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Disney World Free Dining 2017 Dates

Free Disney Dining Plan is a promotion Walt Disney World offers every year for select dates in the fall and winter. If you’re wondering about 2017 dates, we now have some (predictive) insight thanks to the Free Dining “bounceback” offer that was released for Summer & Fall 2017 dates (see below for details). As of March

Wandering Moon Teahouse Review

Wandering Moon Teahouse is arguably the flagship restaurant in Shanghai Disneyland. Thanks to a counter service menu of Chinese dishes and Chinese architecture in an environment with Enchanted Storybook Castle in the backdrop, it best exemplifies the park’s “authentically Disney, distinctly Chinese” mantra. Shanghai Disneyland indicates that Wandering Moon Teahouse is an amalgamation of teahouses found

D-Luxe Burger Review

D-Luxe Burger is a counter service restaurant in Town Center at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World. This review will feature food photos, thoughts on this new dining locale, and how it stacks up to other burger spots at Walt Disney World. In terms of background, D-Luxe Burger participates in the Disney Dining Plan (and

Red Rose Taverne Review

Red Rose Taverne is a new Disneyland counter service restaurant themed to Beauty and the Beast. This location is temporary, replacing Village Haus for a limited time in 2017. At present, it’s unknown how long Red Rose Taverne will run in this form, but we’re guessing at least until the home release of the live-action

Barbossa’s Bounty Review

Barbossa’s Bounty is a counter service restaurant in Shanghai Disneyland’s Treasure Cove with views into Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure. This review features food, an extensive photo tour of the restaurant, our thoughts on whether you should dine here, and more. For starters, the ambiance. This is Shanghai Disneyland’s answer to

Gasparilla Island Grill Review

Gasparilla Island Grill is a restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, a hotel known for its fine dining but, until early 2017, pretty underwhelming on the counter service front. In this review, we’ll take a look at Gasparilla Island Grill’s new menu, with food photos, and our recommendations on what to

California Grill Lounge Review

This post reviews our experience at the California Grill Lounge, which is really just an area in the middle of the restaurant with a different style of tables and chairs that doesn’t require reservations. Like California Grill itself, the lounge is a Signature Restaurant participating in the Disney Dining Plan. It also accepts the Tables

Planet Hollywood Observatory Review

Planet Hollywood Observatory is a restaurant in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World. This dining spot has been thematically “re-imagined” to a planetarium, and has added a menu by Guy Fieri. In this review, we’ll offer food photos of some new items on the menu, thoughts on the theme, and our take as to whether

Pizzeria Bella Notte Review

Pizzeria Bella Notte is a counter service restaurant at Disneyland Paris serving Italian cuisine, including pizza, pasta, and lasagna. This review features food photos from this Fantasyland restaurant, along with our thoughts on the ambiance, what we recommend ordering, whether it’s worth doing a meal here, and other random tidbits about this Disneyland Paris restaurant’s