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Lilo & Stitch Blu-ray Review

Lilo & Stitch is finally out on Blu-ray and we’ve got a review to help you determine whether it’s worth buying! For those unfamiliar, Lilo & Stitch is the story of a Hawaiian girl named Lilo with family troubles who befriends Stitch, a bizarre yet lovable alien experiment who crashes into earth, and is equally

Wreck-It Ralph Blu-ray Review

Sometimes, Disney releases formulaic movies and sequels to those movies that it have a lot of blockbuster potential, but not much originality or artistic merit. Sometimes, like in the case of Wall*E, Disney pushes the envelope and reminds everyone why it’s an entertainment juggernaut. Wreck-It Ralph is unquestionably the latter. Easily the best animated film

The Insider Blu-ray Review

The Insider tells the true story of two men, 60 Minutes producer Lowell Bergman, played by Al Pacino, and former Brown & Williamson R&D man Jeffrey Wigand, played by Russell Crowe. The film details their they work to uncover and bring to light the truth about nicotine’s addictive properties and Big Tobacco’s attempts at a

Peter Pan Diamond Edition Blu-ray Review

Like clockwork, Disney has released its Q1 Diamond Edition animated classic on Blu-ray, this time Peter Pan, and like clockwork, it’s excellent. Someday, Disney will falter with one of these Diamond Edition releases (just like the once thought to be infallible Pixar faltered with Cars 2), but that day is not upon us with the

Brave Blu-ray Review

Seemingly like clockwork, Pixar releases an excellent new movie in the summer, and follows with an excellent Blu-ray set in the winter. Or at least, up until last summer, when Cars 2 debuted. The trend continued with Brave (Blu-ray Link) this year. Unlike Cars 2, Brave wasn’t downright bad, but it was not up to

The Muppet Christmas Carol Blu-ray Review

Disney has been slow to release the Muppets’ films to Blu-ray, but as you will read in our The Muppet Christmas Carol Blu-ray review, the wait has been worth it, as Disney delivers a Blu-ray release for The Muppet Christmas Carol‘s 20th anniversary that is more than just a cleaned up version of the last

Pete’s Dragon Blu-ray Review

Pete’s Dragon was just released on Blu-ray, and many people are likely to purchase the Blu-ray due to childhood nostalgia for the film. Before doing so, if you’re one of these people, I’d strongly recommend you to rent it first and give it another viewing. It’s not as good as your memory may recollect. In

The Great Mouse Detective Blu-ray Review

The Basil of Baker Street Blu-ra…err…The Great Mouse Detective Blu-ray‘s release has intrigued me for a while, as I’ve been wanting to watch this 1986 animated feature since first seeing the excellent Waking Sleeping Beauty, which examined the Walt Disney Animation Studios from its darkest years in 1984 until it was revitalized in 1989 with

Cinderella Diamond Edition Blu-ray Review

If you have even marginally followed Disney Blu-ray and DVD releases for the past several years, you probably know that this review of the Cinderella Diamond Edition Blu-ray is superfluous. I can’t even recall the last time Disney released a Diamond (Blu-ray) or Platinum (DVD) edition title that wasn’t stellar in just about every regard.

D23 Magic & Merriment Review

We attended D23’s Magic & Merriment in December 2010 at Walt Disney World. The three day event was held in early December, and overall, was a fun time. In 2012, Magic & Merriment will be two separate 2-day events. This review is of the 2010 Magic & Merriment. UPDATE: We attended again in 2011 and