually working in the best interests of the parks. Experiences like this make me realize that I over-analyze this. No matter what snide remarks people make insinuating that others’ judgment is clouded because of “pixie dust,” I don’t think anyone is obligated to base all of their opinions of a theme park on pure or sound rationality. I have an emotional connection to the parks. Certainly that is going to prejudice my opinion a bit or minimally, be the basis for some opinions. While I am normally a highly analytical person, there are sometimes when you just need to “turn it off” and realize there is no reason to nitpick (or if it really is so terrible, cut your losses and move on). Walt Disney World is amazing. Barring a substantial departure from the status quo, it will be amazing for years to come.


After PhilharMagic, we met up with one of our friends from Flickr, Cory Disbrow, for a little while. Cory is from New Jersey, but he has managed to overcome this crippling ailment and somehow be a good person. (Kidding New Jersey…ites(?)) We headed to Carousel of Progress and TTA with him before making our way to the Hall of Presidents. When we got the Hall of Presidents, Cory and I had an awkward conversation with a father and son. Cory and I both had our largest lenses mounted, which undoubtedly have the “paparazzi look.” I could sense people starring at me throughout the trip when I used this lens and for the most part, it gave me that “badass” feeling. That is, so long as they just starred. A few, such as these people made awkward conversation, which was, well, awkward. I normally don’t mind talking to people in the parks (in fact, we often strike up conversations with people in line), but when the conversation starts out with, “so that’s a big lens,” I don’t really know what more to say beyond, “yeah, it is.”


After Hall of Presidents, we meandered around the park for a bit, passing through the hub and interacting with some ducks before finally arriving in Tomorrowland. Prior to our trip, I solicited suggestions from my Twitter friends (I have no idea what stupid cutesy name these people are supposed to be called, “Tweeples,” “Twittles”?) about what new snacks we should try. I am a pretty big Dole Float fiend, and Sarah usually gets one as well if we’re in the neighborhood. Besides Dole Floats, we often seem to find ourselves at Auntie Gravities. However, with 9 snack credits each, I figured we could branch out.



Branching out didn’t go as well as expected. We did try some new things, but Aloha Isle and Auntie Gravitie’s won out. On this particular day, after ordering our smoothie (Sarah) and sundae (Tom) from Auntie Gravitie’s we headed to the tables near the Speedway. I am not overly fond of these tables because of the noise from the Speedway, and come to find out, Sarah isn’t fond of them, either. However, we had been going to them because we each thought the other wouldn’t want to travel to a better location (I know you don’t care, but it’s one of those things that incidentally came up and we found funny!). Almost immediately after we got to our table, a gentleman at the table next to us lit up a cigarette.



I am not the Disney police. I see smoking in places where it should not be all the time and I don’t mess with these folks. However, if you wrongly impact me during consumption of my dessert, you damn well better believe you’re going to feel my wrath. Well, wrath is a little strong. I politely said to the gentleman, “sir, this is not a smoking area, would you mind putting that out or heading over to the smoking area, please?” Under his breath, as he pressed the butt into the table, he responded, “a____________.” Whatever. I’d rather be an a____________ eating a delicious dessert than a nice guy eating one tainted with the taste of tobacco (sorry smokers, I don’t arbitrarily dislike you, I just don’t like involuntarily being subjected to second-hand smoke).


With the gravity defying, and presumably calorie-defying, desserts floating in our stomaches, we headed for Space Mountain. I mentioned above that this would be our first time riding it since the refurbishment. Space Mountain has always been one of our favorite rides, so it’s only natural that we were most excited about experiencing it this trip, as it would be our first time since the refurbishment. I followed the rumors regarding the refurbishment closely prior to the actual refurbishment, but once I accidentally saw the first Disney Parks Blog post with post-refurbishment pictures, I avoided any reviews, pictures, etc., concerning the refurbishment. I wanted to experience it for the first time in person.


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