Disney Dining Reviews Index

Walt Disney World and Disneyland Restaurant Reviews

Walt Disney World and Disneyland have hundreds of restaurant and dining options, which can be overwhelming for some people. To assist, we’re highlighting reviews of some fan-favorite Disney restaurants here. This page features links to each Walt Disney World and Disneyland restaurant we’ve reviewed, plus links for the Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disney Resort restaurants we’ve reviewed thus far. (Reviews for Hong Kong Disneyland Restaurants are coming soon.)

Each review features a detailed description of the restaurant, some useful information for it, several food photos, and our opinion (or opinions, plural, if the two of us disagree about a particular Disney restaurant) on the restaurant. At the end of each review, we assign a numerical score out of 10 to each restaurant, based upon its cuisine and ambiance. Unless the review explicitly states otherwise, we do not factor service into the score, as service varies so widely (even at the same restaurant on the same night) based upon a number of factors that we do not feel it useful to you to score a restaurant based upon our anecdotal service experience. As for the scores, think of them along the lines of letter grades you received in school. A score of 10/10 is an A+, a score of 8/10 is a B-, a score of 6/10 is a D-, (and so on), anything below a 6/10 is varying degrees of flunking. Scores are not listed for any restaurants located in international parks at this time, as we do not feel we have sufficient experience with these restaurants to give them numerical scores. We expect that to change as we try more options and revisit locations.

Please note that this page includes links to only restaurant reviews. We have a wide variety of other dining resources, including where to eat to maximize your savings on the Disney Dining Plan, where the best cupcakes, steaks, etc. are found, and a myriad of “Top 10″ dining lists. In many cases, these resources are more helpful than the reviews themselves. To find these resources for your destination, be sure to check out our Walt Disney World Restaurant Reviews & Resources or our Disneyland Resort Restaurant Reviews & Resources. Both of those pages include links to reviews, plus the other resources.

Click each restaurant name to read our full review of the restaurant, and see some photos of different items that each restaurant serves!

Walt Disney World Restaurant Reviews

Walt Disney WorldEPCOTVia NapoliWhile not the best restaurant for value on the 2013 Disney Dining Plan, Via Napoli is a great place to eat in Epcot!

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Disneyland Resort Restaurant Reviews


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Tokyo Disney Resort Restaurant Reviews

Disneyland Resort Paris Restaurants

Hong Kong Disneyland Restaurants

Disney Cruise Line

That covers all of the restaurants we’ve reviewed thus far! 

This is just a partial listing of the restaurants at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Disneyland Paris at which we’ve dined. We have a lot more reviews coming soon, especially from the non-US parks. Even if you don’t plan on ever visiting the international parks, we think it can be fun to see the unique Disney theming that each offer, as well as the sometimes unfamiliar (and sometimes very familiar!) cuisine, so make sure to read those reviews, too. Just be careful…you might find yourself wanting to visit those parks, too!

Check back often as we update this list with more favorites, including Chef Mickey’s, Teppan Edo, Steakhouse 55, Blue Lagoon, Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall, and many others!  We also recommend looking through and searching the menus of different Disney restaurants to see what might appeal to you, because there are a lot of choices.

For trip planning tips and comprehensive advice, make sure to read our Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide and Disneyland Trip Planning Guide.

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Your Thoughts…

What do you think of these restaurants? What restaurant is your favorite place to dine at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, or Hong Kong Disneyland? Which Disney restaurants are on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments!

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32 Responses to “Disney Dining Reviews Index”

  1. AJ Wolfe says:

    Awesome resource!! Thanks for compiling these! (And congrats on a year of awesome posts!)

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Thanks! We haven’t eaten at nearly as many restaurants as some people we know, but we’re working on dining our way around the World!

    • Jason says:

      i just ran across your blog a few nights ago and just let me say “bravo!”. My wife and I are WDW fanatics and it’s always nice to see fellow Hoosiers who share our love for all things Disney! Keep up the good work!

  2. Trisha says:

    We actually like to eat in Toon Town. Hot Dogs, Pizza, Chef Salads,Great Fruit Salads, and Turkey Club Sandwiches. Plus some other treats. How can you go wrong with that when you have children who are picky eaters? :) One of my daughters didn’t like The Hungry Bear cheeseburgers because of the way they seasoned it. I love hungry Bear though. But in Toon Town, the lines move quickly and we like to sit on the 1/2 circle benches on either side of the entrance. My kids liked the fountain on the one side. The other has more shade. If you sit there instead of the regular seating, it’s kind of peaceful and a nice break. Plus the food is very reasonably priced for Disneyland.

  3. Glenn says:

    When will you review Tony’s Towne Square restaurant. I know this one gets a lot of criticizm, but I like it. I don’t care for pasta, but I’ve had the steak a couple of times, and it was good. I’d love to know what you and your readers think.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Tony’s Town Square is on our list…it’s tough to hit all of the restaurants at which we want to eat in the short trips we take! :)

  4. Anamiii says:

    Would you recommend the Disney dining plan for someone who’s a pescatarian?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Yeah, most restaurants have good fish options.

    • RickGregory says:

      I wouldn’t recommend the dining plan. Only the sit down restaurants have decent food. Anything at the quick service restaurant and the ‘snacks’ were garbage. Beware of this food. See the attendees who willingly shovel it down and decide for yourself.

  5. mn resorts says:

    I Finally found a dream Resort with all awesome activities.

  6. kaybee says:

    Thanks so much for these reviews and this resource. We are taking our kids and parents there for the first time. This helps a lot to plan for the comfort of the kids. We are going during the busiest July 4th time. But crowd also means a good atmosphere, doesnt it :)

  7. Lesley says:

    We have 2 vegetarians in our party for August 2013, and from past experience we remember how difficult it is to find veggie meals other than pizza and Chinese. Any tips on good vegetarian friendly restaurants?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      For quality, table service is definitely the way to go. Let your server know you have vegetarians, and they can assist. A lot of times that will include some off-menu items. Sorry I can’t be more specific, I try to avoid ordering anything that doesn’t have meat in it.

  8. Clint says:

    This is an excellent resource. I’d love to see you add a section for Downtown Disney in Anaheim. Given how central it is to the parks and hotels, it sort of functions as an extension of the parks. We always enjoy the pizza and pasta at Napoli’s, for example, and I’ve heard good things about many of the restaurants.

  9. Jennie says:

    Have you eaten at the Blue Bayou? We are eating there for the first time this week and I was wondering if you had a review of the restaurant.


    HI GUYS,

  11. Dene says:

    No review of mama melrose in Hollywood studios!! That’s one of our favorites. You should check it out!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      We’ve dined at Mama Melrose, but just haven’t reviewed it. I’d like to dine there once more before we do. As of right now, I’d probably give it 7/10.

  12. Sheera says:

    Too bad there’s no princess storybook dining reviews ;) lol

  13. don says:

    African margarita at the dawa bar has changed..not as good…

    • don says:

      I know, I’m replying to my own e-mail. I just thought I would explain how I know that the African margarita had changed..I told the bartender I was so looking forward to this margarita, then he informed that they had changed. I was so disappointed in the new drink, I’m looking forward to the next best margarita in Disney. Any suggestions?

      • Tom Bricker says:

        Have you tried the Avocado Margarita at La Cava del Tequila in Mexico? Really, anything at La Cava is good.

        (BTW – I’ve noticed you offering your take on several dining reviews the last few days–thanks!)

  14. don says:

    Thanks, Tom. I’ll be sure and try the avocado…going in June and that sounds great! From a transplanted Hoosier…Don

  15. lynsey foster says:

    Hi we are planning a trip to WDW Florida at Christmas 2014 and we are eager to fing a good place to eat on Christmas day? We are staying in a villa in the Disney area and we will have a car. This will be our 10th trip to Florida but we have not been at Christmas time, we are from the UK.
    Thank you

  16. lynsey foster says:

    Hi we are planning a trip to WDW Florida at Christmas 2014 and we are eager to find a good place to eat on Christmas day? We are staying in a villa in the Disney area and we will have a car. This will be our 10th trip to Florida but we have not been at Christmas time, we are from the UK.
    Thank you

    • Laura says:

      My family has been to WDW at Christmas time in the past. I do not recommend going to Boma that day. Usually I love and highly recommend Boma, but on holiday’s they tend to put out American holiday favorites like turkey and mashed potatoes, and these take the counter space of more creative dishes. We did our traditional Christmas meal at Liberty Tree tavern, it felt a lot like a nice family dinner (without the clean up) I really like the food at The Wave and Kona Cafe and these have the benefit that after you finish your dinner you can hop on the monorail and head back to magic kingdom to enjoy the fireworks on main street and ‘snow’ One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is to spend some time at the grand floridian and enjoy a hot cocoa in the lobby, they often have a live orchestra that plays carols from a balcony overlooking the lobby. Also don’t miss the Holiday lights at Hollywood Studios. You’ll also want to check out the gingerbread creations around the property.

  17. MarylouD says:

    Hi Tom, I really enjoy your reviews. So far we seem to have the same taste! I really love the Trails End restaurant at Fort Wilderness, for both breakfast and dinner. I can do without the lunch… I haven’t seen a review for this restaurant. My hubby is NOT a foodie, as I am. He will not miss going to Trails End when we are at Disney…which is often as we are Florida residents and AP holders. I also love the food there, and think its a “hidden gem”…please give it a try and let us know your opinion!!

  18. Rick Gregory says:

    The sit downs were pretty decent, but the snacks and pretty much all of the quick service restaurants served food that wasn’t even as good as some of the hole in the wall take out chinese restaurants in NYC. Some was downright atrocious and yet folks were shoveling it down. Although I had a great time, i was HORRIFIED by the percentage 70-80 % of OBESE attendees. Not just here or there, but 80%. It has to be a combination of car culture and factory produced food (like that sold at pretty much all of the counter service restaurants). It was so mortifying it made me think not to touch anything. I ordered an adult breakfast at Contempo Cafe at the Contemporary resort and only nibbled not he potatoes and egg. If you eat healthy and exercise, you can tell this food is poison. It should be listed as Category l Controlled substance with the producers and marketers jailed and the product destroyed. It was like seeing a before and after picture of someone taking Crystal Meth. When you see the results, you ask yourself why would anyone touch the stuff. When you see the obscene levels obesity in attendance, you don’t want to touch this stuff labeled as food. I’m 54 and I know when I was growing up, this didn’t exist. Over flowing woman in the all too prevalent scooters instructing her humongous husband “…And get me a cookie. Make that three!” What has become of this population. It was shocking.

  19. jenny says:

    Oh Em Gee! From what restaurant are the chicken and waffles pictured at the top?!? Was it good? :)

  20. jenny says:

    !Oh Em Gee! From what restaurant are the chicken and waffles pictured above?


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